Trailblazing Himalyaaz

It was that time of the year when all the riders head out for a massive pilgrimage, well it’s the Mecca of all the riders, yes you got it right it was time for the thumpers to raid to Himalayas which we have done every year since our existence.


Riders on the Storm:

Shyamal (Trailblazer)

Saby(500 Raw Power)

Rohan Salian(500 Raw Power)

Asif( Tbird AVL 350)


Day 1{Slow Lazy Day}

We gather up at Bandra Terminus to get our Luggage into the train to Delhi. Am not surprised to meet Ishty there who is always ready to help us with the last minute things. All is set well and we 4 are really exited about the same. The train cooed and we adieu good bye to ishty in the traditional thumper ishtyle. Reaching Delhi was a different experience, our bikes were at Delhi railway station and we had landed in NIZAMUDEEN. We greedily caught a cab to delhi station. After finding a place to lodge at pahad ganj we head to the station. Once the bikes are with us and brimmed up with fuel we felt much relived in the hot Delhi summer. Now was the time when the Beasters helped us the most. Called Bava and Rohit for the last minute shopping. Bava the TAGDA JAT helped us with the shopping of winter wear for the big ride ahead. We meet rohit in the evening to party the beaster ishtyle, after the shopping was done , now was the time to meet the wild ones. NO wonder gadget was 1st in the list. Gadget with Chota gadget n wife meet us and so does Bijoy (Vish Kanya),hasmukh and the gang. After dhamakedaar food the plan was to leave at mid night to avoid the delhi heat.


We all head to the lodge and bava, Rohit and Bijoy help us pack our baggage on our bikes. Once all is done we adieu good bye to our beaster brothers. They also guide us to the delhi bypass from where we head to the Chandigarh highway straight to manali.Truely the Beasters are the reason we stay cool in the hot delhi atmosphere, they make us feel the biker brotherhood spreading. cheers brother.We head to the way and now started the asli fun!! Riding was amazingly smooth and easy, we did not speed much at night but it was really tempting to do so as the highways were just calling for the same. The plan was to reach manali by next day evening. We greedily ride and all I could hear was bob seager playing “turn the page” which was echoing all in my head. we stopped at a dhaba to catch up some sleep and rotis with daal tadkaand apna favourite sutta with the nap.


after the nap too i was damn sleepy to get off the sleep the best we could do was brush our teeth in the middle of the road to stay awake.It was about 4am and we had reached ambala and the unthinkable happened. It started to pour in. This delayed our plans by an hour. That’s coz we water proofed our baggage and i again took a much deserved nap. once again the thumpers geared up and we rode and we rode and we rode till rohan’s throttle cable started chocking after it got wet in chandigarh rains. It didnt look all that serious initially as rohan made some tweeks to it, but once we crossed sunken chandigarh the cable got all the more jammed. the rain was just fingering our happiness as it started to get hot all of a sudden. that again delayed us a bit though. but once the cable was taken care of by sab and asif got chilled water bottles from the city. after cooling off the mad bikers are off to burn some more rubber on the highway.


Nows the time almost everyone felt the tiredness of the heat. no wonder we all looked really tired. Sab and Rohan stop for a small nap and we both proceed ahead towards the hills. once i saw the hills i could not resist the same and started the wild way to ride. asif had no choice but followed me religiously. we both covered some good distace to halt for a chai and sutta for the butts painin. After some time we just see rohan and sab passing by, we all ride together from swarghat towards manali.Inspite of all of us being really tired we wanted enjoy it to the best, manali was about 100 kms away from us and we all were decided to reach manali by night, but thats when i remember kaka’s words “c’mon boiz 80kms only” waala incident. thats when our first calculation boomed. we thought we will cover the rest of the few Kms by 2 or may be 3 more hours which was a big mistake.


