RM06 – Complete Masti


“The time has come, we ride tomorrow, and we meet at 5.30 sharp at vashi toll naka” Dino said and that’s the time my excitement started.

Riders on the Storm:

  • Dada{Whispering Thunder}
  • Dino{ Widow Maker}
  • Bilal{Metal Head}
  • Anthony
  • Harsh
  • Hari
  • Akhtar
  • Chotu
  • Alex
  • Ishtiaque {Night Rider}
  • Max
  • Me n Romesh {Trailblazer}





The ride started at 5.30 AM IST{Inddiethumpers standard time} on 18-01-06.we rode till panvel where dada and dino were waiting for us. Rajeev and Kaka accompanied us till lonavala where we had our breakfast. Now the plan was to ride till Belgaum about 535 Kms ahead, the road was calling and so we all started smooth and easy.NH-4 is the most beautiful in that stretch, as kilometers passed by riders got distributed in 3 packs. I met with a stingy accident while we passed pune, a close one, but nothing much to worry. Harsh warned me about the roads and Bilal asked me to cool down and ride slow. I religiously followed their instructions and I had learnt my lesson, we kept taking our nikoteen break whenever our butts got sore. While reaching satara dada’s whispering thunder ceased. But with some tweaks and twists by chotu bhai the whispering thunder was back on the road thumping. We were riding in packs according to the riding style, reached an unknown place for lunch, where we all coordinated with each other on status check. Got the news that Ishty bumped some where near satara and the tyre rims were bent. Ishty was with Bilal about 80 Kms back. Dada, Dino and anthony were riding ahead us and Harsh, Max, Hari and Alex were riding behind Me. I was riding with Chotu and Akhtar with Romesh at my back.


After lunch we took rest till 2.30 and we rode again till belgaum, the roads were so beautiful that it looked as if it was made for us. Reached belgaum at 6.30 with the sunset, dada was waiting for us at the outskirts and we coordinated with roger and halted at a nice resort at belgaum. Night fell, we unloaded the Cramsters and everyone reached except Bilal and Ishty who were way behind us. Sowrab and nauhid were our weed partners for the night. We had great time together talking, boozing, and sharing great food together. Dada updated Rajeev about we reaching Belgaum and Rajeev updated the Inddiethumpers about the ride update. We Drank and smoked and had great food. Dozed off soon as we all were very tired by the days ride.




6.30AM everyone is back on the Bikes, roaring hard, we leave the place and head towards Bangalore. This was one crazy road, lots of diversions and patches on the road, very tiring ride, refueling was done and breakfast was on chai and puri bhaaji. We were to cover 500Kms today; next halt was at hubli about 100 Kms ahead.Hubli to chitradurga was one awesome ride, we rode through windy roads, bumpy roads, straight roads, saw some horrifying accidents and beautiful sceneries. After crossing Chitradurga we headed towards Tumkur, one amazing and beautiful road, here we saw some different looking mountains and windmills above the short and rocky mountains, Akhtar complained about his custom made bike’s performance to chotu, that’s were we found that his Huge fuel tank was leaking, chotu took the tank out and sealed it temporarily using mseal. We were hardly about 80Kms away from Bangalore.


Entering bangalore was a sad story. We were stuck in the traffic for 45 mins and were LOST. We called up Gautam DA and got to the place {we were staying at Koramangala, teachers colony} my goodness!! Reaching that place was a different experience. Every person on the streets of Bangalore was surprised to see 14 Bullets roaring the road with a MH registered bikes which were fully loaded. We rode through MG road and reached teacher’s colony finally. But once we reached there i  felt homely to see a beautiful bungalow, took a nice cozy hot water shower and bathed like a baby in the bathtub and relaxed for the night. Booz and nikoteen obviously included.




