Reverse Gear – Lets go back in time!!

Inddiethumpers, one of the oldest bullet clubs in the country and was founded in Dec 2001 by Daman Sidhu and Rasik Narula at a time when riding motorcycles for pleasure was almost unheard of a concept in India.

This was a period of great change in Indian motorcycling scene and Inddiethumpers along with 60kph, RTMC,Madbulls and Roadshakers hold the proud mantle of ushering in a new era/culture in Indian motorcycle scene.

We have traveled the length and breath of country and abroad(we have literally a mini Thumper land in Dubai) but what really binds us together is our love for riding and also the great brotherhood we share with other riding clubs and have done countless rides together!

Inddiethumpers holds the proud distinction of hosting Rider Mania twice – 2005 and 2010 and making it a grand success thanks to the great efforts of the club members.
We will be hosting the Rider Mania 2018, aptly named ‘MahaRM 2018’.

Also 2005 was the first year the clubs as a community took over the Rider Mania mantle over from Royal Enfield and starting hosting the event. This marked a major change in the clubs-royal enfield dynamic and the tradition of a rotating Rider mania has continued ever since.

As a footnote ill add the saying that goes around a lot in the club: ‘Once a Thumper, always a Thumper’.

The club has endured many storms during its long lifetime, but as they say – what does not break you only makes you stronger.

Inddiethumpers stands today as it was more than 15 years ago, proud yet humble.


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