Murud 2004

The Murud ride was a really cool one, some incidents with regards to bikes,
an accident, and some really excellent and equally bad roads, along with a
lot of fun and good spirit.

I guess we have all been waiting for someone to post the write up so here

The ride started on Saturday morning for me, with buying chicken and
preparing the marinade and all other things to go with it. Dev’s driver
arrived in the morning to collect all the stuff. Once I had done the rounds
with him and loaded all the stuff in the jeep, it was off to pick up my
better half, Nicola and then meet the other thumpers at Dharavi.

I rode down to Bandra and after getting Nicky, moved on to Dharavi and meet
the guys. They all arrived at the regular Inddiethumpers Stretchable
Time……….. But kudos to Behzad who actually arrived before 4 pm, I guess
since he had a pillion, he was keen to make an impression. We were then
joined by Rasik, Anup Shetty and pillion, Ajay, Sachin and Rhea and Kunz.
Dipesh Saw and Milind were waiting for us around the corner. While we were
waiting at Dharavi for the others to turn up, apna Rasik was on the phone
telling people that we were staying at the Golden Svan, (that’s the way he
pronounced it….hee hee hee……not his fault, we all know he is like that
only……) After we all had a hearty laugh at his expense, we decided to move

Dev and Pooja bhabhi were waiting for us at Diamond Gardens in Chembur. When
we got there, we had a few mini Mangolas, and then had to wait till the
thumpers finished their agarbattis, (suttas to us illiterate ones) till we
left. We rode on to Vashi toll naka where we met up with the other thumpers,
Rahul, Lima, Dilip, Nix, Nix’s better half, Mukund, Trinie, etc…….. We were
about to leave and then realised that we had to wait for apna Circus

On this topic, Saurabh wasn’t going to join us for the trip because his
mother didn’t give him the permission to go. He then resorted to what all
the girls are famous for, and started crying in front of his mum,………just try
and imagine the sight of him crying……..hee hee hee…….. Anyway, when he told
us that he would be there in a few minutes, we believed him coz we all know
how he rides.

We then left the toll naka, and took the Palm Beach road, man, its one
amazing stretch of road, its wide and so smooth, was really fun riding that
stretch. We headed out towards Panvel and then took the road that leads
towards Vadhkal. As usual, we had a few brothers who shot off and then
waited for us just after the toll naka. We all reached there and waited for
the others to join us. While we waited, our brothers brought out the
agarbatis again, and we waited for our dear Trinnie to join us. As soon as
he stopped and got off his bike, he came charging at us, hurling abuses for
riding so fast. Guys, you have to experience it to believe it, having
Trinnie swear at you just makes you want to burst out laughing and keep

On this topic, we at the club have renamed Trinnie’s bike to “Catch Up”,
since he is our lone ranger who religiously rides at 60-70 kph and keeps
joining us at every stop.

We then headed on from there, and decided to meet up at Vadhkal, not for
chai and snacks, but for stocking up our booze. We got there and all of us
filled up with the quota for the night. The road from Vadhkal onwards till
the Ispat factory was a real back breaker. But after we passed the factory,
the road was beautiful, riding in the dark, looking up at the stars in the
sky, with a cool breeze in our faces, it made all the bumps worthwhile. As
we headed out towards Murud from Alibaug, there was another bad stretch and
then we decided to take a break and rest our butts.

We stopped at a turnoff and then Sachin rode up with a problem with his
bike. His bike kept missing and shutting off, so he had to keep starting the
bike again and again. Hearing this, Trinnie and I swung into action, trying
to show off that we knew something about how to start a bike, we checked and
found out that the spark plug was not generating an even spark and came to
the conclusion that the spark plug was gone. Luckily Trinnie had a spare one
and we changed the plug and Sachin’s bike started. While we were doing all
this, we were passed by Vernon, Chermaine, Subbu and his wife. They went on
up ahead to catch up with the first group.

While we were doing all this, tragedy struck ahead, one of the bends on the
road towards Murud was a sharp hairpin turn and was also on a steep descent.
Ajay realised that a bit too late and tried braking, unfortunately he was on
some gravel and his bike skid and he went for a fall. All of you’ll who have
read the mails know that Ajay has suffered multiple fractures and the bike
has got bent forks. Wel, the other thumpers riding with him all stopped and
after ensuring he was alright, arranged to have his bike taken to the
resort. This is what we thumpers stand for when we say that we are brothers
who ride together, no matter what other people have to say, this is the
truth. There is no way that we will leave any brother or his steed behind,
no matter what the problem may be.

Anyway, while we were on the way to Murud, Sachin leading as we were worried
about his bike breaking down, we came upon a lovely deserted stretch of road
which was fun and really tranquil. The tranquility was broken by Dev riding
up at full speed honking away telling us we had taken the wrong road. We
didn’t feel bad because the ride was really pleasant. Anyway, we headed back
with Dev in the lead and then we got onto the right path and the ride was
really beautiful.

