Guhaghar 2003

Bilal, Bittu, Daman, Dipesh, JP, Kumar, Leema, Paresh,
Prem Joseph, Premji, Rahul, Rajiv Adhikari, Resik,
Saurab, Shewta & Sunny.

Destination :
Ghuaghar: approximately 315 KM from Bombay on the
Konkan Coast.

As you all know me by now as a HH (helmet hater),
started searching for a helmet at the last minute. It
was my second trip (Made my first trip with out a
helmet) & got one at 01:30 AM.

I was supposed to meet the gang @ Panvel Bus Stop @
07:30 AM. Since we firmly believe and thoroughly
practice “Better late than never”, finally gathered at
Panvel around 09:10 and head towards the destination
(poor Paresh “Raymond’s Fame” was waiting there since

Our First stop was @ 10:15am for a breakfast at a
restaurant. We left this place at around 11:15am after
eating Idli, Vada, Missal Pav and rode on the lovely
tarmac highway through the lush green fields, water
falls, rivers, forest and hills. It was a real feast
for the rider’s eyes. I tried to chase the train,
caught up, then I stopped chasing thinking “Bechara”
(My 350 or train U guess..!!!)

After this long ride of @ 2:00pm our stomach started
grumbling. We stopped at a place before ghats to check
out the grub, but ended up having Good Day and some
soft drink (With Pesticides of course…). We were told
that there was a good place 3 Km away, imagining a
Dhaba with lots of mouth watering murgi, started
climbing. What a ride man…. on those smooth road. But
it turned out to be ride, ride and more ride and no
Dhaba. We descended down the ghats, rode parallel to a
river. Finally we stopped at 3:10 PM and had so called
“Butter chicken and chicken handi”. Even Prem (Leela)
was confused with the recipe. Finally we gave fresh
name for those dishes. Green Chicken and Red Chicken…
Poor Sunny and I, who wanted paneer, but was
disappointed since it was not available.

After a long stretch of plains, we again started to
climb up another Ghat. I was clicking pictures on my
Sony and was the last one to descend. At around 5:30pm
as I was climbing down, on a turn I happened to see
three bullets stopped, Daman – Shweta combined, Bittu
and our first timer-Kumar with the first long trip,
just had his first fall. He had bruised on his hands
(We started calling him Bruise-lee) and was shaken not
just because of the fall, but because of the
consequences after facing his father and believe me …
he was shivering (25% fall and 75 % Fathers scare). As
we tried to fix the bike pulling the tool boxes,
fixing the side mirrors. There was a broken clutch
yoke (Daman shows the dent on the helmet as another
reason for me to wear one.) making clutch lever
useless. Just like any other trip, Daman (Tokela
Rider) gets to ride the bike with out no clutch, Kumar
becomes my pillion, and Shweta the happiest one gets
to ride 500. Others…. they were way ahead of us. We
fix the clutch at Chiplun, enjoyed tea from Bittu
Chaiwalla (Had to help himself because chaiwalla had
no servants) and last on the lot, I and bittu started
riding towards Ghuaghar which was 42 Kms away. Mid way
Bittu’s bike stops twice just to let us know it is
thirsty, which was topped up later. The ride after
this was bumpy as this was the only 6 Km stretch with
pot holes. We wanted to reach Ghuaghar before dark,
but reached 7:30pm to join the others @ a restaurant
sipping Tea.

We finally settled @ a place named Annapoorna after
catching up the Slow thumpers who were running around
searching for us all over Ghuaghar. The proprietor
being polite and helpful made our stay a pleasant
(Expect for one thing.. Gives a list of places to
visit near by on the last night).

As we settled for Vodka (Courtesy Sunny the
Turbonator), Dr Prem (Leela.. Why doc. you may say..
Ok.. Ok.. Sorry Compounder Prem… Fine???) dresses
Kumar’s wounds. Kumar had his many firsts ( First long
ride on bull, first fall, First Vodka, First Ciggie…).
Junior Thumpers had a session where we have to
describe our selves. This is where our great Dipesh
describes himself as very slippery C@$#. Finally we
rest @ 2:30 AM, after having tasty chicken and
On the second day I got up @ 7:30, Dragged Saurab out
of the bed for a ride on the beach. At 9:00 AM, it was
high tide, but were able to ride on the crowded beach
in the sinking wet sand (Were surprised to find wet
sand that sinking) to get some applause. But finally
found that the crowd was not there to admire us but to
know more about the people who went for a swim and
drowned (God rest their soul in peace).

We came back to the hotel to line up the bikes for a
photo session and build some muscles, as rest was
still snoring. We take another trip with full strength
to beach @ 11:45 AM, just to be chased by the cops.