Special Incident:

Its about 8 pm and we halt for a small break outside some ones place. The man inside the house being surprised to see 4 bikes outside his house parked. comes out and helps us with some cold water to drink and suggests us to stay at mandi which was about few Kms ahead. We were busy getting cozy and were watching the starry night but then the thumpers heard him and just wanted to crash. We all greedily ride ahead to mandi where we get a cozy hotel to crash.The hotel guys were so helpfull that they gave us great room service till mid night. Asif almost fell unconsious as soon as he saw the bed.Rohan had ASSITITY and not acidity in his stomach. We both had some stomach disorder and crapped with full power, but still the room was full with amazing smell. I think that asif might have fell unconcious coz of the smell and not coz of the sleep. within no time the thumpers are sleeping and buzy snoring. This is the activity which we thumpers proudly call “BOMBAY PISTONS”


Day 2{Manali Smokee day}

I woke up with a lazy smoke off the bed, the bed was sooooooo cozy that i didnt feel like getting off the bed. but then the smell of breakfast woke me up. saala sab and rohan clicked some off my pix during sleep which i feel embarresed to talk about. but then it was a day to kick start with the amazing view at mandi. The best part was i felt like peeing and i just walk by to see amazing greens growing like wild grass. the place was surrounded by greens only, it was like a 3D view of greens beside me. i could not resist it and asked rohan to click me with it.


We all are geared up to ride to manali which is hardly few Kms away. We greedily ride to the destination and on the way pass by a scary tunnel which was very dusty, but to beat that we could see an amazing river running beside us where there was river rafting being done. Now that made me think “to those who think there is nothing to see in India have definitaly not seen LADAKH” . reaching Manali was like an achievement, but also was a bit disturbed to see it very crowded. we head towards vashist where we lodge into a very comfy hotel. Once we checked in i did what i came for in manali(boooooooooom shiva). we now head to the market to just do some small shopping and some local food. I being the chink in the gang i suggested the boys to try thukpa and momos, which the thumpers greedily ate and digested. That was fun!!


We come back to the hotel for dinner and enjoy the hospitality of the hotel guys.


Day 3{Manali to Keylong the eternal journey}

The plan was to leave early that day but packing the baggage took time, once the bikes were loaded again, we see our first glimpse of snow on the mountains, the view was so amazing that we could see a ray of light hitting the peak of the mountains. looked like God took a torch and was pointing it at that peak, it was a breath taking view. but we didnt know that this was just the tip of the ice berg.


So we hit the road towards Rohtang pass, as soon as we leave manali the first thing we have to pass by is a river bed, now none of us knew how deep it was coz all we saw was a truck passing by it which almost went bonkers in the stream. But then in such a case u cant look for an alternative road, all you have to do is be prepared and just give it your best try, and trust me folks there is no looking back. So the first was Rohan to pass by easily and then me. WOAh!! what a feel it was to ride through the stream, this was just one of the many streams we crossed and we had just got started.

We were climbing rohtang and Trailblazer started to cough, Even the Hanuman gear(1st gear) could not help Trailblazer to climb up the mountains, the bike was smoking too. I was worried, Sab tells me to relax and dont panic, we saw that the air filter was jammed with extra oil from the breather box. we removed the air filter and now Trailblazer zapped to the rohtang peak. i was happy again. To my agony i could see a plastic bike with triple seat easily climbing rohtang but my Trailblazer was not. I now rode at my lovable speed to show the plastic bike the true AVL power of Trailblazer. Once we crossed Rohtang we stopped for some amazing snow and some amazing pix. I could not wait but had to crap, thats what i had promised all my thumper brothers back in Bombay.

I take time to find a sexy place to shit on SNOW, wow!! what a feel it was to shit on snow, simply reliving!! Once done we quickly ride by the Rohtang pass to get ride of the traffic. After rohtang there was almost no traffic the whole road was ours, but again the road got worse so could not speed. we rode down the pass and could see rocks which had a unique shine(mica like shine). We halt for our breakfast  where we meet a couple who came back from spiti, they told us how beautiful spiti was. Post breakfast we ride ahead to see 2 Israeli guys who had just met with an accident looking for help. We help them with the bike and some bandage.

Now started the Saga of off roading, the good roads had dissapered after rohtang and we cross by several river beds to reach Tandi(The last fuel stop before Leh). After crossing La chungla we see a traffic jam which had happened due to a land slide. Once we cross tandi with all the jerry cans filled with fuel we meet these 3 pulsar guys who call themselves “adrenaline riders”. Now i have no idea how they knew we are inddiethumpers but they stopped and gave their ball talks to us and wanted to camp together at keylong which was about few kms ahead. We said that we will see u folks in keylong and gave them a taang. keylong being an amazing place is breath taking(literally) was few kms ahead and we see one beautiful place to lodge where me and rohan climb up hill to fix up things, but when the hotel guy saw we were carrying fuel with us he didnt allow the same, so finally the tired thumpers go down hill to hunt and find a cozy hotel to stay. We lodge there for the night enjoying the hospitality and the hot water bath.


