Mahab – Bhor Ride

The Ride –> Mumbai – Mahableshwar – Panchgani – Wai –
Bhor -Mahad – Mumbai

The Time –> Started – Saturday 17th May 4:00 am
End – Sunday 18th May 11:00 pm

The Running –> 650 kms total.

The People –> Zenosh , Zubin , Hanoz

The Time Spent –>

16th Fri-
Came from office ,and had a huge task of packing for 2
days of wilderness.But since I had a checklist of what
to carry , it took little above 2 hours to pack the
whole bag.
Then at night all 3 of us went to fill up air and

17th Sat-
Got up at 2:45 am ,and spoilt the sleep of other 2
also(Zubda / Hanzy).Had a bath and a cup of tea to
wake me up from slumber.We all met at my building ,all
set and ready to go by 4:30 am , after doing all the
packing on our bikes.
It was an uneventful ride until the Pune express way
junction , where there was some work going on the road
so it was dug up. I did not see it and went totally
off road. Lucky not to looze my balance . So thats
when we took our first rest.

After this it was Panvel – NagaThane – Mahad –
Poladpur. It was around 150 kms of good riding through
the Mumbai Goa highhway. It was surprising to see so
much greenary on some stretches of the highway.At 1
such point we even took out our sleeping mats and
slept for a while , to catch some much needed sleep.I
dont know if anybody has experienced this – There are
some brick kilns along the highway , and when the
bricks are being baked – there is a typical smell
comming out of it. I am really addicted to that smell
of the brick kilns. It really takes me on a temporary
high and reminds me of the rides done in various
conditions. 🙂

We take left from Poladpur for Mahableshwar. Now the
real fun begins , since I had never been to this
region before.The Mahab ghat was not all that
difficult , but it was dug up at many places, so
really needed to keep our eyes open for on comming
traffic. I really like driving through the ghats
rather than just ripping on straight roads, since on
the ghats u really need to be 1 with the bike to take
those curves with good speed , and I like to be with
the mountains.

After some 30 kms we reached Mahableshwar. Since we 3
had never been to Mahab before , we started a whirl
wind tour . Visited Sunset point , Polo Ground ,
Elephants head . U should really visit Polo Ground, if
interested in doing some bike stunts. I personally
dont do any thing crazy on my bike except riding with
my hands off the handle . But Hanoz went crazy with
all the open space. He started doing 360’s ,wheelees
etc etc …

After this we went in search of a cheap restaurant
(Mayur Graden ), where we had veg thali.
We had decided to see the Koyna lake , so headed
towards Tapole Village , which is the last one on the
Mahab – Tapole road. Koyna lake was not all that
exciting , but the Mahab Tapole road was. It was a
very small winding road around 40 kms , surrounded by
thick forest in some places .
It was already 5:00 pm , so decided to hunt for a camp
site along Mahab Tapole road.

We had already been riding for 300 kms,through 50 -60
kms of ghats ,and I had reached my limit.
I knew that when I lost balance twice, on my bike
while taking small U turns. It may have been due to
the heavy luggage put on top of the seat, highering
the CG of the bike.
We found a good clearing and thought of pitching the
tent here , on the Mahab Tapole road.

Now it seems that our troubles had just begun. After
setting up the tent , we started unpacking our luggage
, to prepare for dinner. When unpacking I discovered –
-> 1 leg of the stove had broken , maybe due to the 2
falls I had.
-> The cooker whistle had dismantelled , and after
some searching we found the nut and put it back.
-> All the tomatoes we had brought for cooking were
spoilt and were smelling very good :-(.
Luckily I had got a lot of accessories this time , and
so we fixed up the stove with the Jute rope.
It was already 8:00 pm. We started preparing some rice
, mixed with vegetables , hoping it would come out
eatable from the cooker. Had the half kacha rice – but
after a days riding even that felt like a very good
dish :-). After having dinner we started dumping all
the things in the tent and went to sleep at around
10:30 pm.

18th Sun-

Got up to the sound of birds chirping at around 7:00
am. Did some TP , made a good breakfast of Coffee and
Noodles. The noodles were the best we had ever made on
such a trip. Some cooking expertise from Hanoz /Zubin
came to my rescue here.
All the luggage was packed off by 10:00 am. We all
started cleaning our bikes for the long ride to Mumbai
via the Bhor area of around 350 kms, as if by cleaning
them we would avoid some sort of mishap or bad
luck:-). Thats when one of the horns broke off. I was
lucky because in Electra we have twin horn , so I just
disconnected the broken one and put it in my bag.

Our Plan was to go via Panchgani , Wai , Shirwal ,
Bhor , Mahad , Mumbai.It was a totally new route for
me so was pretty excited about it.
It was a boring ride till Panchgani through crouded
streets. We saw the table land ( Not very excting )
because it was so much exploited that there was no
natural beauty left .There again Hanoz was upto no
good , and tried a couple of wheelies.
After this we decided to just ride and do nothin else
, since approx 300 kms of riding was there to be done
to reach mumbai.So it was continous riding from
Panchgani – Wai – Sherwal.
-> The Panchgani to Wai Ghat was one of the best I
have seen in terms of road condition and the
curves(Pasarni Ghat).
-> Also the Wai Pune road was really good, kept a
descent 100 kmh for quite some time , leaving Zub and
Hanoz on their Caliber /Splender behind. There’s a big
tunnel which comes on this road. What an adrenaline
rush it was driving through this tunnel for almost a
minute with the Thumping of my Bull.

We took some rest before starting the remote stretch
of the Bhor Mahad road.We also wanted to enjoy this
Ride since Apna RedLoner had recommended it to us.
This was a dream ride for me. Passing through Small
villages , Rivers , Really thick forests , and the
main thing – almost 50 kms was all ghats. We took
almost 3 breaks in this 50 kms to enjoy this region.

Then it was Mahad. Now we were really in a hurry to
reach home. So it was Ripping all the way to Pen . Had
dinner. Then Ripping all the way to home. Reached at
11:00 pm , and Sleeeeeeeeeeeep.
And as usual went to office half day :-).

Thus ends one of my best rides on my Armoured Saint.

Lessions Learnt –>
1) Always keep a check list handy so that even when
packing in a hurry , u dont forget essential things
when u going on a camping trip.
2) Carry handy sleeping mats ,so that when sleepy u
can just spread them and catch some sleep , when on
the road. It really freashens u up. Do not drive when
sleepy. I have some examples where people have gone of
to sleep while riding and accidents do occur.
3) Dont wait for somethng to happen , STOP when tired.
No records are being set when we are on a ride.
3) Carry a general purpose kit of eg. Jute rope ( Not
very thick – should be easy to tie knot .) , Plumber
tape , Electric tape , Candles …..



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