Rajmachi Rampage

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, i checked my cell fone after i woke up to see the missed calls and saw a crazy sms from my old pal BRUCE. It said “Rajmachi tommmorow!! Be there to have the real fun at 4pm”. i was a bit lazy to get my bike checked for the ride. After my morning shit (i.e. at 12 noon) i just visit the mech shop to get the mudguards fixed. I later got a call from hash at 3pm saying that am near new Bombay and i asked him to come to my friends place where met some old friends.

All except me thought that we have to be there on time, but non were aware that bruce was coming and it was obvious that we will be riding at IST. So in the meanwhile we head towards Kakaz place where he was resting after his crash. he ran over a dog killing the dog miserably and also hurting himself. So we reached panvel and met kaka and had a good time there. After about another 2 hours bruce finally showed up and again we had a great time talkin about old times. Now it was about 8pm and we head out towards lonavla. Reaching lonavla was like as always. we again gate crashed RK as usual, and as usual it was crowded. i dunno what frenzy people have staring at us!! i know we look weird but that does not mean u stare at us like that. After the food was taken care of, we start to ride towards rajmachi. We stock up our water contents and with loads of enthu ride towards the mad mad mad terrain.

We start of with cute turn towards rajmachi, i think that was the cutest and easiest of the all, after which the terrain started to look a bit dirty and off track. Also it was pitch dark, so the first obstacle was a big ass puddle, we all stop and smoke our ciggs and with our torches on, i went ahead to see how deep was it, we easily cross it to reach the next one. It looked like some rambo movie or some army training camp, every obstacle we pass, we get to see another one ahead. Now this was the place i had fallen before and i can never forget that, it was a downhill track full of rocks and water streaming through it. So one has no fuckin idea as to break or let go. Even if you break the bike won’t stop but you will fall for sure due to the water flowing down the small hill. So!! all we had to do was go with the momentum of the bike and get as much traction as possible, coz the breaks would not help anyways, be it drums or disk. it was one of the scariest downhill road, simplee coz i had once fallen on it, and it was wet, full of rock, no mud, no fukin grip. we some how got passed it and saw a huge stream of water ahead of us, now i could not even go ahead and see how deep it was, also ahead there was a small uphill rock climb, before i could wave guys to ride through, bruce went in and out of the huge stream and splashed a huge ball of water!! thats when i actually saw how deep it was, no down we had 3 bikes stuck. we get off the stream and stop for a sutta. The night was dark and the view was simply amazing!! once the headlights were off no one could see anything, but could just hear the bullshit talks and feel the smoke.

we rode ahead and now came a crazy climb, it was a double hairpin and a sudden 45 degree climb after that, if one has to do it, he has to do it in one go, or else a fall is for sure, not just a fall but the bike would tumble with u too. To make matters worse the hairpin had lots of muck on it and the climb had a small water stream running down. Bruce was leading and he rode ahead and all we could do was see him go up and the way he was struggling with the mech bike. Next was me and then ashish, i pulled the throttle like a whip and off went my bike. My bike was struggling for grip and traction due to muddy and rocky route. However with a bent footpeg and spilling air filter i reach after bruce. Now i ran down to help push the rest and see that ashishz bike was stuck in the middle. What we did was we positioned the bike right and pushed it ahead, this was one crazy exercise all of us had to follow to ensure the bikes were with us.

After the big ass climb came some more water streams and some scary mist, now it was raining, the bikes were struggling of grip and the last thing we wanted was zero visibility from the mist. we all stop for a smoke and chit chat, drink water, and we see these 2 glowing eyes in the dark. That was fuckin scary, but hey it was obvious that the wild animal ran away seeing at more wilder animals on their bikes. We again head out for another mammoth climb, which literally had no twists n turns but just a mad climb with stones and muck all over. we all climb up one by one and i eventually had to be stuck in the middle, i was very scared coz my bike was going back downhill inspite of the brakes on. The irony is that even if u have jammed ur brakes, the bike would still skidd down with the muck. We pushed my mad and dirty bike and in the meanwhile i could hear a bad sound, i shouted “kya hua”, someonereplied “bava is pukeing” we all were a bit worried. but later he said he is fine.

Now the view with the crazy torches were literally trippin me out, it was awesome with the mist on. It looked like the torch light was literally slicing the mist with the beam. It looked amazing. Now came the mother of all puddles. This one looked like a damn pond!! the muck was knee deep and we wanted to get through it. First one was obviously bruce who with lots of pushes went by!! Next was bava who refused to take the puddle route but go by the side. Now was the real fun, we went ahead and got stuck obviously, i ran towards him thinking the bike would fall and bava would get stuck. But guess what!! wench stood steady and bava got off his bike and the wench was still standing still in the muck. That looked damn funny but was not funny later when we had to pull his bike out. We had to pull his bike back and then push it out of the puddle. The same process was carried out for the rest too. this was the final one!! now we all take a much deserved break, drink lot of water and rest for quiet some time. rajmachi had some more tricks by its pockets, we now had storm with a puncture, this was the last thing we wanted and expected. we had no other alternative but to ride ahead till we reach rajmachi, coz all of us were very tired to change the tyre.

Just a few hops away was rajmachi!! reaching rajmachi was such a relief, it was 3.30am, we greedily washed our boots and the poor hotel guy was awake by our bikes. He offered us with some nice hot tea and some amazing jhunka bhakar. Later that night the beer and the joints did their works. we slept with some nice old funny kisseys and some mad bruce talks and lots of laughs.

I woke with shrek waking me up, it was nice to see shrek and yogi up at rajmachi, they too had rode at night to reach on top in the morning. It was a beautiful morning, and my back was killing me. First came the sutta and then came storms tyre. we replace the tube and thanx to ashish’s foot pump, we inflated it fine. Once done with some nice chai and biscuit the day began with a boom. We all decided to walk towards the pond and a beautiful temple beside it. It was amazing to see the temple again. I walked towards the pond and it was mesmerizing. It felt so peaceful. it just reminded me of old days, when all the mad animals had come and jumped in the pond. This time we were very dirty, so didnt take a chance.

After we came back we packed and started to move out. Geared up with the muddy clothes, and a heavy heart i leave rajmachi. It was a sad feeling to go back, but yes we had to. Now was the time to pass back the puddle, we had crossed last night. It was a mad mad mad experience, i got stuck in the muck so was bava and hash, it had some mad and bad experiences, we had some bike related problems but still we get ahead with nothing to stop us. Finally the big ass puddle had come and we crossed it some how and took our own sweet to to wash the muck off us. It was a crazy experience. I passed by the same place where i had fallen and it made me feel so nice to be back.When we saw the tarmac road, it was a sign of relief, we greedily ride towards the junction.

Now that we had reached the junction, we have our usual break for sutta and then we head out towards panvel. Bava complained that his headlight had some problem so he rushed fast and crossed the expressway and went down to khopoli. It was getting dark and everyone wanted to skipp the traffic, so we zoom by and reach panvel dattavada, with loads of vadapav in stomach, we sign off the ride. It was an amazing feeling to be back with such great memories and with such great friends.

I would like to thank Satya, Bruce, Ashish, Bava, Guru and Hash for the amazing ride and togetherness we Inddiethumpers always share!!



Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!

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