Day 4{Keylong to Sarchu–The real bikers challange}

we wake up with a beautiful view of the Himalayas from my window and checked the time, it was just 4am, but it was so bright and amazing to get up early. After all the baggage was packed we move off the town towards sarchu.The plan was to try riding till paang but we wont streatch as we had learnt our lesson earlier. We were just mesmerized by the view to our left and right as we cross JISPA. This was the place where you could see the glacier melting into the river, oh maan what a view it was. We couldnt resist the same and stop by for some photos. Once done we ride and we ride and we ride to a barren land called zing zing bar. This is the place where we meet 2 crazy riders. Bruno and Peter.

Meet the Riders: We were riding and enjoy the scenary and as soon as zing zing bar came we see a board “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”, thats when i feel my head getting heavy and i started feeling very lazy, now this is what is called AMS(acute mountain sickness). As soon as you get to the greater Himalyas due to lack of oxygen you feel dizzy,lazy and headache.

So i being the laziest of all take a nap on the road, i later realized that rohan and sab had also joined me. The only guy away was asif(mobile muttu) doing what he does best.PEEING. Thats when we meet these 2 riders, Bruno and Peter. Bruno is from belgium and Peter is English, both riding 500cc machine. Peter complained of some noise from the chain and rohan was more then happy to help him.Once the problem was solved we all decide to ride together till Darcha. In due course of interaction we figure out that they were also riding to Leh.

 I must not have imagined that riding with these friends would be so much fun.The plan was to ride till Darcha and take a tea break and ride ahead. One spectacular site i saw was Bruno was riding in his FREAKIN PYJAMAS maan!!! not just that, he was wearing a half face helmet and a half cut gloves, All the thumpers are almost shocked to see him riding that way. It was freezing as we get off Zing zing bar and reach down towards darcha. reaching darcha was a sign of relief. Trust me folks in the mountains when you see a tent you get this amazing feeling that you will survive and wont die.hehehe. I got the same feeling. We reach darcha and get cozy in a tent for some hot tea and biscuits. Thats the first time in my life i might have seen SNOW FALL.

It was simply orgasmik!! I being a bombaite wanted to get in the snow but sab told me “saale yeh bambai ke baarish nahi jo tu bheeg lega yeh baraf hai mere dost”. You know every bombaite enjoys the rain and always likes to get wet in the rain, but i forgot that this was snow.Nows the time we see Colnel Mandeep Singh and family who were in jeep convoy to sarchu.

After few cups of hot ginger tea we head out towards Sarchu. Sarchu being on plains was easy to ride but with amazing breating problems. On the left you could see some crazy work by God on the river banks and on the right you could the beautifull Tents put the local nepali guys. We all camp at sarchu for the night. I was already down with AMS and was not in a mood to eat, but then Ginger tea made me feel much better, and so did  the rum to Saby. I smoke up after i felt good. But that was the problem. After that the night became much more colder and more breathing problem. On the dinner table after being buzzed me and Bruno were checking the temperature and we were so buzzed to see the number 2, but didnt figure it out was it 2 or -2. Later when it snowed we figured out that it must have been -2.


Day5 {AMS Day}Next day i remember that i was in a bad shape, i didnt feel like getting out of the bed and was very lazy to get off the warm bed. Bruno and Peter rode ahead and we rested for one more day at Sarchu camp. The Nepali guys there helped us a lot by making some nice hot Ginger tea, which made me feel better. We were lucky enough to carry chocolates, The chocs were like medicines to us, this is the time when Asif helps me with the small things including medicines and hot water etc. I dont remember much that day as i was in the bed resting for the day and in the evening the food gave me the perfect energy to ride next day.


Day6 {Mighty TanglangLa}

I wake up with a thin ray of light through mountains entering my tent, to get of the lazy bed the first thing i wanted was to brush my teeth, I head out of the tent and the tent keeper being kind enough warms some water for us, I greedily brushed my teeth as quick as possible coz the toothpaste was almost rock hard and it was giving more cool feeling in my mounth. An when i come back to the water container walla!!!! the warm water was ice now, I manage any how but then try this freaky thing. I take a small mug of HOT water and throw it up in the air and by the time it touched the ground it was FUMES!!!! can you believe that?? it was simply amazing to view that but unfortunately we did not have any more drinking water to waste.

