Murud with Inddiethumpers

It was time to ride once again. We all mumbaites wanted a much needed break from the pollution and busy life of the city. we are riding to a much nearer place this time and it was kashid and murud beaches.

Thumper List:


Rajiv n Wife {Vanquisher}

Kaka {Red Hawk}

Dada {Whispering Thunder}

Yash {Red Hot Bullet}

Bilal {Metal Head}

Dino {Widow Maker}

Rajesh Kushte {Red Bull}

Shyamal {Trailblazer}





Amit Deshmukh


The ride was supposed to start in 2 batches. One batch in the morning and the other in the afternoon. This was done due to some job commitments. The morning batch included Rajiv and Wife, Bilal,Myself,Rajesh,Amit, Milind, Guru and Aseem.we started at 8.30AM IST(Inddiethumper Standard Time). The day was hot and we greedily rode away from the city and took a small refueling halt at panvel. Now we take the NH-17 and riding towards vadkal. It’s a nice morning and sunny though, but yeah we rode continuously till vadkal where we took our first break for breakfast. It was hot so what else can be better then sipping in some chilled KOKAM SHARBAT. I had amit sitting right beside me, so obviously we had to order big!! Eventually we ended up ordering 14 KOKAM sharbats for 8 of us with some crispy bhajiyas.


We ride on and take a right toward alibaug from where we were supposed to ride toward kashid and murud respectively. Amit was heading and Rajiv was tailing. It was really hot and we needed a much deserved halt as it was 12.30 PM and so we take a turn and halt at “aswaad” restaurant for tea. This place has a beautiful tree in the veranda underneath which we parked our bikes and took a swing in the swing under the tree. We were waiting for the Batch 2 guys to come as the destination was hardly few Kms away from us. I hear a very similar bull thumping by and see MetalHead. We whistle to stop Billu and he too joins us. Bilal has started a little late from Bombay as he didn’t wake up on time. We took our regular nicotine breaks and had a chat for quiet a time. Rajiv called Kaka and Dada to check where they were. It was almost lunch time and the Thumpers were feeling hungry. As per the discussion we could not find proper lunch at kashid so we decide to ride to MURUD for lunch.


Ride to murud was a crazy one. It was through a BUMPY+Narrow+Congested road and crazy views of the beach. Kashid was just 3 Kms away from our location. So we reach there and see that it being crowded. We plan to ride ahead as we all were hungry. We now reach MURUD where all the Hungry Thumpers park and meet another Thumper there, ZICO. We head toward the Hotel where we the regular masti was on. After some time we hear more Bulls roaring. Its Dada and Dino and the rest of the gang. Wow what a meet up it was. A grand food festival with much deserved beer for Lunch. Post Lunch we just unpack our Baggage in the nearby hotel Rajiv had booked for us.


Me and Bilal just take a small sneak peak and escape with our Tents for camping. We ride to a beautiful location where we get an amazing view of the MURUD FORT and the SUNSET on the right. We plan to tent there, but Rajesh and Amit suggested asking the locals if it was OK. Rajesh and Milind ride towards the village for enquiry and come back saying that there is no camping permission here. We pack back and ride back to the Hotel depressed. It’s Dark now and the Sun had set. We unpacked and I could see Dino and Yash were already rocking hard. I joined them and we all had a great time joking and blabbering around. It was time for Dinner and lazy Dino was at his best pulling legs. We walk toward the restaurant for dinner and again there is BIG food fest, after the dinner we decide to take a walk on the beach. We all being a little drunk and the full MOON night was simply calling for the same. We walk till we are tired and head back to the hotel by about 1.30 AM. We were sweating so wanted to cool down. Billu suggested a small ride at night towards Kashid. We ride and come back and fall fast asleep.


Next day was a great day to start off, all geared up and packed up. We head towards Kashid for the beach view and breakfast. Wow what a breakfast we had, as usual a ROYAL ONE. We head back toward Bombay and a in the meanwhile Yash suggested we riding off road via PEN toll Naka which would Join Belapur directly. We take that road and was awesome, some roads were very narrow for even 3 bikes to ride but some were really broad. After riding for quiet a time we reach Belapur (Uran Phata).


We all adieu good bye to each other the Inddiethumper ISHTyle.



Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!

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