Pallav Dave

Loves travelling on bullet
My Bike: Electra 350 (OLD CROW)

In 1994 , first time I had a chance to ride the military Bullet of my Dad’s unit. I was just 17 years and with the first kick , the cylinder got a perfect spark…….. and it roared to life and I had my first ride.
As soon as I started my professional life I saved some money to buy my Bullet. By the time I could save enough money….I had dreams in which I was riding my bullet. I shared my dreams with my dad and the answer was “Go and book a bullet.” On 3rd dec 2002 I got my Electra 350 aka Old Crow.
I had my first solo ride from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in 2004. That first ride open up my mind soul and …A RIDER was born that day.
While I searched for Bullet clubs to ride with I got to know about InddieThumpers online and I applied for my membership. I did my first ride with the club in Oct 2006 to Goa. It was one of the best rides I had with the InddieThumpers , my first experience to ride in a group and experience brotherhood.
I have done some my most memorable rides attending Rider Manias , anniversaries, etc as a Thumper….and trust me once you ride with the Thumpers you would love to do the rides all over again.
Recently I had my Dream ride. In July 2012 I travelled some of the toughest terrains to Leh , Siachen and Kargil…and the Thumper flag flew high yet again.

Ride safe.

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