We take time to gear up and AMS is still on its persistence to make it worse. We hit the road and to enjoy the plains pass by Nakeela pass and through Lachungla and reach PAANG for break fast. We enjoy the hospitality of the nepali tents with some maggie and amazing “gud gud chai” {ladkhi tea}. After the much deserved food we head out towardsMORE plains, Oh wow what a view it was. THERE WAS NO ROAD!!!! it was just dust and dry land and a small and thin path to follow. Rohan and me being the greediest of all ride fast at about 80Kph as we both could not resist the plain roads after a torturous road. We later realize that Asif (Mobile Muttu) had a great fall and Sab was helping him with the same. Once all is sorted we ride ahead. I saw the clouds up hill and was just thinking my my we have to pass by there. As soon as we were about to ride uphill to Tanglang La we have a tyre puncture. SAb opes his gear and replaces the tube. We again loose some more time in that. We had about 2 hours of riding more after which the situations would get worse. So there was no looking back as sarchu was very far back. Our plan was to reach Upshi or may be Rumtse.

Now starts the asli fun!! Going uphill tanglang la was not an easy task maan!! I took trailblazer on hanuman gear to cross the pass, but as soon as we reach the pass we see a huge cloud just passing by us and it starts snowing instantly. That was the scariest moment of the ride. I could not see anything ahead but just could hear rohans bike on my side and on the left was a valley and we were riding on snow which was soon piling up on the road. So we could not afford stopping either coz if the road is blocked by snow we are all the more fucked.

So all we could do was keep on ridng and not stop and by no chance let the engine go off. Thats was an adventure in itself, it was scary but when we came out of the cloud we all stopped and laughed and saw each others faces and we could see each other shitting bricks. now the roads looked better as the visibility was much better and the AMS also had reduced. That was a big relief to all of us. The significant change that we adapted was we were very hungry and tired.

Due to AMS we were not hungry but now as we could breath fine we started to feel the Thumper Hunger. It was late so we didnt try Upshi rather we stopped at a cute place at Rumtse. This place is again a place encarved by GOD,  I could see the river at the back and the water passing by the valley, The local people get water from the river and the water was amazing. We halt that night there also it was my turn to help Asif as he was in trouble. Once he comfortable we eat and sleep early to catch up some cozy sleep.


Day7 {Welcome to Leh}

Waking up with the birds chirping and with a ray of sunlight on your face!! what other better way can one think of to kick start his day. I was all set and fresh that day with NO AMS in my breath and with a thick piece of mucous off my nostrills. We are all set to ride to Leh today. We hit the road and pass by the red mountains of UPSHI where we se some more of the Tibetian culture and the mountains were looking as if God has cut them by a pair of scissors , amazing and mind boggling. Now is the time we see the road conditions improving and no wonder i rode faster. I could see blue sky and white snow over the mountains, thats all. Just imagine a 3D view of it. uh!! i cant even describe how beautiful it is.

On the way we pass by the ancient capital of ladakh(Shreya). One amazing place, The best part is that we have a irrigation control canal that runs from the higher mountains till leh. And trust me guys the water in it is crystal clear. One can see boards like “thank you for not washing clothes and bikes in the canal”. thats coz the water is used for irrigation in leh. Thats something made me feel sooooooooo proud. Now was the time when i got the best feeling. We see what we came for. “WELCOME TO LEH” that board made me feel so relaxed and happy i could not wait to hug it and have a pik clicked.


Reaching Leh made us feel great and thats when the fone started vibrating which was a bit upsetting. i was so happy and free disconnected from everyone just being myself and now i felt like a tamed animal who had lost his freedom. Informed the rest of the gang that we had reached safe. We head towards old changspa road towards hotel sun n sand. we check into the cozy hotel and unpack. We head out towards the city hunting for some food and find bruno and peter there. peter helps us by taking us to JUMA the local mech there. While the bikes were getting fixed i head back with bruno to check their place. Once all the bikes are set we head towards their place as they had invited us for dinner together. We have a great party at night and head back to the hotel to snore to glory.


Day8{Khardungla –The highest motorable road in the world}

i wake up with the soft breeze through the window and sunlight over my chinky eyes, Peter had told us that their hotel was better and cheaper than the current one so we check out from the current hotel and checkin with them.Once the luggage is in we take Asif to the hospital to get his leg checked up. After that we head towards Khardungla with Bruno. Asif rested as he wanted to rest for the day.

