Inddiethumpers @ Panchgani

It was time to ride once again, the riding bug was dormant for quiet a long time and it had to tickle. This time we were riding to Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani.

Thumpers on the ride:

1:Bilal(Metal Head)

2:Ishty(Night Rider)

3:Kaka(Red Hawk)


5:Rajesh(Red BULL)


7:Vikram Goyal

8:Amit Deshmukh


I reach at 5AM and am not surprised to know that am the first guy to reach on time. After about 10 mins i hear a very familiar thumping sound and what a surprise it was to see Billu brother with METAL HEAD. Metal Head looked as beautiful and appealing as ever.

We meet at 5.30AM Sharp IST(Inddiethumper Standard Time) we started riding at 6AM and we also had some coverage from the ZOOM channel guys. We reach and take our first halt for the day at palaspe phata for chai and some interview. Every rider is excited about the ride as the weather was simply awesome. The plan was to ride through NH-17 to reach mahabaleshwar via mahad route. Luckily the roads were empty and it was good to rip. Kamat’s resort has been an Inddiethumper halt always for NASHTA. So we halt there and have our breakfast just in time to catch some rain on the ride. It started raining and all thumpers felt relieved from the heat. It was awesome, after that riding became slower as we could not speed on wet roads, but still we enjoyed every moment of the ride. After reaching Mahad it was dry and so we get off our raincoats and next stop decided was Mahabaleshwar. WOW once we reached the ghats the weather was just calling for it. All the thumpers greedily rode the ghats to reach the destination; I took my own sweet time to ride up and simply enjoyed the mountains. Finally we reach the top and wow what a feeling it was. Billu+amit+Hari+Vikram+Me+Ishty had reached Mahabaleshwar but Kaka and Rajesh were yet to reach on top. We were waiting for them and in the meanwhile we grab some carrots to chew and glob in some iceeee cream. Finally kaka and Rajesh show up and we ride towards the city for accommodation, Ishty being more concerned rides ahead hunting for the same while we all were waiting for Kaka n Rajesh. We all are scheduled to meet at the petrol pump at mahabaleshwar. waiting game is some thing that I hate but, we had to, everything in life is not so easy and fast u know. So after waiting for quiet a time we figure out that Mahabaleshwar was damn crowded and accommodation was getting tough to get. So Billu n Kaka suggested to ride to Panchgani which is about 18Kms away from us. So without wasting any more time we ride to Panchgani and were stunned to see fog ahead us, visibility getting low. We make another attempt at MTDC but it was packed as well. Finally all the Hungry thumpers sit for Lunch at a nice restaurant. In the mean while Ishty skips his lunch and rides to Panchgani for the arrangement. We all have a great time enjoying the weather and rain and fog and eating HOT food. Wow it was phenomenal. After the lunch is over I find another friend to play with, well it was a German Sheppard and I was later joined with rajesh who is also a DOG lover.



The lunch is almost over and we see Ishty coming back with his bags unpacked; OH MY MY all the thumpers are more then surprised to know that yes the accommodation arrangement is being done. We ride to the destination and come to a sexy place right opposite BASCILA hotel. This is a dormitory for students and guess what!! We get to sleep on BUNKER BEDS, what an experience it was; it reminded me of my childhood days. We all rest for some time and Kaka is fast asleep as he was very tired. Once we unpack and fresh up Ishty leaves for his lunch. Billu was our guide coz he has spent his childhood schooling here. Right from the balcony I could see beautiful mountain and fogs just passing by. Billu said we can ride uphill there. Then what are we waiting for, we thumpers plan to go uphill. Incidentally Billu’s Bro (Humza) calls up (who is also in panchgani with family for the weekend) and we ride to the resort close by, we pick him up and ride uphill to the TABLETOP. Just a brief explanation about the TABLETOP, it’s a HUGE mountain plain where HORSE riding is serious fun and I guess every one of us might have seen it in some or the other Hindi feature films. Do you remember REMEMBER In the filmi language where you can see a hero running in slow motion towards the heroine and clouds are passing by.??EKJACHTACTLY!! That place is Panchgani tabletop. Reaching there was a big problem. The roads are wet n muddy and to make things more worse there was TRAFFIC JAM. It’s a single PATLA road and we all take a sneak peek and get to the table top land. WOW!!!!! It was mind boggling reaching on top. All the BOMBAY heat had just evaporated and my chinky skin started feeling cold.


