Hedvi – Gods own Beach

Hedvi–Riding through Golden sands of Maharashtra.

It was time to do it again. Mails being posted in the forum, we are all geared up to ride. This time we had new members in the club and all are ready to rock and roll. Kaka being the coordinator. Ishty calls up a day before and reconfirm the presence of the members for the ride. Its 5.30 AM and we all meet at Vashi toll naka and this time we meet at 5.30 IST (inddiethumper standard time). We share our jaadu ki jhappi. All set to go.

Thumpers lists.

Kaka (Red Hawk)

Avinash Rathod

Ishty (Wild Boar)



Aseem & Wife

Rajesh kushte


Pinak (Zeus)


Vivek Mallya

Vivek Tiwari

Vikram Singh Rehal

Me & Roms(Trailblazer)


We start of riding at 6 AM towards panvel, the plan was to take the panvel bypass and ride along NH17 towards goa road to ganpatiphule. We are all set to have a great adventure trip. The first halt is at panvel bypass, all were set and gathered up properly just to make sure no one was left behind. Now we ride out off Bombay traffic to enjoy the view and we could see the sunrise right on time. The weather being a little hot but no sweat, may be coz we were riding away from the city. We halt at KAMAT hotel for breakfast where we all eat IDLI+WADA+chai etc etc and head back to the road. Traffic being an issue here, we face heavy traffic but we manage to ride through, after all thumpers are meant to ride on rough conditions. Me being a nature lover we had to take small nicotine breaks and click snaps as much as possible. I had ishty the fotographer with me. BTW the photos uploaded are courtesy ISHTY. We reach at a lovely place where we see nothing but mountains, and running through the mountains is a highway and thin line of traffic, the view was so nice and it just looked like small ants crawling over the huge mountain. We were on the top and were heading down which usually is difficult in traffic conditions, but while cruising down u feel cool air in your hair, that’s a nice experience. Well when it comes to riding you have to be prepared for the best and the worst. It was afternoon and it was getting very hot, we had to stop for the engines to cool down. What is the best halt u can think of, well my idea was to rest below a shady mango tree playing with monkeys. We halted and romesh pointed me toward a cute chimp who was lately born. The mom monkey being very very protective about the new born baby. We slowly pulled out the phony camera and tried clicking the baby chimp, but obviously the mom grabbed the baby away from us. Finally we head on the road and catch up the rest of the thumpers who headed ahead us. I reached right on time to catch up some chilled water at a reliance petrol pump. Freshened up and kaka said lets halt here for lunch. It was 1.30 PM and we were about 80Kms away from our destination.


Also as a personal addition a suggestion was passed across that please pickup your booze from here as we were not sure if something was available near the beach. Soo all the stockpile was collected and mounted on the bike; we head left and take a jungle road towards hedvi, and now begins my adventure, as of me I was back from a night shift and was half dead, the day was so hot that we had to stop often for the engines to cool down, but as the sun was going down the heat kept on reducing. The final halt before the day came about 8 Kms away from the destination. I took a small nap roadside and kaka said that dude we are just 8kms away and once u reach there am sure all your pain will evaporate. This triggered the adventure hungry animal in me and we rode and rode until we reached gods own beach. HEDVI. We just realized that few thumpers took a more adventures route for hedvi that was about a couple of kms more. We all met at a junction where we take a smooth left toward the beach. Wow I could feel the breeze and the smell of the beach and sea food. Now I could not wait. We roared to the beach and could see the sun set. We reached at 4.30 pm and everyone being soo excited we all took the bikes to the beach. Kaka being the smartest of all went towards the resort where he arranged the accommodation for the thumpers.


Me ?? I consider myself mad about beaches. Could not help it you know. As soon as I saw the beach without any shame I strip my clothes and change to my shorts and take a dip in the sea. I felt as if the waves were my heartbeat and I was feeling so chocked. As soon as I stepped in the water all the butt pains and tired feelings seriously evaporated. This was a touch of nature again to me. Eventually all the thumpers are alike and some amazing photography were done with the bikes on the beach and finally sabby and vikram joined me in the water. Kaka after the accommodation was arranged also joined us in the water. We all enjoyed the water with an amazing sunset view to our left. As I said before some views cannot be captured by a cam you have to view it with ur eyes to get the beauty of it. I simply cannot describe the feeling one has when u sip in chilled beer and a beautiful sunset right in front of you. We figured out that the tides were changing and the water was pulling us inside and the waves were getting bigger. It was time for us to step out of the sea and we head toward the resort. Now was the time we had tough time. We had to push all the bikes out of the beach and toward the resort road which was just walking distance from the beach. Man!! That’s tough all the cramsters were loaded on the bikes and you can imagine how heavy it must have been. And dragging all the bikes was not as easy as we thought. Eventually all of us pulled our bikes out of the beach and hit the road toward the resort.


Its night fall and its pitch dark and all the thumpers have unpacked and shifted to their respective dorms. Obviously we all wanted to take a chilled bath. And the big ass Ishty was in the single bathroom. Finally we all agreed to take 3 people at a time for bath inside the small bathroom. Ha ha.i being the first one to scrub the soap over me and by 8.30PM the water supply is over. And vivek and Vicky are yet to take bath. Finally water resources are arranged and all the thumpers are back to the dinner table for dinner. As the night fell all got tired and booze took us as high as possible and looking at the starry night I remembered my fav Joe satriani song “starry night”. We sang and had fun together and an amazing bonfire was lit. beach+bonfire+starry night. Wow what combination is that. It was late and all fell sleepy. We head towards the dorm and snore till glory.


Day2 starts at 8.30AM. We start our day without brushing teeth and tuning the bikes to the best. Boxy’s beast was dry I had some extra engine oil and the beast was back to the loud roar. Boxy, Rahul, Kaka, Avi, Aseem and Rajesh had to leave due to some commitments. We rest including Ishty, Me, Roms, Pinak, Sab, Vikram, Vivek were staying for some more time and wanted to leave after lunch. We start off with heavy NASHTA and head toward the beach as we all had great time last evening on the beach. Simply could not resist it you know. We enjoy it for couple of hours and then we find an amazing place close to the beach and see that it’s a beautiful backwater where there are no waves and still water. The water was much colder and chilled. We all tried our diving stunts there and eventually took bath with buffalos (u know we are crazy guys). Eventually after the lunch we all are set to go back home.

Bags packed again and we hit the road. We were all set to do night riding as Ishty the night rider was with us. We hit the road and roar toward Bombay and were expecting a lot of traffic entering the city. But right on time we realize that Vivek’s bike was out of fuel. We had to stop and my AVL engine had to contribute 1 liter for him. After about another 25-30 Kms his tank is dry again. This time its Pinak’s AVL helping him. We finally get a reliance pump where refueling is completed. Now ishty ordered to ride continuously till we reach Mumbai as it was getting dark and many were uncomfortable with it. We reach MAHAD and final break is taken for chai. We head back home with great memories in our mind. Reaching panvel was a sign of relief. We all adieu good bye to each other in the ESPECIAL INDDIETHUMPER ISHTYLE.


This ride taught me important lessons that never mess with Mother Nature as it might almost kill you.



Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!

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