We gear up and start riding up hill. It was great fun to ride up hill may be coz the sky was clear with no clouds. we reach at the check point and had to bribe the guy to let us through. It was a greedy ride up there and we finally reach Khardungla. I was almost into tears and could not believe that i had dreamt about Khardungla about 2 years back. It was a goal sucessfully achieved by me. I felt so proud. We buy our T shirts from there and have some hot tea to come back to Leh. We sat there gazing at the way to nubra and the amazing snow on our side. We ride down towards Leh and reach back to the hotel to enjoy our drinks and dinner together. After reaching Leh we Meet Sameer and Rahul our fellow Thumpers who rode seperately to Leh for the Pilgrimage.


Day9{Leh to Drass–The lower Himalyaaz}Due to time constraints Saby and me we had to leave early to reach Delhi. We coordinate with Sameer who was also leaving the other day with us. Started early towards Kargil. The road was simply amazing and we got more and more tempted to ride and ride. Now is the time we see Sutlej river on our side and the river runs not just through the thumping heart but through the entire Himalyaaz. We cross by Megnetic Hill where I observed this unique phenomenon. If you park your bike on the BOX drawn on the road your bike goes UPHILL AUTOMATICALLY!! I didnt believe it untill i tried it on my own…… and it worked!!! it was crazy!! Saby was behind me and we were lost for some time untill i reach this beautifull valley called NIMU. I could see The indus river joining some river, what a view it was!! I rode ahead to reach Nimu and take a halt for hot Chai and biscuits.Thats when i could hear Sab on his bull. We have our maggie and tea and head out towards lamayuru.


Now is the time we see the lower Himalyaaz we could make out from the Mountains that these were the lower himalyaaz after seeing the loops and the deep valleys.Also now we could see more of the military convoys as we were riding towards the sensetive areas. Riding through the dusty roads and sunlight made us a little tired and thats the time i see this small green stretch among the brown mountains. That was lamayuru. A small village that survives only through the supplies given by military and they have no source of income as it is extreme climate during winters. We take a much deserved halt for the snaps and then hit the road again towards Kargil. To pass by Kargil we pass by Fotula pass, where we get a glimpse of the valley we were about to reach.That was kargil.


Kargil is a beautiful place but brutally bruised by the millitary convoys. We saw many muslim communities there with some more beautiful mosques and above all very friendly people, but the only upsetting thing was the strict military there. I dunno why was the military strict there may be it was just my observation. Sab is more happy to see a filling station and refuels his bike. We ride through the town buying some basic needs and head towards Drass. I was told by the Beasters that drass is more beautiful, and above that Drass was about 80kms away from us. So after a break at kargil we head towards Drass passing by superb river views, villages,bridges and many convoys.


On the way to Drass we see this crazy board which said “YOU ARE UNDER ENEMY OBSERVATION” which scared the shit out of me.It was hot through out the ride but as we were getting close to Drass the view was getting much better and colder.Now i see a board that said Drass being the 2nd coldest place on earth and we were simply loving each and every moment of it. I heard the evening Azaan and figured out that now we are close to the village. We check in to the beautiful hotel which was a bit spooky from inside. It was getting colder and colder. To add more to it we were told that there will be no power after 9PM. so we order the food soon and go to sleep. We were so full of dust that sab could not resist clicking pic of our dusty gear and the bikes!!

Day10{Drass to Patnitop–Miss the mountains}

Waking up early was something we were used to by now . So we get up early to brush our teeth and  see the amazing view of TIGER HILL in front of us. After we we check out of the Hotel the snow factor was reducing but the cold was not. Now there were more of valleys and less of hills thats what we thought, but that was a mistake!! We were riding in the shadows of the mountains and as we rode uphill again the view was something i cannot describe!! We were heading towards kashmir!! I need not say how much beautiful  kashmir is coz everyone in the world knows it. Also i saw the Kashmir valley where usually the action was!! No wonder we bikers were surprised to know how could some one live here and above that how could a military jawan fight the bad boys!!


