RM07 – Madness & Mayhem

It was that time of the year for which thumpers all around India were desperately waiting for. This time the destination was Nagpur. Everyone all geared up to rock and roll and ready to beat the dust and get off the trail.

Thumpers List:

  • Kaka (Red Hawk)
  • Rajiv (Vanquisher)
  • Dino (Widow Maker)
  • Bilal (Metal head)
  • Aseem
  • Yash
  • Bruce
  • Chetan
  • Avinash Birambole
  • Avinash Rathod
  • Ishty (Wild Boar)
  • Vivek
  • Vivek Tiwari
  • Hody
  • Neil
  • Gurdeep
  • Satya
  • Behzad(Ebon Wench)
  • Shyamal (Trailblazer)
  • Max
  • Anthony
  • Hari
  • Prashant
  • Gavrang
  • Rajesh Kushte
  • Andy
  • Saby
  • Vikram
  • Rohan Salian
  • Varun

As the thumper list was really big it was obvious that there would be a group. One was led by Kaka and other By Bilal and Ishty and Bruce respectively. All rode at separate days and separate route to reach ONE DESTINATION. !!RIDER MANIA!!


Day1. (Bumpy and slow day)

Our Ride started with a nice fresh morning feel on a Saturday morning. Kaka,Me, yash and Dino were all set to ride until Aurangabad and Rajiv was supposed to join us at Aurangabad as he started riding on Saturday afternoon. We gear up and ride to the nearest fuel station at panvel where the tanks are brimmed up and we hit the road to catch the best possible weather and route to the ride. I could see a beautiful sunrise with a thin ray of light over the horizon. The fresh morning called for hot chai + sutta and a nice leak. After which all the Big boiz are all set to hit the bad ass road and take our first break at chakan which was about 200kms away from us. I could feel that trailblazer was not behaving the way it was supposed to. Being fully loaded was another story to tell. Finally Trailblazer started coughing and dino tried helping me by riding behind me. Finally coughing became serious and he stopped. With lots of kicks but it would not start. Finally Dr DINO saw that there was no spark at all, we replaced the spark plug but still no go. Now the troubleshooting went towards CDI. Later we figured out that the CDI had some lafda in it.


I pushed my bike for more then 200 meters and believe me guys it kicked the living daylights of me. Pushing a fully loaded bike at 12PM in the afternoon is seriously not a piece of cake. Then the Einstein in me sparked an Idea. An Idea can change ur life. You don’t believe in it. I do!!. I pulled out the rope I had used to TOW bilal’s bike on the DAUND ride, and tide it to Dinoz bike. Now the ride was scarier then I thought. Dino was riding very smooth and easy but my ballz were on fire at the back. Just in case if he braked I would crash right into him. Coordinated with yash and they were about 5Kms ahead us at a Mech shop. Dino the cool dude was riding easily and we were riding as if we didn’t care what has happened to us. We were honking and overtaking tractors and waving the crowd as if we are some celebrities. What a funny scene it was. We finally reach chakan where kaka helped us guide to the mech shop. After the work is done I test ride it and all is well. In the meanwhile I hunt for bigger ropes just in case!! We are about a couple of hours late then the schedule. Now starts the real ride. We have our lunch at a dhabba and take a small nap and ride on towards ahmednagar. We wanted to get off ahmednagar before evening, which now looked a little tough. Still we ride and ride. Riding through ahmednagar was a real pain in the ass. Horrible narrow roads with pedestrians all around. We had heard that there are weekly markets in ahmednagar just in case if they are there, then we would faced more pedestrians. My my!! It was one difficult track. Am sure majority of my bikes battery life might have conked off by honking at ahmednagar. Hehe..

We cross ahmednagar by 4.30PM just in order to catch an empty road. Kaka was relieved to see empty road and halts at a road side dhaba for chai n sutta. I was fully loaded and wanted to break free. The dhabba guy tells me that there is an international toilet at the back. I wanted to see it and was surprised to see a neat and tidy toilet with flush and soap etc etc BUT NO DOOR!!!  Who cares!!! I shat and shat to glory!!

