Lonar 2008

Auranagabad – First Day 350kms

Lonar -Second Day – 230 kms
Mumbai -third day – 580 kmsThis was the plan in mind when we started off from our house on the morning of 21st march 2008 for our (me ,wifey – to be soon named Tappet and Rocker)first ever long ride on the Bullet (hereafter BULL).We started at 5:30 on the Panvel highway and just after crossing highway toll office ,we found few people on Bullets waiting and the glorious inddiethumpers flag on the same.

Daaku was on the bike and was asking us,if we knew the way to Panvel Duttwada ,where we were all to assemble.

Finally after half an hour all of us assembled at Duttwada Panvel – I ripped my bike in the early morning at speeds of 80 with fellow thumpers.

After check up by Andy ,checking fuel , oil and other necessities we all started with a flagship sound of five honks – p p ppp,which later on became so very well associated with our lives

We had just crossed the panvel outskirts and reached the ghats and on the ghats my bike refused to go on and stopped at a very awkward turn and din’t start , only Daku was with me and he had to call back Billoo for help who were the tail riders.

Billoo quickly offered helped and picked up Sirisha bcoz my bike was not offering power to take us both up on ghats and i Rode single till RK’s dhaba on he highway.

We stopped at the dhaba to allow my engine to cool down as ,there was smoke coming from it.

I offered Billoo to back-off and go back home – but Billoo said one thing that changed the way i would live my life for those three days ,probably rest of my life- you are our problem ,don’t worry we ‘ll go together and comeback together.

We started off from RK towards Charkand only to see my bike refusing to start some 17kms away from Charkand.Billo quickly opened his toolkit and tried everything including cleaning the CARB . JET and THE SPARK PLUG,but the problem was somewhere else it was in the tappet ,which we realized when the mechanic from Charkand came to help us….He was a magician…he came did his ritual of praying and touched the bike.It looked like it wud start and it indeed did :),I was told not to ride above 70 for next 80kms and then take a 15 minute rest.

we started from there and the next destination was the Indraprastha Dabha where Chinky and another fellow thumper would be waiting for us…The bike jost rode fine without any problems and we all decided to stop at a Dabha for some tea and getting fresh.

Our next stop was the Indraprastha hotel which we reached by 3:30 p.m and our hopes of reaching Aurangabad by 3p.m so as to go to Ellora were wasted in vain.We all decide to spend time in the hotel and move around Aurangabad that day.

My bike again refused to start and everybody tried to make it start again in vain , and we had to call another mechanic to loosen the tappet ,and that was it I was renamed TAPPET by the Thumpers and I proudly accepted it.
If it was not for my tappet ,my bonding in the group would have been very normal ….but i bonded very well ,only due to the tappet.

We then safely reached the Aurangabad tourist house and decided to call a mechanic ,the fucker was drunk and said that my engine had seized -> but Billoo sensed sthg wrong and told him that we would call him if we required him.
NExt day morning Guri Praji…saw the bike and ask me to start the bike ,the bike start in one kick in the morning and he said that there is no problem with the bike ,just change the oil and start..and offered me to pray to Siddhivinayak , a locket in his neck ….The bike stopped only once after that and then we reached mumbai without anymore stops.

Our next destination was LONAR ,the third largest crater on the planet earth ,1.8 kms in diameter.

on the way we stopped over at a dhaba and had some nice tandoori stuff…..The dhaba had distances to various places on the menu instead of eatable items.

We reached Lonar by 5p.m – although the distance was less ,there were few problems on the ride , one of our fellow thumpers had crashed and broke his hand and he had to be safely sent back to Mumbai.Also we stopped over at lots of places just for enjoying the nature….
It rained heavily at Lonar and it was a picturesque view.Wanderers from Hyderabad ,Wanderlusts from Nagpur and Highway Nawabs from Hyderabad had joined us at Lonar…

WE had a good session in the night and it became a mini Rider Mania – we called it the Gadha mania.And it was the end of a beautifully spent three days before the final IRON BUTT RIDE From LONAR to MUMBAI 590 kms – LOHE KI GAAND as it was called in Hindi.

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