Ride to Lonar

They say a thunderous roar of Lion is enough to send shivers down the spine of every breathing creature. What happens if it’s a Pride of Lion roaring all at once?

InddieThumpers – ‘men with the beast machines’ embarked on a journey this holi to the sleepy town of Lonar, Maharashtra. The place best known for its 50,000 years old crater and what is now also known as the summer hubs of the lovers of this mean machine – Royal Enfield.

The gang included Amit, Appu, Karna, Rahul,Malik, Punit, Yogi, Maakad, Prashant Prabhu, Sharang, Aziz, Joshil and Ganesh .

‘Gaddha Mania’ is the annual affair @ Lonar, where the Enfield lovers of various groups meet every year after holi. This year a total of 150 riders had roared in full throttle.

Thumpers destination was 500 kms away and they had planned to cover it in 2 days. The ride started from Thane with a sight of curious onlookers. The plan for the day was to reach Aurangabad (250 kms), take a night halt, grab a beer and get ready for the ride to Lonar the next morning.

It did not take us long to cross Kalyan & 2 hours later we were heading towards Malshej Ghat. That was also our 1st stop and the camaraderie between Thumpers called for a perfect Kodak moment. Few group pictures later we were all set to ride ahead.

Passing thru the serene and picturesque ghats, sliding thru its curvy and treacherous road is every riders dream. The ride to Aurangabad from Malshej was a smooth one. One can easily maintain an average speed of 80km/hour and ride ahead.

After a tiring day or a rather exciting day, everyone was keen on one thing…’grab a beer or two or three and a much needed sleep.

The next morning threw some surprises. While most Thumpers wanted to get some extended sleep and reach Lonar directly whereas some thumpers wanted to visit Ajanta caves. Appu refers them and himself as ‘young blood’.

That night when thumpers finally reached Lonar it was a sight of homecoming. It’s only after one has been a part of this; one realizes that its just not riding there is something else which binds them together. Of the entire bullet rider group that exists in India, one major thing which differentiates the thumpers from others is the feeling of brotherhood. No one is too big or too experienced to make anyone feel left out.

That night the thumpers celebrated AD’s birthday by tearing his jeans. Booze was flowing all around, plus the amazing sight of seeing Maakad laugh and laugh continuously! – it can easily put Navjot Sidhu and Archana Puran Singh of the world to shame! :-P

The next day, Saturday was basically a day to rest, to trek, to explore the place. While some preferred to stay back and catch up old friends. Some went ahead to explore the crater. The evening was really pleasant with the picturesque view of sunset treating everyone!

The drinks were on again! Anu started playing guitar and everyone joined him to give a perfect drinking chorus! So many of them, different place, different background, different jobs and different lifestyle – all coming together to for their love of ride! The night as usual ended with Maakad’s laugh-a-thon!

Heading back home after spending such an awesome time is always bound to throw up a nostalgic moment. Thumpers had already decided to start early considering the 500 kms journey to Mumbai was to be completed around sunset. Back on their wheels, the thumpers headed back. Every ride with them is a revelation, life in motion. It’s not easy to cover long distance unless one is passionate for it. And for that InddieThumpers patch on your jacket, one need to burn it to earn it! For they can rightly be called the “Iron Butt’

Iron Butt

On their wheels, miles they go,

Like the Nile, with a steady flow;
Through the terrains & mushy mud,
Hearts of metal, they are the Iron Butt.

Through the curvy ghats &
Amidst the jungle;
They ride along without a fumble.

With monsters vibe, they vroom through the sigh,
A devilish attitude, which says an eye for an eye.

They breeze through the dusk,
They move along the night;
With their face against the wind,
They overtake its colossal might.

The legacy of metallic souls,
They are the Iron Butt;
Where the wheels, heal the wounds,
They are the Iron Butt.




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