Jerry Phillipsz

Hi mi Jerry Phillipsz..Lad from Mumbai meri jaan.goan madrasi raskala ..umar 18104 days till date..Born with a passion for biking and riding safeed jooth rascals…picked up my first bike in 1984 and since then I was passionate towards biking and was introduced to Inddie Thumpers in 2010.My first ride was to Astay Vinayak and since then I’ve been riding … n so on enjoying the Guud ann de Bad roads …sorry no potholes experiencing,only assholes ;).My memorable ride was in Jan 2013 hitting towards Shillong RM and then covering a distance of 12500 KM including two cross countries in 50 days on road raskals.
The next ride waiting for the roads to be completed Mumbaiya  to MARS.  ya maer yana solre raskala.Yena Macha no big deal Macha Wok Ke apdi apdi.
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