Next day Varun {OZZY look alike} joined us for the ride to CHENNAI. I was so happy to see Ishty and Billu too sleeping and getting comfy. They had reached at 2.30 AM that night and of course Ishty the night rider would never loose such a great opportunity to ride at night. We started of late at 11.30 AM as Chennai was about 230 kms from Bangalore. Wow the roads were simply mind blowing, 4 lane 2 way road. Awesome!! All bikes refueled and we took NH-7 towards Vellore, this was a beautiful stretch to ride, riding through palm trees beside the roads. We rode till Chennai taking the bypass and reached the outskirts of chennai. MY MY!!….not as i expected. Again the traffic kicked the hell out of us, but now we had much bigger problem. COMMUNICATION and name of the places. however dino made it much easier for us to pronounce, just add CHU before everything. We meet Yats(Casper) at adiyaar, where we share our revolutionalary JAADU KE JHAAPI and everyone is happy. We ride to Casurina bay and the bungalow which Yats had arranged for us and the Brothers from GBC and Wanderlust. We reach there and are stunned to see an amazing bungalow which is sea facing and with a cute swimming pool in the veranda. We unpack and after a couple of hours we hear roaring bulls again, and WALLA!! Anu with his gang is here, we have a great night singing, drinking, and bonfire.


well the place CASURINA BAY is one of the most beautiful beaches in India some views were so nice that cannot be captured on cam but u have to be there to view it with ur naked eyes. We head out to the venue, and that’s when I see the largest number of bulls being parked. We Get a warm welcome from the MADBULLS and we head on to the parking lot. Food+Booze+Games+custom made Bikes what else does a biker need. The weather was very hot and so was glad to take the TAN that I always wanted. Saw some willies and wacky stunts and it was time for some muzik as the evening approached. Muzik was served and so was food, one good thing to see was the RE bus which came in at right time to help us with free servicing. Wow and as soon as it came in, Bikes were queued for the same. As the sun went down the muzik and booze took all the Bikers to a High, RTMC and Madbulls being the loudest. ONE SONG I HEARD WAS “APUDI PODA PODA PODA PODA” I dunno what it means though. But I just knew that the crowd went wild as soon as this song was played. As Anu from wanderlust calls it MADARASI Trance. After the madarasi trance session was over, we all including ANU sit together and PLAY songs. Anu on the Guitar and Bilal N me on the Vocals we entertained the crowd with some ROCK and Biker songs. As the booze took over we all got tired and came back home and Snored like Pigs




2nd day of Rider mania starts with a big BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, I get up and see DINO rolling a sexy Joint for us, smoked up took a dip in the pool, wow it was simply phenomenal, Rajesh and Nikhil from the Thundergods took a dip too and anu was again with his Favorite guitar which was tuned by Romesh the night before, we head to the Venue and see custom made REs and are stunned to see an amazing creation by NITIN JHADAV, his babe was called “GOLD STAR”, my my that was the mother of all bikes, to start off with the customization the bike was painted silver with Gold finishing on the Tank, Tyres impressed me the most. I cannot describe that bike it was simply mind blowing. Every biker over there Envied his bike..my my what an awesome creation. Also to add we had AKHTARs bike from Inddiethumpers which was displayed there. Then began the formal announcement for the best customized Bike. Sachin from Roadshakers and REDS announced the same and the owners of the custom made BULLS were interviewed by the panel of judges to check the technical and physical fabrication. Now we all head for a ride through the ECR towards PONDY and for that time we see the MAXIMUM number of bulls roaring the ECR. We came back for lunch to refuel ourselves with beer and food from the local dhaba. As the Night falls muzik hits the floor and we see videos from RE, RTMC, Road survivors and the announcement for the next RM host was announced. IT WAS WANDERLUST NAGPUR. I was sooooooooo happy and congratulated Nik and ANU for the same. Also the announcement for the best custom made bike was done and the Bike from Madbulls won the prize. We had an angry and frustrated NITIN with us who was pissed off with the same. However Sachin did a great job of cooling him down and all ended well fine. MUZIK as promised to me by the DJ mazhar was played, this time only ROCK and no madarasi trance. We all hit the floor an all are busy head banging with booze in stomach and weed in the nostrils.




