Slopes of Hell

It was a nice cozy Saturday evening and all I wanted was to get away from the busy and the noisy city life. One could feel that the winter was in the noisy Bombay city. Although it’s never cold in Bombay but I could feel the weather changing and cool breeze blowing. This calls for a perfect weekend getaway ride.


Thumper List:

Rajiv (Vanquisher)

  1. Sandy mohan
  2. Piyush
  3. Jini
  4. Harsh
  5. Hemal
  6. Mahesh
  7. Tushar
  8. Shyamal (Trailblazer)
  9. Hody
  10. Abbas (Agitated Beast)
  11. Daku


This time it was the critically acclaimed Slopes of hell which I proudly call SLOPES O HELL. It’s a short ride towards a lonavla and then to kamshet. We were supposed to meet at our favorite Vashi toll naka at 5.30PM, but then we are Inddiethumpers how can we not stick to IST. I woke up at 5.30 and called rajiv who had already reached the meeting point. And no wonder I had 27 missed calls on my phone. We coordinate to meet at Palm Beach road as they were about to leave and ride through the Palm Beach road. I gear up as soon as possible and leave. I stay on the Palm Beach road and no wonder I reached there in just 5 mins, smoked my first sutta of the day and I hear a very familiar thump and happen to see Sandy and Piyush, who wait with me for the gang to appear on the palm beach road. Now is the time when the rest of the people on the road stare at us, I dunno why, may be coz we not just look junglee but were behaving junglee too.


Just 5 mins later a fleet of royal enfields comes roaring all over and I understood that the gang is here, we gear up fast and join them. The ride was smooth enough till we take our first fuel stop at panvel bypass. Once refueled we were about to head out and rajiv realizes that his bike chain is too loose to climb up the slopes o hell. We get it tightened and head out towards lonavla.






It was nice night ride, I could instantly feel that we were out of the city as the air felt so fresh and much cooler and to add to that we had a sexy looking half cut moon with a starry night. All I could think of was the song by Joe satrani “starry night”. Wow what a feel it was, we ride through our routine route to reach lonavla. Reaching lonavla was not something very exciting coz we were so used to the route and with the same old pitstop place RK. Now is the time when we get a call from harsh, who was following us as he was all the more late. I head ahead to catch up some pet ka fuel (boleto DARU) and some money from the ATM. Once all set we get a call from manish who was waiting for us at the Kamshet junction with his gang. We reach there thumper ishtyle (boleto late) and greet our brothers from ROADSHAKERS.


Meeting Roadshakers is always fun, and this time also it was all the more fun. The plan was to get some wood for bonfire and finish with dinner in the hotel. So all the Hungry hogs raid the hotel and eat wildly as usual, in the mean while the wood is there and we pile it up one by one on every bike. We all finally head out of the hotel to reach SLOPES O HELL.

Now starts the asli fun, it was shit cold and I was already shitting bricks. We were just thinking about the worse and the worse came our way, now started some amazing off road and a monster uphill road, to add to it we had huge bushes on the left and right which was darker then I must have assumed. I thought that it’s a moony night and the visibility would be nice, but I was shit mistaken. It was pitch dark among the trees and the roads were getting tougher. We have almost a up hill climb, just in order to realize that hemal had a broken clutch and the hand break york. The whole assembly was down. WOOOAH!!



We were following Roadshakers and finally reach the mother of all climbs. Let me first describe this climb, just imagine a climb which is 45 to 60 degrees in elevation and has no roads but stones and no moon lights BUT ONLY ROADSHAKERS TO GUIDE. The climb is so scary that one cannot see anything on the left and right first of all and to add to that we have a mammoth climb ahead which is all a fat ass climb. The only way once can ride up is with full throttle and happy use of HANUMAN GEAR (First gear). I was the first thumper to reach there safe and sound and I am guided by manish that do not use clutch and open the throttle completely. I was already shiting bricks and this was in front of me.


I said to my self and my bike, chal lets check how strong u are my boi and lets see how great is the delhi made torpedo and last but not the least lets actually check how good is the Royal Enfield AVL 350. This was the time to check the real power of Trailblazer, Trailblazer and me had been to ladakh earlier this year but this looked completely different.







With do or die attitude and with manish’s guidance I reach midway of the mammoth climb and think that I have reached the top, but NO, the path is not over, the climb is all the more to the top. I said to my bike c’mon boi it’s not over yet we have some more tyre to burn. With little more effort and patience I reach the top.