Finally we are about 80Kms away from Aurangabad and its already 6.30. the sun was about to set and the roads were bumpy to give u instant patches on our beloved ass. Riding at night with the full beam headlights from the opposite and bumpy single lane road!! This is what we were going through!! One bad experience!! All my chinky eyes could do is look at kakaz tail light and follow it, ASAP( as slow as possible). Now roads get more tough when we enter Aurangabad. All I can say is HORRIBLE ROADS!! To add more to it we now had crazy traffic, after a hazy half hour ride we reach the hotel where yash had booked the room for us. We check in and enjoy the royalty of the hotel in the meanwhile yash visits his GLOBUS showroom nearby. We too join him after some time and there we meet the AURANGABAD THUMPERS, AAShay a 16year old kid interested in starting the club with few bullet enthusiasts. To our surprise our own TAKLOO Rajiv also happens to land there after 30 mins, Rajiv had left Bombay in the afternoon and had reached at almost the same time as we reached. Looked like he came flying and the aerodynamics of his bald head might have helped him. We settle down at the hotel and end up laughing the whole night , courtesy KAKA+YASH+DINO.

Day 2(Lazy slow day)

The 2nd day starts of with a nice lazy smoke off the bed, I was surprised to see no rush to the loo and Dino and Kaka were already set to ride. Yash settles the bill and Dino was checking Widomaker for some technical problems. We later see that Yash’s bike has a flat tyre. O yes!! U can imagine YASH with his cramster mounted on the poor bike and above that we had some crazy bumpy road! A FLAT tyre was no surprise. As everyone was busy with some or the other work me and rajiv with the help of AASHAY head to a close by puncture shop. As soon as we reach there the tyre waala smiles at us, I asked him what made u smile pal?? He answered and we all laughed!! The answer was “I saw 2 guys with extreme ends coming i.e one bald and one with a jungle long hair so I laughed” .after spending about 30 mins there the bike is all set to ride. Its about 11am and we are again late for the day. We adieu good bye to the Aurangabad thumper and ride on.


Rajiv fly’s bye the rest and we are following him on the bumpy road towards jalna. We pass by some amazing fields and barren land to enjoy the full blazing sun. I remember kaka once saying that this part of Maharashtra receives less amount of rain and so are the condition of the roads, but believe me we didn’t feel the pain enjoying the beauty of the stretch we were riding. Kaka the lazy bum takes a halt for lunch at 1PM and that’s the time the crazy wild inddiethumpers sit for the feast. We happen to see some cute JUNGLEE QUAILS ready to be cooked. We play with them for some time and order it to eat!! Woah!! That was one crazy act. We greedily eat it and are off for ride.

Rajiv again being the aerodynamic guy fly’s by with kaka and Yash the tortoise boy is steadily doing 60KPH. And Dino and me the lazy bones are riding at the back with a small cozy nap on our bikes. Just think about it after a stomach full of afternoon food how cozy would you feel when a cool breeze hits the visor of your helmet. All one could do is YAWN and look for a nice cozy tree to rest under, we did that and later coordinated on our way to Rajiv to reach akola before night and meet at the RELIANCE Petrol pump. We meet them there and in the meanwhile Rajiv is already in the city hunting for accommodation. We meet Bruce and gang there the inddiethumpers ishtyle. Bruce was with Prashanth, Avi, Gavrang and Vivek. They were riding that night to the KANHA wild life sanctuary to be back on Rider Mania in 2 days. We then depart our ways to Rider Mania and look for a place in AKOLA. We get a place where we have our dinner and the much required beer, LAUGH the whole night courtesy KAKA+DINO+YASH and are busy snoring after 12 at night. As the night grew darker all the Inddiethumpers turned BOMBAY PISTONS and the snoring competition started. I remember I could just hear some claps which continued for almost the whole night.

DAY 3(Fast ride Day)


The claps I could hear last night were non other then KAKA trying to get some sleep against those WILD MOSQUITOS. I woke up and saw the near by wall painted almost RED with at least 15 red patches. And the mosquitoes also might have thought that oh yeah we are not having a good time here. To kick start the day we have some nice ELIECHI CHAI and start to pack for the ride. After freshening up DINO figures out that WIDOMAKER is in bad shape. It was leaking OIL the whole night and the BLOCK PISTON was suspected with some problem. Rajiv, KAKA and DINO are hunting for a truck who could tow widomaker till Nagpur which was about 220KMs away from akola. In the meanwhile me and Yash head towards Nagpur without wasting any more time. After refueling the tank we head towards Nagpur and someone told us that the ROAD now was better, assuming the same we steadily rode for about 80Kms and saw that the Road was worse now. Never ride on anyone’s assumption that’s what I learnt. Yash and me we did a steady speed of 60kph with just one pit stop for refueling and believe me we covered a great distance inspite of the bad roads. Coordinated with rajiv and they were about 100 Kms behind us and Dino was in the truck with the bike. Also got a SMS from rajiv about the address of the venue. We reach the venue a day before to enjoy the location. The place is mind blowing and yash calls ANUKARAN to see when is he reaching at the venue. As we had reached there first we had to arrange the things for the rest of the thumpers also. Rajiv was in touch with the rest of the gang who rode a day after us. Bilal was heading it and Bruce and Ishty were riding to different location.