We inddiethumpers get all packed up and gather up at the venue in the morning to get news that there is a DRAG RACE being announced by the MADBULLS in a close by circuit. Well what else to choose we head there and meet an OLD guy call SUBASH, he is a veteran and has been racing since past 40 Yrs, with his guidance we hit the track and rode on the circuit. I personally caught 120KPh on my AVL 350cc. all the bikers hit the track and try their best lap time. As the sun was above us we adieu good bye to Chennai and head towards Bangalore catching the  bypass towards Bangalore. That’s when we split and see that DINO+DADA+Anthony had less days and so they head back to Bombay and are accompanied by MAX and HARI. We are Ishty+me+Akhtar+Chotu+Romesh. After a dusty and a hot ride we halt at a naryal paani walla where we eat 2 GIANT SIZED coconuts and guess what the stomach is full with the water and the coconut. Wow it was treat in just 7bucks per coconut. As we head ahead we feel sleepy after the food, we halt in the road side and fall asleep below a big tree. I can’t express how it feels sleeping below a HUGE tree. PHENOMINAL!! Localities thought that there was an accident but all the bikes were parked fine and they could see all the riders with their helmets on and sleeping under the tree. I am sure they were confused. In fact anyone would be. HAHA. It feels good to sleep with a helmet on specially when its very sunny and when u have dark visors. Ha ha We ride till the night fall and see a very cozy dhaba which was about 80Kms before Bangalore. We hogg the dhaba food and are fast asleep in the khatiyas.




We head towards Bangalore where Ishty was waiting for us and we refuel our bike tanks and pockets and move towards shimoga about 250 Kms from there. Early morning riding in chilled air is one amazing feeling one can get. Wow we rode through a wild life sanctuary about 150kms in the cold weather, no sun to be seen on the road, just beautiful trees and wildlife and NATURE around you. And then we reach JOG FALLS, India’s tallest waterfall. It was an amazing view. We entered the area and people were surprised to see the custom made BULL of akhtar. To our surprise were 3 French riders from Mumbai. These guys had hired the bulls from alibhai premji Mumbai and were riding the whole south. We were surprised to see Maharashtra registered bulls. I took a quick sneak peek over their bikes and was surprised to see the rider gear. So were they!! When we told them about Rider Mania being a Bullet MELA, ha-ha, our plan for the day was to ride till Gokarne, but Ishty the navigator had OM BEACH in mind. So we follow the ride coordinator and open the map in front of that beautiful waterfall. We had to cover another 180Kms to reach Gokarne and Shimoga was about 90 Kms away. The view was so nice that could not resist it and we rested there for 30Mins chatting with the French bulletiers. Weird day though!! Another Haryana registered Bull appears and this FIRANG was looking for some help. Our great chotu bhai with his generous attitude approached him. We helped him with OIL and some inflation issue, and he was stunned to see ISHTY KA INFLATOR. Well RIDERS CANT STAY AT ONE PLACE U KNOW, so we head out to gokarne. We were RIDERS ON THE STORM and we reach an amazing place (dunno what is the name of the place). It was very remote place; we tried to communicate with the villagers in sign language but to our surprise again local people speaking HINDI. And the best part is I see VADA PAAV there. We hungrily eat VADA PAV with chai. Wow!! What a relief. it made me feel homely. We took the directions and were looking for refueling options in a jungle area, which looked very unlikely. And guess what, another surprise not only we get a reliance petrol pump but also a SBI atm in a GAON area. Wow!! That was a civilization shock to me. We rest and refuel our bulls. We were about 80 Kms away from Gokarne and it was about to get pitch dark. All geared up for the night ride we hit the road again and reach shimoga right on time for our dinner. Ishty the food lover suggested we halt there. So we started looking for lodging options. We find a cozy place where we rest and watch TV(SOUTH INDIAN CHANNELS ONLY). We were so tired that we didn’t even know when we fell asleep. But the ALARMS were set to 5.30AM.