It was a silent and a pitch dark top. It was as silent as a graveyard and all I could see was a HUGE TOWER in front of me and an orgasmic view to my left and my right. I greedily park my bike and run to the cliff to see the most amazing view of the express highway. Oh wow what a view it was, I can’t simply describe it coz its beauty is something once should view with his own eyes. After few minutes I realize that I am the only one on top, later I was joined by tushar and gauri and later on some more bikes came up.

I walked down a bit to check if some help was required as all the roadshakers were doing the best for the thumpers to get up to the top. In the mid of the mammoth climb where almost everyone fell I meet my pals from Roadshakers Yuvraj, Ajit and Chota Baljeet who were helping the bikers and the bikes climb the scary uphill. We share some jokes and laugh to glory and help each and every bike on the way up and see some amazing bike falls. How ever none of us neither the Roadshakers had any thing major to look after.

Once all the bikes and the bikers were at the hill top, the bon fire was lit as it was getting cold out there. The woods were strategically placed to catch fire but the wood being raw and wt was not catching fire. How ever we had Mr Rajat Gandhi (who likes to play with fuel on fire) who was sparking the bon fire with the fuel he had extracted from some bike. Still the bon fire was not as warm and bright as we expected. Now comes the Bonfire champ Astaad( sorry if mispronounced) and me the crazy pyromaniac, we both try our hand on the bon fire for quite some time to finally have lit and  sparked to glory.


Now that we had the required lights all gathered around the bonfire with their fuel (boleto daru). Also I helped piyush to pitch the tent, so that we could just fall to sleep once we all are drunk. Astaad started off with his guitar and the potatoes were put in the bonfire to get baked. After we all got a bit drunk we here some more roadshakers coming up hill. It was none other then DOC and later on came our own fat boi Eklavya(another crazy fat ass Roadshaker).We all simply enjoy the night with the stars above and some crazy weed courtesy me and Doc, we trip to glory enjoying and singing and dancing near the bonfire. The last I remember before I got too drunk was me gathering the empty bottles and cans coz we didn’t want to dirty the place. After which I crashed in the tent with my sleeping bag.



Next day:

I wake up with a camera flash and some cool wind blowing from the tent opening. I then realize that it was piyush trying get some crazy pix clicked. We gear up and pack up for the day to head back home. But now we all were about to know why this place was called SLOPES OF HELL!!. Well!! Climbing was not as difficult as it was coming down, how ever before that we had some more problems. We had Rams bike, gauri’s bike and Piyush’s bike not starting at all. I stay there to help the folks and the some bois came up for some help too. In the mean while I heard that many had fallen down hill to get the correct patch. I was a bit off the hang over but was still talking to myself and started my bike. I kick started my bike to check for any problems. Trailblazer was breathing fine and no problems at all. That’s one of the main reasons why I love my bike; it has given me hopes when I felt low and miserable and then all of a sudden a spark in the spark plug gives me a great kick on my ass and makes me feel great!!!



I some how help ram with some spares and manish calls baljeet for some technical help. Once all was sorted I head downhill for my major ride. I was guided to use no brakes but just let go with the bikes momentum. I did exactly as I was said and bumped a couple of times over the rocks but then came down fine. Once I reached where the mammoth climb ends, I sat there for the fellow bikers to come down. I had heard that many had a fallen including Jini+Yuvi+abbas etc etc. so all I could do was stand at the same place where we were standing last night to guide the rest, Untill everyone came down safe and sound. Once that was done, we slowly and steadily ride down hill to reach kamshet rangoli hotel. Thats where we meet Annish,Vikram and Kunal.After some Tea and snacks we adieu good bye to the fellow roadshakers who helped us through the entire uphill and the downhill climb.



We thumpers get the bikes fixed, which includes piyush+Mahesh+hemal. Once all these bikes are fixed, then started our normal route back home, with a usual pit stop at uncle’s kitchen we ride is safe and slowly towards panvel and then later new Bombay. At the end of the day ride ended with loads of daaru and lots of laughs, after all what are all TOGETHER for, to spend some great time and cherish some great memories which will eventually be remembered as one of the best ones the inddiethumpers and roadshakers might have had.

Cheers to Roadshakers & Inddiethumpers




Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!

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