Mighty Zozila:

Photography is something we were doing off and on on the ride but this was a place where one could not wait for the same, thats coz THIS WAS ZOZILA!!! Zozilla gave us the top hill view of the kashmir valley.Now the mountains were sharper and steeper. There were no roads and we could see glaciers melting to water and things like that. I was riding on the outer corner of the road and thats when i saw something that i must have never experienced in my life!! I see a HELICOPTER passing by me, The people inside were waving at me, i was shocked for a fraction of second to see a helicopter so close to me. Woah!! what a feel it was.(actually there are military helicopters available for the amarnath yaatris till the shrine, and i guess the helicopter was one of them)


We ride downhill to Sonmarg, Sonmarg is a place that made us sooooooooo proud!! It looked like we had reached some foreign country!! The place is simply remarkable and each and every moment spent there made us feel more and more proud as Indians. We have our break there for Chai and Parathas.Srinagar was not far from us and the cold had gone.So all the winter gear was off and the riding gear was out. We were feeling a little upset as the mountain ride was over and now we could see the city roads. Entering srinagar was fun!! we enter and were stopped by the cops, they asked where we came from and all the possible things, once they came to know about our ride they were so more then happy to help us with the directions. i was scared initially coz 2 of the guys had AK-47 with them and i just hoped that they did not misunderstood us, but then all went well and we head out of the city, towards Jammu.


Now the traffic patch was getting crazy and the local people out there were also getting all the more surprised to see us in the city.After Jammu We pass by Poonch, Anantnag and reach The GREAT JAWAHAR TUNNEL.The plan was to reach patnitop by the evening and thats the time we first felt like taking bath after 10 crazy days. We check in to this cozy hotel, boooze to glory and snore happily for the night!! At night while we were enjoying our dinner the waiter requests us to fill up a form assuming that we were firangs!! that was funny and also we meet some kids there who were surprised to know about our ride. It was great fun that night as we enjoy the last stance of cold though the valley.


Day11{Patnitop to Jalandar–Endless wild road}

We start lazily from patnitop to pass by udhampur zipping through traffic and seeing some accidents and enter our great punjab!! Sab was all the more excited to treat me to the food i was wildly hungry for. We ride till after noon and halt for lunch, oye hoi!! we have rajma, mutter paneer and roti with loads of makhaan!! woah!! what a punjabi diet it was. now i know why the punjabis are so healthy. the main contains is makhaan and the meetha paani from the tubewell.After crossing pathankot we see the amazing fields that punjab is famous for, no wonder Punjabis are so proud of their place, so much nature to it, so much of fresh air to breath and such great food to eat, why wouldnt one love it. I love every tit bit of it.


The plan was to reach tanda and meet Sabz relative and then head towards jalandar. We reach there and her Grandma is so surprised to see him on his bike there, also they are surprised to see a wierd looking chink with sab. Luggages are being unpacked and we head towards the town for some food. It was hot in there coz it had just rained a couple of times, so i catch up some local made “goli soda”. And guys the goli soda was served in a typical PUNJABI GILAAS. This glass was a HUGE glass which will fill up ur stomach and not just quench ur thirst, after that we enjoy our booze gazing start at night over a sexy khatiya what sab had at his place.

Day12{Jalandar to Delhi–The Lone Rider}

Next day i wake up due to heat killing my sweat balls, I start off with a chilling bath from the tubewell and later under the tap, after that Sab takes me to the farms and guess what it was about to rain, the place was getting to its natural beauty and i could hear cuckoo cooing and the trees lushing!! we were invited by sabs cousin at her place for some parathas. Wow!! her cousin was so beautiful and made so beautiful parathas. I greedily ate those and then Sab guided me till the main highway.I adieu good bye to my brother.


Now starts my solo ride till Delhi. Delhi was just 400 kms away from me and as soon as i head out of jalandar it starts raining, I was riding alone so i didnt ever realize how the Kms were passing by, I reached Ludhiana and then messaged Rohit about me coming to Delhi, he said you can easily make it by 10PM, i said wow that would be fun, Then I rode and rode and rode on the amazing highway to reach Karnaal. Delhi was few kms away from me and thats the time i see some thunders!! I said “SHIT” and thats all i could say and it started pouring in. I took the bye pass to enter delhi and called rohit. he guided me to his place and i met him at his place at Rohini. We hugged each other, coz we met after so many days, it was great to be back in Town after so many days.


I just could not believe that my ride was over, All i could say was ladakh was not just a ride It was dream come true for me. thanks to the Beasters and my thumper brothers who rode with me and made my dream come true!! Cheer to all of you!!



Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!

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