Not distressed started asking the locals about ponds,
rivers or any source of clean water to get our self
wet. After exploring the nearby places we found one
clean pond 15KM away from Ghuaghar. There was another
point just a KM ahead, kind of secret dock, where we
had a freaked out with photo session. I, Rasik, Rahul,
Leema and Sunny enjoyed over there along with the
locals. Rahul and me even had a race to end up
together on the other end. Others wend walking up the
stream. During this time, Bilal takes Dipesh’s bike
with a torn Saddle Bag (Warning!! Don’t buy saddle bag
from where Dipesh bought!!), containing Saurab and his
keys, for a short ride just to realize after returning
that he had lost both the keys. After a search ride,
Bilal found his key back as it was kept in
Inddiethumpers key chain (Moral of the Story: Always
keep your keys in Inddiethumpers key chain). Sourab
rides on after shorting the ignition.

On returning after beer and lunch, I happened to visit
Daman’s room to find everybody discussing about
ghosts, sprit, Black magic…in the afternoon man… and
what a scary atmosphere it was.

After that, the senior thumpers were running around
here and there not letting us do what they are up to.
Finally it turned out to be a “Treasure Hunt” a first
on Thumpers Trip and going to be a regular feature.
The teams are:
1) Prem (Leela), Prem, Rajiv Adhikari and Paresh.
2) J. P., Leema, Bilal and Rahul (23 Min)
3) Dipesh, Saurab, Sunny and Kumar (more than 30 min)
So you know the winners. Team 1 gets a bottle of
Bacardi man!!! (Sob… Sob… Sob…)
After settling for settling for more Vodka and
Chicken, we rested promising to get up @ 7:00AM and
pack up and leave by 8:00AM.

I happened to make it by 7:30 and pulled Dipesh and
Saurab, since we wanted to get a duplicate key made at
Chiplun. We get ready by 9:00 AM finally to find
Saurabs bike with FLAT rear Tyre.
We sent off Rahul and Leema, The slow thumpers with a
running in engine at 7:30AM. Kumar, Prem, Rajiv left
at 9:30 early. Rest reach Chiplun to find out the old
man who used to make duplicate is out of sight (Not
missing but not able to see though his eyes ..) So we
finally settle for Bittus Muscles. I bring a rod, used
to open the tire, “Plop” goes Saurab’s Fuel Tank Cap
leaving a dent on his tank.

I think it was Saurab’s Day (Or should I say not his
day…). He lost his way after Chiplun before joining
the gang who has been waiting for 15 min. We had real
fun on the Ghats. All the 500s were just ripping past
me, but managed to keep up with them the minute they
slow down. The best part was descending down the
ghats, chasing Rasik and Daman down the Ghats, felt
like Valentino Rossi. I was just 30 seconds beinind
the two 500s when we came down. Not bad for a 350
(Uff.. Uff..).

We had a delicious lunch at a restaurant be the lake
and some Ice Cream too after meeting up with
Rahul-Leema and others. But Kumar was missing and just
went on riding thinking that others were following
him. It was the straight stretch and had a real blast
riding. Prem, Rajiv, and Paresh were relived to riding
back at with fast thumpers, as they were with Rahul
who was in his new machismo making not more than 50K
M/hr. When we reached Walkar naka we found that Our
lucky man of the day had another puncture, was out of
cash since his financer, Dipesh was riding with us. He
with the help of Bilal and Rahul some how were able to
Fix the bike. At this point, I, Sunny and Prem (leela)
continue our ride since both were in a hurry. Sunny
was in such a hurry that he rips over a rambler and
his seat comes off. It was sunny’ day also man… We
continued riding after fixing the seat, and just
before Panvel Sunny’s bike dil mange more fuel. Sunny
comes out of the petrol pump to ask me whether he can
reach Andheri by 7:00PM and I replied the rate we re
going, it is difficult and I rode on. That was it!!
His bike refused to start with no current flowing from
his battery, no horns. Not finding Prem and Sunny, I
rode back to find Prem searching for a electrician,
who was disappointed to find that I had fixed the lose
wire before him. Finally I rode home for wanting to be
with my wife, to find me locked outside the house for
an hour. I was really glad to find that Kumar had
reached home safely and his dad did not make a fuss
about the fall, told him to take it easy since he had
been though such incidents.
At home my wife was shocked to find my eyes all turned
in to green, found out that I was just replaying the
scenes I had seen for her…

Important things I noted on this trip:

1) Never follow a biker with out a mud flap exactly
behind during rains!!! I did a mistake following Rasik
for just few secs. Pls fix a mud flap for your rear
mud guard if you’re going for a long during monsoon.
2) Never leave the group and ride on. It helps if you
are in trouble n more fun to ride.
3) Never keep loose saddle bag as it destabilises your
bike ate high speeds.
4) Always carry your spare key because Bittus may not
there the next time to break open your fuel lid.




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