After an hours time kaka and Rajiv reach the place and is followed by DINO in the truck. We help Dino to get the bike down from the truck and push it towards the RE workshop. We rest for the day take a cozy dip in the swimming pool and enjoy smoking and drinking. Its night time now and Billu and the gang are just 80Kms away from the venue. Also I coordinated with Rohit (Beaster Boi) who was on his ride doing ONE HELLUVA RIDE. He was with July and jeetu and was about 100 Kms away from Nagpur city.Later they all roar to the venue and park the heavily loaded beasts.


Accompanied with them was a German TV5 crew who were shooting them all the way on the ride.  We all meet and have great fun that night. We all share fun and joke and dump all the stuffs in the dorm given to Inddiethumpers. Later that night and early morning many riders came to the venue. All being so tired just wanted to sleep but Billu the pyromaniac is in a mood to have a bon fire. As the venue was difficult to find at night I rode to the main road to get Rohit and gang to the venue, as they had a very tiresome ride. There I meet the wanderers and the rest of the thumpers and also Rohit and the gang. All are now in the venue enjoying the company and singing at ANU’s tunes.

Booze is being shared and petrol is being sprinkled and there is the FIRE!!!!  We both eye on a old dry tree which we wanted to spark it, but unfortunately could not do that at that night. After being heavily drunk and billu with his pyro tricks all the BOMBAY PISTONS are back in action. This time we were about 25 or 30 of us in the DORM and the Bombay Pistons were louder. Different types of snores some loud some whistles some squeaky. All types of snores from all different corners of the DORM. Wow it was worth recording. I heard it and could feel it, am sure experiencing it would be something to see and watch.

DAY 4(Rider Mania DAY 1)

The day was the most pleasant day. I woke up late due to the Bombay pistons activity, now was the time to have real fun, went to the RE work shop where WIDOMAKER was being repaired and spent the whole day drinking, hogging, smoking, singing, swimming BUT NOT RIDING. All the bikes were ready to be washed and then started the Rider mania activities for Day 1.

  • Arm wrestling
  • Crazy 8
  • AV screening
  • Beer drinking


These were the activities listed for the day. Arm wrestling started with a huge participation from all the club members. Lots of loud bikers with real raw muscle power were there to show the BICEP power. This activity ended with lots of howling and cheering bikers all around.{seen above is BAVA the Bicep Beaster}. One amazing event!!



Next was the crazy 8. Here is the deal, in a given period of time how many 8s can one make out of the 2 poles closely mounted. This is the time when the new RE club fromAGRA impressed the most. They call themselves the TAJ ROYALS. 2 Bikers kicking real time ass!! Amazing riding skills and turning and maneuvering the heavy bike in such a short period of time and so smoothly, that the game all about. They impressed everyone and no wonder they won the prize too.



After the crazy 8s it was time for everyone to settle down for the screening of the audio visuals from different clubs. Clubs including Inddiethumpers and Road survivors play their AV. Both AVs being different and reflecting the different biking culture of their respective rides and cities. This was followed by the beer drinking competitions.



Oh yeah!! Now was the time when beer drinking competition started, it was one crazy event. All the beer belly drinkers were in but none could drink more then 3 cans of chilled beer. Well folks its looks very easy in movies that a big fat biker boy easily gluggs down a HUGE PITCHER of beer, but in practical life it is not easy to gulp down chilled beer in a cool weather.  Finally before every body was sloshed we had 5 finalist and the finals was decided to be held next day.



The end of the day was with a nice cozy bon fire which was lit by the PYROMANIACS from Inddiethumpers i.e Bilal n Me. Everyone enjoyed the Bonfire and to add to that we had Nisarg and Anukaran with guitars who were doing what they do best. Singing and playing, and believe me folks they really sing and play very well. all sang with them and the jamming continued late night.


