First Ride To Ganpatipule

We were supposed to leave on Friday morning at 7:30 IST from Chembur.. but as usual it became Inddiethumpers Standard time instead of Indian Standard Time πŸ˜‰ Met up Malik,Regan,Amit and Bilal in front of Leela.. Shweta was not riding with me this time as she had to go out of town at last minute ( Anyways we proceeded to Chembur where the other guys were waiting for us.This was a first trip for my Blitzy500 with the boys.. so i was a bit excited. I was ripping the roads when near Vashi there was a loud misfire and i lost al the power from the bike.. the engine was not making funny noises but still could not figure out what the problem was.Anyways we proceeded to CBT where Madcat was waiting for us.. there we tried to fix the bike.. no use so me,Madcat and Amit J decided to stay back and get the thing fixed and join the guys.They would wait for us at mahad and also get along Gautam and Amol who were waiting at Panvel.


We came back to Madcats lighter.. had some wonderful tea made by Aunty and proceeded to Twin City.. it took around 2 hours there.. the problem was minor- the points plate screw was loose and as a result the plate was moving around advancing and retarding the timing.. changed the condenser also.Got a call from Don telling me that Amol had a crash and they were taking him to hospital.. we wished him well and were thinking whether this trip is jinxed.. thankfully that day was.. We left there at around 12:30 and the 3 of us did good speeds.. reach Pen around 2 had lunch there and again started non-stop.We followed a new riding practice this time on the trip- we rode all the time with the headlights on-in the day. This allowed us to know where and how far behind the rider of the pack is and really proved helpful.. all will agree its a god riding practice as we did the same in the ride back too(We could follow this for all the trips now on) Anyways to get back on the track, we reach Mahad and looked around for the guys, seemed they had moved on. So off we started, after poladpur the ghats started and man we had a ball there.. we were scraping the center stands and bending this way and that with Bilal hanging on the bike for dear life πŸ™‚ But hes a fantastic sport and really enjoyed the whole ride.. Hats off to you man for bearing with what i rode like πŸ™‚ and also being a great pillion.Hope you get your new 500 soon.Oh boy.. again went off track. ok so we went on the ghats up and down,again up and down till chiplun where i got another Jatka..i had kept my bag with Regan on his bike and that fell off somewhere in ghats.. he went back to look for it but could not find it.Apart from clothes and cassettes it had all the original documents of my bike plus the NOC..and an Open Air Ticket Bangalore to Bombay.. fuck man.. i was really down..and my mood went from bad to worse.. met the rest of earlier batch and went to police station to lodge a FIR. the Police as usual was a let down…told us come back on Sunday to get a receipt.. that on Sunday also they did not give it. From there on another 80 till the turn to Ganpatipule.Some guys tanked up. We moved to the inner road in 2 batches.At one point we switched off all lights as suggested by Madcat and rode for sometime like that.. good fun riding in dark in moonlight at low speed.Finally reached hotel and found a good and inviting Dorm waiting for us. parked the bikes in a row.. went for food.. had some masti there. Later all of us came back to the rooms/Dorm.. there started Oais’s leg pulling big time by Madcat( i was also there but to smaller extent;) ) Oais got pissed off big time and threw a helmet at Madcat.. both were lucky that it did not hit him..Anyways that did not make us stop and then Don joined in .. poor fellow squeezed Oais πŸ™‚ after that sleep time..this time blankets were thrown around on people.. here and there big time masti.. after around 30 minutes Thanush got pissed off as he was not getting sleep and shouted at all of us. we told him to cool down and stopped the masti for that night πŸ™‚ Later learned from Don that he had an Asthama attack so was uneasy and irritated.


Next day morning we all got up,did the usual routine ,had breakfast in the hotel itself(fuckall) and went to the mandir and the beach.. man the water was fantastic.. blue waters .. crystal clear.. we did not go deep in to swim as we were told the undercurrents are strong.Made a sandman of madcat.. ie we buried him head left in the sand.. and all the guys did experiments trying to make his body like the woman they fancied πŸ™‚ check out the pics when they come.. then madcat unashamedly went to wash him self in the sea and took out his only remaining piece of civility too.. which malik was waving like a victory flag in the air..white one at that πŸ™‚ After that food at MTDC resort.. prayers at Mandir and reached back to see that the second batch of riders had also arrived – Rasik,Sachin & Ria,Hemal,Rohan & friend & Rajiv.. they were riding since last night 10o clock and reached there in mid morning.. went on the wrong road and came to no ones mind they were riding to pune and not Goa highway,..turned back just few kms before pune.. they did almost 500 total.:) We then went to a beach suggested by Zenosh where we could have swam.. the roads winding through country side were fantastic and we were all going Wow now and then as the whole stretch was along the sea face.. reached sandkhol beach.. but could not swim there also.. high tide took the bikes on beach- but only 3 of us dared to do that-me,Vikram and Amit..all sand and high revs in the air.The bikes looked splendid on the sea and sand and sun in background.. had a good time on the beach.. what with malik,madcat and bilal hopping on top of each other..pulled rasik down to the mud and dirtied him even though he was like im minding it dude.. dont do it.. πŸ™‚ par inddie tumpers ko kaun samjhaye πŸ™‚ On the way back Umesh and Hetal fell, nothing major, a minor ankle twist for Umesh. Then just before sunset we reached another beach on the way back and took the bikes on the beach and had a blast riding them around on the sand..came back to rooms, and then went for a small ride.. came back to MTDC and ate food there in front of the sea face.. with moonlight falling on the sea and cold breeze blowing.. that was heaven..then started the usual jokes session with Amit J going wild.. he really delivers them well πŸ™‚ another joke master in the club.. existing one is RD.


Slept aaraam se that night as lot of people wanted to leave early morning. Next morning i vaugely remember people going out of the room and i waved to Oais as he went.When we finally woke up at around 8 there were only 4 of us in the room, me Malik,Bilal and Nikhil. Went up and woke the rest of guys up, had breakfast,watched some TV,went to Mandir,Had kokam juice,went to beach again and finally left at 12:30 or 1 from there.. halted at chiplun to get the FIR.. could not get that as the head cop wants around.My wiring was giving problems, got it fixed from a mechanic named bilal there who apparently had done up Ro’s bike on the way to Goa.Had late lunch after that and started riding with headlights on. Did good speeds.With pit stops on the way and riding in packs of 3 and 4 we reached Panvel at around 11. At Vashi we said adieu to our beloved Pagal Billi and i also parted off with the rest of gang as i was getting late and needed to ride fast.. Rasik also came with me.. from Vashi to Chembur end we ripped like we were on F1.. the speedo wont have gone below 100 im sure, we both were doing 110-120 on the bridge..roads.. man that was fun.. dropped Bilal at Leela turning and went for dinner.. Am dead tired still and neck is still sore from the ride.. was sprained badly..


All in all a fantastic trip-19 bikes -25 people.. rocked


Ganpatipule..Another Conquest for Thumpers!!!


Cheers to all of us!!!

Live on the Edge-It takes up less Space

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