We ride through rough terrain and reach a small cliff. We get an awesome view and all were simply carried away by the view. The view over the cliff simply tickled us to know where is the end point of the cliff and can we ride till there. The answer was YES. We ride to the furthest end of the cliff and now u could see MIST passing by you and an amazing effect that generated in your body. We did a lot of photography and spent some great time there. Hari suggested that we head back home as it was getting dark. The sun had set and the dusk light was still fading. While heading back home we had a great fun. I could literally feel as if I am a character of some horror film. That’s because the MIST was so dark that visibility was completely NIL. We just with some assumption kept riding safe and slow. Finally its night fall and we are still lost in the thick MIST. After some time I could hear a horse snorting and we figured out the TAR road. We take a small halt there to have garma garam BHUTTA and now we know that we are on the road. Me and Trailblazer have always been like this we have always got lost and found roads…its fun isn’t it ??


Riding down the hill was CRAZY, the traffic situations had not improved and the mud had not dried as yet. We all ride with extreme care and amits bike just slips a bit but recovers in split seconds. Once we get off the traffic the road ahead was dry so riding became much easier. We drop HUMZA to the resort and we reach home just in time to see KAKA and Ishty busy snoring. Kaka is awake and now the plan for the night was to have dinner at a special place. i.e. not a hotel nor the room. So what we do is we pick up our food and liquids and nikoteen materials from the city and ride up to another beautiful place called the SYDNEY point. It was pitch dark and so OBVIOUSLY there was a need for a BONFIRE. We had bought dry woods (5KG) from a shop for bonfire and so the wood is laid and petrol being sprinkled on the same. But the wood being thick enough did not catch fire easily. We tried with cloth pieces from the bike and papers from the bin and finally BILLU THE PYROMANIAC puts the bon fire on JABARDAST FIRE. Now the fire is seriously on FIRE!! And we felt warm and now started the drinks and the GAZAL sessions. GAZALZ and bikers?? Doesn’t gel huh?? BUT yes I was surprised to know that there are lots of gazal freaks in Inddiethumpers and we could hear lots of gazalz being sung and with the special effects too. Wow we all had a great time at the bon fire. It was about 3.30AM and ISHTY the NOCTORNAL rider meets us at Sydney point as he was really hungry. Ishty and his POTLI stomach..hahaha.


We ride down the hill and reach our dormitory and are fast asleep. Next day was a very pleasant day, riders like Vikram, Amit had Kaka had to head back due to some commitments. Billu and amit went to Billuz school church just to visit his principal as it was really a childhood effect for Billu. We pack our cramsters and ride ahead for breakfast. After the breakfast we ride towards Bombay through NH4. wow what a ride it was. The roads are simply awesome. speeding was good as the roads were empty and the weather was not sunny. We take our final halt for the day at TONY da DHABA. As per the plan Billu n AMIT were supposed to meet us at TONY da DHABA for emu meat. We greedily eat lunch and head back home. While passing by lonavla we have some problem with REDBULL and a barring failure is seen in high traffic. Rajesh is left behind at lonavala and he gets Redbull fixed and we were waiting for him at the express highway exit. We have a very funny incident here; Rajesh has his RIM fone equipped in his waist pack and the hands free plugged in his ear. We are desperate to hear from him and amit was trying to call him, but rajesh assuming that the fone will still RING in SILENT mode… it was funny and aggravating as we were not getting any updates from Rajesh. Finally after some time we see RedBULL and rajesh on the way. He was so relieved to see us waiting for him and then amit told him about his fone. And we all laughed out the incident. It was getting late so we all ride back faster this time to avoid night riding and the evening traffic in Bombay city as Billu n Vikram had to ride to andheri. I depart after kharghar where I adieu good bye to my brothers.


Lesson Learnt: The advantage of a club ride is even if there is simple break down of your bike; we Inddiethumpers make sure that some one is with you for help. That’s what binds us together and that’s what is the brotherhood on the road all about.


Long Live Inddiethumpers!!!



Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!

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