We reached the toll naka at Murud where we were told by the locals that one
of the bullets had met with an accident, we all thought it might have been
apna Circus, especially after the “Now you see me, now you don’t” stunt on
the ghats of Mahab……….hee hee hee…that was fun…..

We got to the resort and then realised that Ajay had an accident, and we
inquired about his health and his bull. After that, we broke out the booze
and the barbeque, and the fun started. As usual, all of you know how we
party, and it was a blast. Everybody broke out their booze and we had a
blast……and it wasn’t soon before the wickets started falling……….

The first to go was Kunz, after just two bottles of beer, he was stoned, he
was talking all gibberish, thanking me for feeding him paneer, and wanted to
ride his bike in the night, which we all gave him a good sounding off too
and hid his keys.

The second wicket was that of apna Circus, he claimed he drank a lot, but we
knew he didn’t, and he was walking around like khopdi of Nukkad fame, and
then like in Gorai, he was off to bed soon.

The entertainment for the night was provided by the system in Subbu’s car,
which he turned off later, because he was worried his car wouldn’t start in
the morning. The food was the barbequed chicken and sausages. At this
point, I would like to thank Pooja bhabhi, who worked all the way through
dinner, and all the girls who helped in cutting the onions, and also Nix for
helping skewer the sausages. Somehow, I got the feeling he enjoyed fiddling
with the sausages……hee hee hee….. Also want to thank Dilip Bhau for taking
over the chef’s cap and letting me have a blast too.

While all this was happening, I had taken a head count and realised that 2
heads were missing, and then I was informed that Behzad and his pillion were
busy………. For further details, contact Circus, who acted his usual naughty
self and tried to take a peek………

Behzad emerged at around 1 am, and ate up every piece of chicken in sight, I
wonder why he was so famished….. Bawa, care to shed some light on

The party went on and at around 2.30 am, we heard the thumper honk, and who
should it be but our very own Bittu and Jaya. This gave us another reason to
start drinking, like we needed one………… Jaya had brought along some cheese
dip which was amazing and we hogged on it and some lays wafers. While we
were sitting and boozing, I told the guys that in college all my friends
used to tease Nicola by telling her that she would have to change her name
to Nicolinder Kaur after we got together. So everyone including Bittu, jaya,
Rahul, Lima, etc started pulling her leg.

At around 4 am, Dev, Rahul, Lima, Jaya, Bittu, Nicolinder and myself went
for a walk on the beach. It was amazing, there were so many stars and the
moon was in a lovely crescent shape. It was a clear night and we had a blast
looking at the constellations. While we were there, we started talking about
aliens and other life forms and we discussed the fact that there had to be
life beyond earth. Rahul went on to cite some research facts and we started
talking about Area 57 in Utah desert, and so on…… While we were talking
about aliens, we brought back memories of the alien encounter of the third
kind between Bittu and a little cockroach in Rasik’s house, we all know that
the cockroach won that round…..hee heee hee ……don’t bash me up bittu

We got back to find out that there was a heated discussion on RM05 and we
don’t know what happened after that, but I’m sure they must have reached
some decision.

At 5am, Circus decides to come out, and goes banging into the walls while
walking like khopdi again, and went to take a leak, while he reached halfway
down the path, his pants were halfway down his butt and he was leaning on
the post while emptying his tank. He came back and after banging into a
couple of walls again, he say rasik and gave him a hug, then gave me a hug.
We then whacked him and told him to go back to bed.

At 6am, Dilip decided to leave as he had some commitments at home and Rajesh
rode back with him. We then went to bed and woke up at 9.30. Then the fun
started again.

We guys went to the beach, Pooja bhabhi and Simran were in the sea the whole
day. Trinie, Behzad, Shaheen, Nicolinder, Me, and a few others went to the
beach and into the sea.

Dipesh, Rasik and a few others had to leave in the morning, and soon after
they left Ranjeet turned up with his better half. When he got there, we were
ready to go and then we went to Janjeera beach to see the fort. After we
came back, we loaded Ajay’s bike in a tempo and we all puished off.

We had an amazing lunch at Alibaug, where we spent an hour stuffing
ourselves. We then left for home and reached home without any more
incidents. Only Sachin ran out of fuel in Panvel and that was sorted out

On the way back, Sachin, Rhea, Kunz, Nicola and myself went to Carters and
met up with out other brothers before we all went our separate ways.

We all had a blast on the Murud ride and are all looking forward to have the
next ride. I would just like to thank everyone who came for the ride and
made it a real fun ride. A special thanks to Dev and Pooja Bhabhi for
helping with everything.

Look forward to having another ride with you guys soon with even more fun.


(Pride & Pride II)

The only thing God meant Man to ride after a Woman is a BULLET!!!!

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