Day 5(Rider Mania Day 2)

I wake up with some nice smoke over the ceiling. I could see Potli baba and the smoke together. That does not mean that he is on fire it signifies that he is smoking the pleasures of the valleys. I joined him to help him out with grinding and cleaning and rolling. Later joined the beasters at the pool, Oh maan!! One crazy time we had at the pool and slides. Just imagine a set of crazy beasters and another pack of wild thumpers in the pool with all the “keedas” in the ass and all are having real time fun.


In the meanwhile there was a rider mania club meeting where all the moderators gathered and decided that RM-08 is gonna be hosted in HYDERABAD. so this came with no surprise as the Wanderers were excited to host it last year too. I am sure RM08 is also gonna kick some real time ass.


Activity list for day 2:

  • City Ride
  • Assembly wars
  • Slow race
  • Beer drinking Final
  • Best modified bike
  • Rock show.



After the much deserved dip we all gear up for the city ride. We all gather up at the parking lot where all the jazzy looking bikes and bikers are all set to blaze the city with some rubber smoke. all the bikers gather 3Kms away from the city where we are escorted by the POLICE and the wanderlusters into the city.

we had some hot bikes on the road. Turning all the heads was ALCATRAZ (TBIRD) and its rider AVI AKA GADGET from Royal Beasts, both looked made for each other. The most that impressed me was his cooooooooooooool looking helmet.We have some amazing time in the city riding through the roads, laughing at raised eye brows of the localites and burning some rubber. After the smoking city ride and basking in the sun we head back to the venue for the lunch.



POST lunch with a small nap I happen to see the wild bike assembly wars.  Here all the participating Clubs could have 4 members as a team each and would have to dismantle the bike and reassemble in the shortest possible time. This was one wild event coz there were clubbies cheering each others club and people everywhere and one amazing time we thumpers had there. Photo flashes every where and lots of whistles and lots of cheering. {Seen Below:ANDY from Thumpers|Right: Gadget and Boiz}


Finally we break the barrier we INDDIETHUMPERS assemble the bike at the quickest time.  And this happens with another loud and more cheerful applause of all the audiences. We had the old man Anthony (Mr. Bicep man) in the team and no wonder we won. Anthony being the best RE mech in Bombay and am sure all the thumpers will agree to me has been the only thumper who has rode to all the Rider Mania’s hosted by RE as of yet. He not just makes us proud but is also a retro rider in the club. The session ended with some real cool stunts and smoking tyre burns.



As the sun went down the rubber burning instincts grew more, now was the time for the slow race. All gathered at the parking lot and the event started with some hot looking bikes and some really loud fatfatiyas.

This too was an amazing event where all the clubbies gathered to cheer their club riders. Finally again the prize is won by our own BRUCE ALMIGHTY Inddiethumper.



All being tired now were thirsty and wanted more and more beer. The finalist from yesterday gathered to finish the finals. Finally Mr Robin Singh from GBC breaks the barrier and kicks some real time butts by showing some real JATT RAW power. One thing I remember before I was too drunk is that everyone was drunk after this event. Uh!!! Am already typing like a drunk!! Hehehe.



After everyone was drunk and high, dinner was served; this just added more flavor to the ambience. In the meanwhile we had 5 hot modified bikes near the stage and the poll had started for voting the best mod bike.

{Seen below is Singh Fish and ALCATRAZ}


We had some amazing work from Robin (SINGH FISH–GBC) and Gadget (ALCATRAZ—ROYAL BEASTS) and 3 more hot babies from Wanderlust. The votes were in and the winner was the SINGH FISH.



Now was the time for the rocker heads to gather up and head bang. We had Pinkoo Joseph on the guitar who was shredding it for the muzik hungry crowd. It didn’t take long for everyone to gear up close to the stage once the bikes were moved out.

Anukaran on vocals and some old biker songs being sung got the bikers wilder. This went on till the whole wild night exploded with muzik. Oh maan!! One wild,crazy and Orgasmic night.





