Independence Day Ride

I was stuck in office as usual till 2am. had about 4 hours of sleep and was ready for the customary independence ride through the city.
I reached Bandra reclaimation to find a solitary Avenger waiting. It was this chap Rohan had warned me about. Soon we were joined by Bruce, Ashish and memory fails me as to who the third guy was… (lack of sleep and 16 hour workdays do that)

Soon most of the gang was there… Anup, Satya, Abbas, Keve, Siddharth, Lloyd, aarrrgh who else … fuck i m sorry guys… just cant recall the names.

We set off towards gateway at about 1015am but then we thumpers cant ride straight can we? We just had to buzz the RE showroom.(blame Satya… he awakens the keedas in my ass) we ride through the sparse holiday morning traffic and enter the RE showroom lane through the wrong side…. all 13 of us… the RE ride still had not started and we get open jawed stares by all…. Satya with his single baffle loudspeaker for a silencer and Abbas and Lloyd with their fishtails…. we were LOUD… FUCKING LOUD. Now it would be all nice to stop and shake hands but we cos we r Thumpers ride past with a wide grin on our faces not realising that we were going the wrong way on a one way street. Sure enough we find cops at the end of the lane… “bhenchod padu… Bhagaa” that came almost simultaneously from my and satya’s mouth as we sped off. Lucky for us they thought we were with the RE chaps and didnt stop us.

We continue to Gateway and find the place crowded with tourist buses and (what else) tourists.

we find a place to park and stop for some tp and smokes, wondering what happened to the RE chaps and thinking of their faces…. heheehehehe… soon we hear the rumble of enfields et voila there they are the guys riding with RE. They were good but we were better.
We did go over to meet em just to show that there are no hard feelings… met a few of our chaps and saw some new bullets.
Still we looked better than them…..

Now Gateway isnt big enough for 2 groups of motorcyclists so we being the better lot move on to better things…. OLYMPIA…. FOOOOOOOOOOOOD… we were all famished and craved sustenance…. after a lot of food we were kinda lost as to what we need to do next…. Leopold across the street was tempting but we knew they wouldnt serve us alcohol that day… infact it was hard to think beyond the lovely beer across the street so we decided to ride to Marine drive to chill in the cool air….

Stayed there for a while and moved to metro to catch a movie… nothign good there…. so we went to eros…. what luck… rush hour 3 starting in 40 mins…. it was decided that we ll watch it….  now the thing about these old cinemas is that they are dirt cheap… Rs 60 for stalls and 80 for the balcony as compared to 180 and 200 at the multiplexes… even the popcorn was cheap…. whatte fun…… i was so glad i slept through half the movie…… nice zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

that was it guys…
have to end this abruptly… its 1am and i still have a shitload to finish b4 i head home…..

we had fun…. all those who couldnt make it…. too bad.

Behzad Gazder & the Ebon Wench
(BLC 257)

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