Vasda – The Hidden Jungle

Thumpers List:

  • Bilal(Metal head)
  • Vikram(Black Knight)
  • Shyamal (Trailblazer)
  • Rohit Sharma ( Beaster Boy)
  • Vishwast kapoor(BISKUT)
  • Vivek Tiwari
  • Hody
  • Prashant
  • Raj
  • Mandeep ( GBC boy)


It was time to ride once again and this time we wanted to go wild. So what else can one think other than a Jungle like vasda. We are born to be wild and were all set for the same. A night before rohit and me coordinated for the ride as rohit’s bull was in delhi and his bull would be in town next week.


Next day we all meet at 6AM godbandar road at fountain restaurant. Chai shai + sutta is something that we like to have even before the toothbrush. So all of us were set to hit the road and kick some real time butt. Mandy was our POC(point of contact) so messaged him. Then started the fun, we roar over NH-8 and snip by the traffic like some crazy lunatics and end up few Kms ahead with a slowed Metal head. Metal-head went off due to a minor fuse problem, which was replaced soon and the weather was chilling which made it more adventurous. Bilal was heading the trail and I was tailing. I could see the sun rising from my right and I could feel the warmth from within. However the ride cooled me from outside. We take our first halt at Simla chai shop at Manor. Take a proper brunch and again update mandy about the same. Mandy was scheduled to meet us at pardi flyover.


Before it got too hot we wanted to reach pardi so that we can then enjoy the real Jungle ride towards Dharampur. Roaring on the road is something I would say we were doin on the road. The traffic too reduced which made speeding easy. However we all made it a point that we do ride safe. We reach pardi and meet mandy there just to take our lunch. We head towards satnam dhaba where the lunch is had typical inddiethumper ishtyle. Oh hoye!! the alu da parathas and the dahi filled our empty stomachs within no time to add to it there was chilled chaach. Well after refueling our stomach we were all set to enjoy a peaceful ride through the jungle but all didn’t go as planned, we simply got carried away by the feeling through the jungle and rode at 80kph to reach Vasda within no time. Actually Bilal sparked the riders. He just asked Mandy to ride a little fast and uske baad apne mandy paaji was all set to make the 535 Lightning shower thunderbolts and show its asli raw power. He and Vikram rode at quiet a speed to reach vasda pretty quick, we too followed them to reach vasda within no time. How ever the jungle was so peaceful that one can easily get carried away by the location and the beautiful roads.

The Vasda national Park was just few Kms ahead and we greedily rode there. Mandy paaji asked the authorities if we could still ride inside the Park. How ever talking in gujju made it much easier. We had to take a guide with us to the watch tower, from where we were supposed to walk ahead. Offroading was already mentioned to the thumpers. we ride about 5 Kms inside the Jungle to reach a completely tree surrounded watch tower, which also has a hand pump close by. We fresh up and start walking towards the jungle. Woooooooooah what a walk it was. There are some things in life one cannot capture in the camera but you have to view it to believe it and enjoy it the best possible way (that’s all I can say about the beauty of the jungle). We pass by some really spooky trees and reach a location where some tarzan activities were performed by Bilal and Hody. Also to add Bilal gave a kickass UMRAO JAAN pose over the tree. Wow the place was so beautiful that no sun rays were passing by and I could feel a coooooooooooooooooooooool breeze passing through. I am sure one could make a superb horror movie in that place.


After a walk for about an hour we head back to watch tower. Mandy wanted to comeback in the night and if we were lucky we could spot a leopard. We ride out of the national park and reach an amazing training camp managed by the forest department. Mandy gets our accommodation fixed. This place is actually a summer camp for the kids from close by schools where we had tents and wooden houses for spending nights. Right beside this place is a beautiful river with rocks beside it and a small dam to maintain the water table. Mandy takes us to a very beautiful waterfall near by where nariyal paani is served. Coming back to the camp was one amazing ride and I could see that everyone was tired and wanted to fall down. but the river near by was calling us. I could not resist it so picked up my sandal and changed and took a much deserved dip. Joining me was Rohit( the beaster boy) and raj. We enjoyed the dip and could see the Moon rise. All the tired feeling evaporated after the dip and now the thumpers were hungry. We unpack the baggage in the tent and are all set for PYROMANIA. What can be better location then having a bon fire on river side. The bonfire is lit in no time and as it grew more dark and cold the thumpers got high and cozy. Only 3 of the pyromaniacs were left back(i.e me+Bilal+Rohit). We were enjoying the fire till late night with the full moon above our head. Oh!! It was one awesome feeling. Later we head to a tree house which was little more delicate for all of us so we got back down and went to sleep.


Next day we wake up with the chilling cold outside. I could feel the fresh air in my hair and started off with a sutta. Rohit the fart POT after downloading suggested that we take one more dip in the river and then head back home. So chai and BISKOOT( saujanya Vishwast AKA BISKOOT) make a great start for the day. Mandy had to leave as he got an URGENT sms from his brother. We take a great dip in the river near by and head back home. Returning back home was an equivalent ride. We had some minor problems in the bike but over the ride was one rocking ride.

We hit NH-8 right on time to refuel the tanks once again and rip through the way just in order to reach Bombay before 5, as the traffic would choke us after that. Lunch at Bhilad( Reliance A1 Hotel) and chai at charoti. That made us reach Bombay right on time. We adieu each other good bye the INDDIETHUMPER ISHTYLE.


–Mandy paaji thanx a ton for giving this ride to us. without you it wouldnt have been soooooooo much fun.



Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!

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