**Special Incident**

Everyone was drunk and high and were enjoying the party, Karan from Royal Beasts comes up to the stage and plays a great prank (master planned by Bilal) to wish Rajiv on his Birth day at 12AM at night. As far as I know this plan was preplanned by Bilal. This raised some serious concerns initially but when the cake was SPLAT the gag turned the most successful one. Rajiv and all the Inddiethumpers had a great time laughing and all thanx to all the crazy Beasters specially Karan


Day 6(Bad Bumpy Day)


Rohit (Beaster Boi) was on his way back from “ONE HELLUVA RIDE” and was riding back to Bombay with the Inddiethumpers and so he had confirmed the same with me a night before. The plan was to move early at 7AM. We leave the venue on time to refuel and ride towards WARDHA, in the meanwhile rohit had a bad throat and we halted to buy some medix before we leave the city. Rohit happens to gulp down a big doze of the syrup and starts feelin very sleepy by 12. I being the last inddiethumper could not leave him alone so took a nap and later updated rajiv about the same through SMS.



We keep riding with each other very safely coz riding with sleepy eyes is the most dangerous thing that can happen to a rider. We were slow and steady and reach Amravati and ride towards akola. It was crazy ride but somehow we both managed to reach akola by 5 in the evening. Now rohit was almost about to doze off so I take him to a hotel in AKOLA. Where we lodge in a cozy hotel for the night. We both crash in the amazingly comfortable beds like wild animals and are snoring to glory after the stomach full of food.




DAY 7(Amazing Adventure Day)
We both wakeup early and fresh at 5.30 to checkout by 6am and ride and ride and ride till we reach Bombay, this was the plan, but you know all doesn’t work as planned at times, all we both bikers could blame was the horrible roads. We start off from akola and ride non stop to dhule. No speeding and overtaking, just doing steady 60kph. We ride watching through some accidents and some nikoteen breaks and by the time it was sun rise we crossed Jalgaon. This is the place we take our lunch and everyone is stunned to see 2 fully loaded bikes and both crazy sounding mean machines. Also before that we halt at a boot shop to get my biker boots mended. Riders will be riders!! cant wait for long and we again hit the road with just the hope that the roads will be better ahead.  We greedily ride for better roads zapping through the traffic. The jalgaon to dhule stretch was crowded with many Luxary buses and the drivers driving like maniacs. We purposely rode safe and are about 50kms away from nashik. Wow!! This was the place I wanted to take a break.


This dhaba that we stop at is just beside the highway and has a cute puppy and some pigeons. This dhaaba looked like a typical hindi film dhaaba with some cots outside and some cots inside and a very courteous sardarji with a loud TV inside which is switched on 24/7. Rohit spoke to him in Punjabi and his heart melted on the two hot and fully loaded bikes. Rohit was sharing his ride experience with him and I was busy playing with the puppy there.


It was evening time and I was just feeling lazy and wanted to fall down, the sweet sardarji gets our cots arranged and then we unpack. That guy was so nice that he didn’t want his cook to cook the food instead he himself cooked the food for us and guess what we ordered, sarso da saag and make di roti, and jeera rice for the chinky. The rotis were not with ghee but they looked as if it was DIPPED in ghee and ghee all over the saag too. Luckily there was no power coz the TV was very noisy. I was surprised that rohit was done in just 2 rotis. But later I realized that the sarso da saag was heavy for me to digest too coz while finishing the JEERA RICE with no gravy just GHEE!!! Wow!! That was an amazing treat.


We both un strap and get into the sleeping bags quickly to catch quick sleep coz we need to get up early next day and ride through bumpier roads ahead. I am fast asleep coz I use the ear plugs and rohit had some problems getting a sound sleep coz later at night the power came backup and the TV almost stabbed his sleep.

DAY 8(Back Home)

Rohit wakes me up on time as he could not sleep properly last night. We wash up and enjoy a hot cup of chai and ciggs and move on. We were about 50 Kms away from Nashik and on our way back pass by some amazing ghats and horrible traffic and bumpier roads. All I could say was no doubt the roads were bad the journey was full of adventure.


After crossing IGATPURI we ride smooth towards kalyan to take a short cut towards new Bombay. We are now at sheel phata and that’s the time we saw a board which said “WELCOME TO NAVI MUMBAI” wow that was sign of relief. We both now greedily ride towards center one to take our much deserved lunch. We both reach there have our lunch at SUBWAY and enjoy the feeling of city. Then we ride towards the Palm Beach road!!! Oh what a relief it was to see a double lane road.HOME SWEET HOME!!



Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!

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