As the alarm started to ring, I could hear all abuse in the room. But after 10 mins we are awake and ready to rock n roll, that’s simply because of the previous day’s morning ride impact. We were hungry for more morning and chilling ride. Also looking at the advantage of early morning ride is that we can cover more kilometers and enjoy the chilled weather. So without even a breakfast we move ahead for more adventure. That’s because on a ride all things happen unexpected, we were hungry for more unexpected surprises. We take our break fast about 10 kms away where we eat vada pav again and to fill up eat some more roti bhaaji. Now with the stomachs full we head towards gokarne. We knew not much of kilometers to cover so we cruised easily and enjoyed the ride completely. Reaching gokarne was awesome. We touched the gokarne beach at about 4.30 PM and were looking for lodging options as we wanted to enjoy the beach.BUT!! ishty had some other idea in mind. We head towards OM beach about 20kms away from there.  For the first time in my life I do dirt biking on my bull. Really BAD!! Never do that. But guess what!! After the dusty ride we reach OM beach. One amazing virgin beach, blessed by nature to the best. Photographers will simply love this place. We ride till the road ends and we figure out that it’s a private area with no trespassing. We go to the beach and looking at the beautiful shacks we are fascinated. But to the misery we get to know from a localite that only firangs get accommodation in the shacks and not Indians!! This is what pissed me off. I went to a shack and enquired about the same. That guy asked me if I was an Indian. I said what difference it makes. He asked adamantly please answer my questions or else leave. I said I am not interested in living in such a SICK place with racial discrimination. If I wanted I could have taken the advantage of my chinky looks and got a room but I did not. May be at that time the Indian and the mumbaite in me revolted back. I told him to F*** off and shove the menu up his A**. We leave that place and with ishty’s condolence we head towards gokarne and find a BEAUTIFUL motel called BIKERS PARADISE fully loaded with psychedelic lights and wild muzik. We halt there and unload the baggage. Its evening time and we do some amazing photography of the sunset and head back to the motel to eat amazing PRAWNS and chicken curry. After the food and beer, music was on the house and ONLY my request was being played. That means ONLY ACDC+Doors+Led Zepp+Joe Satriani+Metallica. We have a rocking session and all asleep by 2.30am.




This was a day to rest and enjoy. It was 26th Jan and gokarne saw a small parade my school children. It was so nice to see school kids marching in and hoisting the Indian flag. That time I felt really respected and thought about the SHACK owner and felt pity for him being a STUPID ILLITERATE INDIAN. Today’s plan was to have fun on the beach and ride to Anjuna which was about 150Kms away. To my surprise I get a call from Sowrab and they were in Gokarne too. We meet up and smoke up and while ishty was back we all head towards OM beach. Wow what an amazing beach. We get as much TAN as we wanted and then get into the water. We see beautiful firang ladies in bikinis and are very tempted to talk to them. But being a nature lover I never got deviated. Me and Romesh (My Brother) we try some stunts in water. All the Inddiethumpers are in water and at that time we see a cow walking towards our beach gear. Haha we all hurry out of the water and shooooo the cow away. Haha what an experience it was. All were thirsty and wanted to head out to GOA for more fun. So we head back to the motel and have lunch and beer and head out to Goa. Touching NH17 was another wild experience. Amazing single lane road and we knew that this Highway is gonna get us home to Bombay; I felt homely and a little home sick too. But Inddiethumpers is also my family and that is the feeling that made me ride more and more. We follow the single lane road rules and ride across the karnataka border and reach goa border. We cross the border and reach a check post where the cops stop us for checking. Well who can afford a checkup when we are in a hurry to reach GOA for a beach party? We settle it with the cops with a Marlboro ka packet and head towards GOA. Well well well entering goa made me feel soooooooooooooo nice and amazing. I could smell the prawns and the beach from far away. As the night falls it becomes difficult to ride specially in GOA where we have lots of crazy riders on the road. We reach Calangute and start hunting for lodging options. To our sad part we don’t get anything till 11PM. After being very sad and tired finally Ishty comes up with a wicked place to stay at anjuna. And believe me no formalities we found a nice room where we 5 could sleep and keep our baggage safe. Well that’s all we wanted, that’s coz we have the party yet to begin. So at about 12.30 AM we start partying and go to a beach restaurant and there comes the unlimited flow of BEER,prawns and awesome sea food. Called home to say that I am safe and will be back soon. Updated Dada about the same and to my surprise I get a call from my gal saying that they too are reaching goa next day. She with her roommates were reaching GOA the next day.




