Now I know what bike riding is…..

My first ride with inddiethumpers was in the month of October 2013. It was to Dang forest Gujarat. That time itself it was final from my end that I will ride with them once my bike (Royal Enfield TB 350) is with me. I had been with the group as a pillion rider. The best part of the group is that, the rules and regulations they have for the members and guests are not to spoil the fun or to show off, but they are for their benefit and safety.

Finally the most awaited day of my life 15th January, 2014 had come. I was with my TB 350, riding back home in the evening.

From that day my plans of first ride with inddiethumpers had started. The ride was planned to Dapoli 22nd and 23rd of Febraury 2014 and I was very excited. The main planners of the ride and the mentors helped me out with all the required items for the ride.

Ride started in the morning on 22nd February at 5:45 AM from Marine Drive for me (alone). Since I was 15 min late by my time, I ended up reaching Panvel 15 min late 7:15 AM. Some of the thumpers were already at the venue and it was such a warm welcome for me, which made me feel that it is going to superb time of my life. Though people meet often, but they meet as if they are seeing each other after years and during every meet I have observed that. Cheerful morning…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it was the time for instructions for all the members. We were given proper riding instructions. All the instructions were in accordance to the rules of driving, so there was no question of objection, but the best part to it was for thumpers they were just not the instructions, rather they were making sure that we as new riders are following it properly. Kudos to this discipline!!!!!!!!!!

We started from Panvel, the group got separated in 2 parts not as per the plan, but as per the speed… J I was falling somewhere in middle, but this is another point where I felt that rules are not meant to kill the feeling of a rider. Therefore all were allowed to ride as per their capacity. Kudos to this freedom!!!!!!!!!!

At a certain location there was a left turn, so coordinators were taking all the efforts to make sure all the riders are on the same route. We waited there about 15 minutes to make sure all are on the same route. Kudos to this responsibility!!!!!!!!

We waited at a location just to take rest and some people like me started roaring for hunger… J So, it was time for everyone to go for brunch. We ended up having lunch and breakfast both at the same time and all the people with the need of food or without the need of food agreed to this plan. Such a cool crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now all of us were energetic enough to reach to the end location without any stops. Our bikes also had the similar kind of roaring. But but but…. It’s the time to take photos, so again after a good ride of some KMs we waited on a bridge for an adult J photo shoot.

After this now we were damn sure of no stops…. But…. You never know that it’s the time for a nice fall. Well, who??????????????


Of course.

A sharp curve, sorry!!!!!!! A curve, which was not straight. I had nice skit fall, which had almost broken my front light glass, the holder of it and many more. Again sorry!!!!!!!! Not my but my bike’s. What about me then?????? I was all fine. Joshil saw this fall from bike mirror, so he got a chance to enjoy it. Others came later, but the first to reach to me was Chintan. Now comes the best part of thumpers, they never hit you hard. The way I was treated during my fall, hats off to thumpers for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was asked by almost all the people if I am all fine and in position to ride. Some of the people actually showed their concern, but at the same time motivated me to move further. Some people asked me a reason to fall, but others pushed them behind by changing the topic to fun. Hey, that’s not all, some of them congratulated me and welcomed me to the group. I am not saying all this is right, but what I am saying is it motivated me to ride in proper way and without fear. Kudos to this understanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now finally we have reached the location and we have parked our dear bikes at one location and we have gathered at beach for fun time. At every half an hour we changed the game, but we made sure everyone is having fun. Again kudos to the liveliness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The coordinators made sure of my food availability as I was jain and could not manage to eat what they had ordered. I thank inddiethumpers for being so courteous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Late evening to mid night or more than that time, I am not going to talk about that as I prefer to keep it a big secret, but it is that part of my life, which will always bring smile on my face.

Next day morning, 23rd February, was very talkative and full of fun. We had tea at the beach and breakfast with the planning of next ride. It was fun listening to their conversation, as there is no secrecy maintained or no differentiation of new rider and old members. All are treated equally. Kudos to the transparency!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it’s time to leave for Mumbai, so all of us started getting ourselves and bike ready. J

I noticed my bike petrol tank button is pointing to off, so I changed it to on. After a while one new rider was not able to kick start his bike, but he did not notice the petrol key change, so he had to pay for it. Who has done that??? That’s still a secret.

From here I think now I am absolute changed rider, my confidence has increased with a note of discipline and carefulness. This I learnt not because of the fall, but the motivation that was given at the time of my fall and the questions that were asked to me after reaching the location like “why did I speed up” Thank you for making me a better rider, I look forward to be the best rider with you all.

Unfortunately my destiny and priorities ask me to hold off here. I may not be able to ride this long distance any more, but whenever I will get an opportunity, my preference would be to ride with Inddiethumpers.
Riddhi Shah.

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