Friends, I am Dipal, a regular guy from Mumbai but what really sets me aside from the rest is my passion for Biking rather Riding that brings the deep sense of joy and satisfaction to my life.


“2009 Dapoli ride”, that’s when I got myself introduce to my extended family called Thumper Family. Days on my Bike with my buddies keep me connected to them and the beautiful nature I encounter on each of my biking journey is simply amazing. The life of excitement, which never seems to end, is what biking does to me. Rides that I cherish are rides in Himalayan terrain.


Thing that I love to do when I am not on two wheels are outdoor activities like Mountaineering, Cycling, Gymnasium, river rafting, swimming and of course some work too.


People get retire when they aged but for me there is no retiring or retirement from Biking.


Cheers & Ride on,


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