Ganpatipule 2008


“Oh,on I burn. Fuel is pumping engines, Burning hard,Loose and clean.
Oh,and on I burn, Churning my direction. Quench my thirst with gasoline”
—Fuel, Metallica.

What do you get when you put 27 Bullets on a smooth 750kms. road?
a lot of THUMP and a lot of SHINE !!
27 Chrome dipped beauties of Inddie Thumpers, Bombay burned the roads on
an iron butt ride to Ganpatipule on 23rd-24th Feb. As a newcomer, I was
fortunate to be a part of this magnificent ride.

The Trip started at Panvel with first stop directly at Chiplun for lunch
and then all the way to Ganpatipule. Leading the Pack was Sandy (i assume
his name must be Sandeep) on his Silver Thunderbird,2003 model. A damn
good rider himself, he led in style, with the signature throttle, honk
throttle and cautious hand signals for those following him.

The beauty about riding with professional thumpers is that these men
really know their machines. On the rare occasion of one of the stallions
giving a li’l trouble, these guys would look at it like doctors examining
a patient and then work on it like expert craftsmen on a sculpture.

Sculptures of Beauty these machines really are. The grip on the tar while
banking through the Poladpur ghats gives a different high. Now i know
exactly why they call it ‘romancing the curves’…we were kissing the
roads as we effortlessly maneuvered through the ghats.
This file of bullets smoothly doing the turns and bending left and right
like pendulums in perfect resonance was a sight !!
Nothing to mention about the straights except for the ego massage you get
when you look down upon the lesser bikes as you humm past them.

The entrance of the Ganpatipule hotel was absolutely filmy. Hats off to
Daaku (hell no…can’t guess his real name) for the arrangements. Now i
can go on about the picturesque hotel and its location, but this is about
biking so I’ll let it pass.
I have to mention that some of us were really in the mood for heading to
Goa after seeing the milestones say GOA 250. But then, it’s about riding
with the group and we were just getting to know people.
We had Sailors, Scientists, Writers, Directors, Producers, Marketeers,
Coders, Engineers & even a Potter. Quiet an assortment, this!

Day end 23rd saw all the bikers discuss bikes, music and rides over some
beer & vodka. The cool sea breeze and waves were good drinking company

Next day 10am after the a flag off photograph we headed back to Bombay. The
journey back was quite eventful but with no causalities. With a halt only
for filling up petrol, we directly halted at Vadkhal naka.

This trip was almost like Woodstock. Throw in a little Live Music Fest and
it’ll be complete !!


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