Finally, the day arrived for which I had been waiting for since a long time. 16th AUG 2019 morning 7:00 IST I was all set and ready for my second ride with the THUMPERS consisting of JICKSON, TATTU, NISHANTH, KIRAN AND BILAL. As planned, we met at Thane Viviana mall even though Bilal was late, he called up saying he will catch up soon. So, without further due we were locked and loaded to start our wonderful ride.

Tattu was our road captian and Kiran was tailing us. As we all know classic 350 can reach 120 kmph at max so me and kiran made sure we rode at that speed but maintaining steady momentum was a challenge and it was soo satisfying to know that we are capable to achieve that. I could hear the voice of the beast none other than the interceptor 650 closing on us that Nishanth was riding and he overtook us with ease It was one hell of a moment. With good riding good food is necessary so we stopped for our breakfast had some tasty missal pav, vada and dosa. We were able to track bilal he was still 25km behind us, but we planned to keep moving and took another break after one hour of riding. By that time bilal was able to join us. We made sure we took break after every 1 hour and it is said time goes fast when you do something we love. It was lunch time already we took a halt at the famous Rajasthani Dhaba. Again, had some tasty rotis and sev tamatars. We were full and all set to move again without breaking our rhythm. We continued to take break every 1hour so that we won’t exhaust ourselves and this worked wonderfully. At 5 pm IST we reached our destination comfortably to say our journey so far was smooth and fun. We had a greet session by the riders in Bhopal named “BORN TO RIDE”. They were looking vibrant and excited just like us which lead to us having a great time with everyone there with lots of singing and dancing. It was an awesome night. Well organised by the riders from Bhopal. Party ended by around 11 and all went to sleep. Good sleep after a long time was necessary.

Sat morning by around 9 all freshen up and ate poha. We explored the local toranmal spots with born 2 riders’ team. It was a fun day. Kiran tried interceptor. By the looks of it we were pretty much sure that Kiran would sell his bike and buy interceptor real soon. Not all moments were captured but we made sure that we still click as many selfies and photos to store this in our favourite memories with thumpers album. And party started again the evening. We were aware that we were on a schedule and had to get up early morning the next day, so we stopped after a couple of drinks have to say I felt like a gentlemen?.

Sunday mrng by 7 am we all saddled up and started our ride. We took a break after every 100 kms. Bilal and Tattu were leading and tailing. In every break bilal and tattu pointed if something wrong from our side happened while riding. Good feedbacks which all riders should take it in a positive way and improve. Motto is to Ride. But how safe u can ride. That’s important.

Overall, I would say I had done 2 rides with thumpers.
1.) Hedvi
2.) Toranmal

Both rides were the kind of memories I would cherish for a long period of time and I am looking forward for many more such rides!

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