Woke up late that day to start off brushing teeth with beer. Haha. Beer was served in breakfast and took bath with beer. I completely nourished my body with beer and quenched my thirst for beer. Wow the smell and taste of kingfisher simply gives me a high. Doesn’t it do to u?? Feeling very lazy to go out we sleep and just rest for the day. In the evening I am surprised to see my gal waiting out side our motel. They get their accommodation arranged. I introduce them to the rest of the thumpers. We all plan for an amazing next day ride. All gals are really excited to see the crazy thumpers and the BULLS. We all get drowned in Beer again and smoke up the desi ishtyle and enjoy the Goan trance muzik for the rest of the night.


DAY 11.

I wake up with a nice gentle kiss from my sweetheart. All of us are all set for the beach. Ishty plans a ride to fort AGUDA. We ride till the fort and gaze at the sun and reaching the fort was an experience of its own. We all do some photography and sun gazing there and head back to another virgin beach. We ride back to string beach which is one awesome beach. My gal feels weird me looking at naked ladies. Hahaha. We all have a great time on the lovely beach enjoying the sunset and sipping in beer. The plan for the evening was to go to flea market. We all anxiously ride to the market just to see lots of people in the market. Wow what a place maan!! In the center of the market a band is playing jazz and rock n roll i.e. only 70’s music. NO trance no bullshit. Window shopping has a great scope there but believe me you would not be in a position to resist the most weirdest thing you can find there.  Wow what a place it is. Can you imagine a place where u can sip in beer and smoke weed in public?? Wow how nice and pleasant it would be. Yeah dude we did that at the flea market. We saw some things ranging from antique watches to paintings to beads to hammocks to knives to food etc etc. It was time to go home as we all were too drunk and wanted to fall down and just snore the whole night with open mouth. We adieu good bye to the gals and right on time we happen to see ANU (Wanderlust Boy) and Bilal (fellow thumper). We all say good bye to each other and head back to the hotel just in time to catch up the much deserved sleep.


DAY 12. Back home to MUMBAI meri JAAN


Respecting the road is what I learnt from Inddiethumpers. And I do that religiously. If you have the will to do it no one on earth can stop u from it. We had Bombay about 280Kms away from us and equally busy road. We had to cover a lot that day that’s because we had to resume office the day after. No options left, just ride back home and by the way we had Bombay just a hop away from us. We start of from anjuna at 6am and refueling the bikes till the brim and head out on the road again. NH17 is ishty’s favorite I dunno why he likes it so much. May be because of the hilly terrain and the homely feeling a mumbaite gets on the road. we hit NH17 and I see a MH registered bike, wow felt so homely. Now I missed Bombay like anything, just wanted to go back home and share my ride experience with all my fellow thumpers. We rode and rode and rode until it was lunch time and we had reached swad restaurant. Eat food and finally had a BIG GLASS FULL OF SOLKADHI. Wow that was the energy drink in me that gave me a real Mumbai punch. Heading towards Bombay was not as easy as we thought. Infact entering any city is not a piece of cake. The traffic conditions can kill u some times. But as we were on NH-17 we see the ROADSHAKERS passing by in their unique style of riding in 2 lines. YES my friend u guessed it right ROADSHAKERS ride in 2 lines and that’s the reason I see the respect that they get on the ROAD. Well all share our thoughts and experiences of rider mania on the road and head back our destination. We made good friends on the road and ROADSHAKERS are one of the BEST of them. They ride off and we head back home and reaching Panvel at about 9PM. Finally we thumpers share our revolutionary JAADO KI JHAPPI and depart. Breathing in the polluted smoke made me feel homely. Haha. Really I am the weirdest chinky domicile of AMCHI MUMBAI.


Lesson learnt:

Togetherness is the key to great rides. You will make and meet great friends on the road. So keep on riding!!!



Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!

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