Saputara 2005

Day 1
Well it all started at 5.30 in the morning, we get a call from my Inddiethumpers dude and we packed our bags for a ride to Saputara. I had joined the club lately and was desperately waiting for a ride. We met up at Thane toll naka and then began the ride for Saputara about just 350Km from Mumbai. We started off smooth and easy and as the day passed by and sun was right above my head we halted for a nice and yummy lunch at Vapi. What else can you expect on an adventure ride? Tyre puncture?Lost roads?

Yes that’s what happened, we got lost and travelled about 80 Kms extra on a wrong road. No worries when Inddies ride we make our own roads! We came back on the path and roared through the dense jungles of Dang, wow, what a ride it was! We were cruising at a cool speed of 80 and guess what else can you expect on the road passing by a jungle, a big snake just passing the road. We all halted and respected the old snake and allowed him to pass by safe. Rode ahead to the hilltop where we could see few building from the bottom of the hill. After about 10 Kms ride we reached our destination Saputara.

Wow, it felt so nice being at a hill station and then we started the hunt for a reasonable and good lodge, we found a wicked bungalow in the chilling weather with amazing view. Unloaded my bags, relaxed and ate food and drank and dozed off {as we were very tired}

Day 2
We woke with a lovely view of the sunrise over the mountains, freshened up and headed for so-called nashta, had egg bhurji and there we went off for the site seeing and photography. We rode to the sunrise point and clicked photos at the ropeway, wow! What a view it was, could see sun rising from the left and could feel the shadows of the mountains on the other side. It felt so nice berating in fresh air and feeling free in life. And now was the time to get souvenir, rode down the sunrise point and came to a nice emporium to see some lovely jute work. Bought a bag for my sister and then rode ahead.

Pre lunch we figured out that one of the Inddiethumper had a flat tire (we were all prepared for and adventure trip}, and guess what happened, we rode out and hunted for a “puncture waala ” on the streets, found a tyre waala close by, went back to the bungalow and inflated tyre with an battery operated inflator, went to the tyre shop just on time to see the mech busy with another tyre puncture. Well, as I said before Inddiethumpers make their own way, we too started off with the puncture repairing. Made the puncture on our own and paid the mech peanuts for his work.

Now it was 12Pm and we rode back home to Mumbai, post lunch we bid adieu to Saputara and headed back to NH3. Now was the hard part, the roads and rain kicked the living daylights out of us. Riding down the hill was a nice learning experience and with less number of halts it became more tiring. We made our halt at 7.30Pm at about 10 Kms away from Kasara. We were yet to reach the Mumbai cell phones boundaries (although we had roaming activated). Nightfall cooled down the heat in our body and the bikes, now the ride was much smoother and risky as it was still raining. Finally we hit Godbunder road and touched Mumbai. It was a great feeling to breath in the smoky and polluted Mumbai air. Felt homely!

Finally we all Inddiethumpers bid good bye to each other in the Inddiethumper style.

This ride not just made me bolder but gave me brothers in arms.

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