Machines: Lovely sMiles!!! An Electra 350cc 2004 make in Retro style

Cyclone!!!  A Classic 500cc 2010 Model UCE make.


Learnt Cycling at age of 16 and two wheeler at 24 yrs. Without having much of experience in handling a bike bought an Electra and rode it for 30 kms at stretch which is till date an achievement for me.

Seems to be an easy task for the riders now but for me then, it was like reaching the horizon where riders are destined to go!!!

Since then riding with Inddiethumpers is passion

Inddiethumpers is the club, made of analogous fellow riders.


Riding on weekends with the Machine and known friends has helped a lot in keeping the enthusiasm in life on fore front.


A statement which stands truly for the relation we share in Inddiethumper is “A Brother from Different Mother”


Many Long and small rides and still Riding on!!!!!


Meet you soon the Roads……Ride Safe

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