Mahabi 03

Malik ( Copper bike )
-The best v left quite close our planned schedule ,breaking the IST
routine .
-Thanks to rasik,gautam ,rohan to join for the skates !
– music on my fm radio with the Thumps was really cool + the mini
punjab Discothque , it was a ball !
– these massive figures , 33 bikes , 51 heads , 144 eggs , 30/35 kg
chicken , an ocean of Liquor! man we could set an island ,ppl from
varios stream n industries . . . man we set up an island
named “Inddie thumpers-land ” !

Daman(Silver 500)
-We left on time for the first time(WOW!!) and moreover reached on
time too(WOWOWOW!!!), that shows what an India-Pakistan match can do
even to the lazy thumpers.
– Ripped on the Goa highway with Rasik just before the ghats.. must
be doing 125+… got scared a bit and cut back the throttle after
some time, fantastic thing about a 500 is that the engine does not
get stressed even if u run it for long distances at very high speeds-
unlike 350’s
– Had a ball watching the match with the room jampacked,playing
cricket and later dancing away with all the blokes in Mini Punjab
Disco 🙂
-Let me correct those figures a bit-33bikes,1 car,52 heads,35kg
chicken,litres of daaru,3kg rice,144 eggs and a whale of a time!!!
and esp thanks to Dinesh,Amal and all the other guys and girls who
helped cook the lovely dinner and breakfast
-turned out pretty cheap trip 350 rs-for 2 days stay and food!!!
thanks to the number of people
-The fight which happened was bad(no one would want to mention this
but i would), no such mishappenings in the future will happen..well
see to it
-The 500 went on 4th gear most of the way up the mahabelshwar
ghats!!.. only time i had to down a gear was when i had to cut speed
to wait for people following me
-All in all a lovely trip, thank to all you guys who came and made it

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