Destination Daund

It was the perfect weather to ride and I was busy dumping biker songs on my walkman fone and the day was tomorrow. It was time to ride and this time it was daund. Small description about Daund. It is exactly located 225Kms from Panvel towards the Solapur highway. If u love nature and love the village life, u will love this place. So I was all set to do `off road riding.


Billu and me we meet up at 5.30AM sharp and not IST (Inddiethumper Standard Time). Bilal tells me that we might not have company as none of the thumpers confirmed their presence for the ride. We both wanted to ride desperately and didn’t want to wait but still I suggested him to hold on and wait till 6AM as it was posted on the forum. Trailblazer and Metal head looked all set for the ride and we checked for some minor details too. My bike had some starting problem but nothing to worry about for the long ride. We both hit the road at 6AM sharp just in order to cover more distance before day light. The plan was to take our first halt at lonavla exactly 80Kms from vashi, and take lesser nicotine breaks and ride more, reach the half destination at least by noon. We ride and it was a superb weather to ride. We take the panvel bypass and head towards pune. On the way could see the beautiful SUN rise and could feel the cool wind of the dawn blow my hair. Wow what a feeling it was. We reach lonavla and were about to hit the express highway. We halt for a small pee break and start of with a problem. An arrogant cop comes and asks us to show our licenses. Billu the hot blooded Inddiethumper revolts back and tells him about the incorrect way of talking and lets sort it out at the police chowki. The cop being very arrogant is pissed of on dunno what wanted to create more problem. I jump in with my handy marathi to sort things out. Now the cop slowed down a bit and after all at the end of the day money solved the entire problem. I could make out from his face that he wanted to say “SHOW ME THE MONEY”. We gave him 100 Rupees and hit the express way. We officially take our breakfast at RK lonavala with chai and Idli.


The road was calling and I was hungry to ride and just keep riding. So was billu n Metal head. The plan was to ride through Pune city and hit the solapur highway. i.e. NH-9 and then take a left from Patas and head towards Daund. But that was long way to go we had not yet reached pune and the weather was getting better and warmer. We reach pune city just to get a warm and smokie welcome by puneiets. The road being simply pathetic and the worst was the traffic. There were traffic signals but no one even cares to follow them, vehicles moving from all 4 directions!! Wooooah I was scared to ride in that city and to add the roads made it worse for both of us. billu bumped a couple of times and me once. I was just surprised to see the localites riding really easy and smooth through the bumpy roads. I was set for off road riding as billu had said but not this kindda muddy and smokie and bumpy ride in the city. However I was more surprised by seeing no traffic sense in the crowd. That was crazy!!. Also we stopped at a red signal and the traffic started honking at us and the rest passed by. That was the most ridiculous incident we saw on the ride.


We get NH-9 and were about to head away from the city and billu coordinates with ALI JAAN the care taker for his farmhouse and we pick him up from a place. Now we head towards hadapsar. The weather was simply mind blowing and was calling for it. We were riders on the storm. Bilal complained about me being slow and then I thought how could my Tbird catch up with the Beast 500 Metal head. We regularly took our required nicotine breaks. I relatively understood the difference in the AVL and cast engine. And then suddenly metalhead started to cough and slowed down. We were about 1 km ahead URLI and the bike finally gave up. Billu being worried about the same calls his mech on fone. Well I was all set for adventure and so was prepared for the BEST and the WORST. We look at the bikes carburetor and it looked good as the bike was miss firing. Now the mech asked billu to check the wiring and suggested him to do it “DIRECT CONNECTION”. This was the tough part as were unable to figure out which wire to pull out. It was kindda funny as we were just looking inside for all kindda red+yellow+Blue+green+black wires.hehehe. Quiet some people had gathered. Now again the chink does the magic, I spoke in my mumbaiya marathi and asked if there was a garage nearby. The localite told me that there was one close to the petrol pump. i rode backwards and about a kilometer and found a Mech. The mech was busy so was expecting me to get the bike to his shop. Then again I rode back to get alijaan with me. Unfortunately my bike did not have the back seat. We both adjusted on my front seat. Oh!! Maan we both looked so weird on it. Now alijaan got rope from a nearby shop and I rode back to bilal n metalhead. We tied up his bike after mine and I towed his bike till the mechs place. Billu just told me to ride slowly and not to stop. Or else we both would fall down. we now got the bike worked upon and now we hit back on the road and reach Patas and take a left towards daund.


Now started the asli fun!! The roads being so bumpy that it might give u instant patches on ur ass. Heheh. Believe me guys you need butts of  not steel but stainless steel to do off road riding. We finally reach daund and take our halt at Ahmed’s place( Bilalz Mama). We eat lunch there typical miyah ishtyle.Now we head towards the farm house. This is towards siddhitek and now started more offroad riding. We pick our booze and rest of the requirements to head that way. Oh maan!! the roads were crazy and then started the REAL NATURE ride. The weather was simply mind blowing all plains and farms all around. Reaching the farmhouse was a tough challenge as it had rained lately and the roads were a little muddy.


Reaching the farm house was a breath of relief. We still had network coverage and could inform our parents that we had reached safe. Now just a description of the place we were staying. It’s a beautiful hut which looks like a huge shack with chirping sparrows in the roof and goats around on the fields. To my best company I had PAADY (rottweiler Sheppard dog). He was over excited to see bilal and we got along together pretty quick. The location was soooooooooooo beautiful that there was greenery all around and one could see a railway track on the horizon. And when a train passes by u can feel that childhood rush down the memory lane. Wow it was so nice to be there. I took a much deserved nap as I had not slept after a night shift. bilal was playing with paady and alijaan was arranging the food for us in the small kitchen there.The Kitchen was another beautiful hut made of rocks. I did some photography once I woke up and charged the cellfones.


The dusk was so beautiful and I could smell the choole ka smoke. Wow now was the time to eat food and have our drinks. Beers being cheered made us relax more then anything else. Night fall was the most silent one that I must have seen since ages. The dark night called for a bonfire. Me and billu planned a bonfire with some fuel from my bike. After its lit fine we enjoy the booze gazing at the sky full of stars. We are snoring to the best after a couple of hours of the bonfire.


Next day I woke up with the sweet chirping of the sparrows on the roof. And could hear the train cooohing from far away. Alijaan boiled us some eggs and we all enjoy it royally. Now we happen to meet another guy called as MAJOR SAAB who rode royal enfields for the past 30 years. He wanted to test ride my bull and later he test rode metal head too. The plan was to head out to daund and get the bike checked as Metal head was on direct connection for the power supply. We again do off road riding to daund and reach Javed bhai a local bullet mech. Some tweeks being done and in the meanwhile I happen to spot a beautiful royal enfiled which was beautifully maintained and nice radium work done on the tank.


After about 15 minutes we head back home to Bombay. We hit the bumpy roads in Daund and catch the route to hadapsar. Almost reaching hadapsar the rain started. We had to halt and luckily we found a dhaba. We take our lunch break there. After waiting for some time we head back home and are all planned to get wet in rain. This was fun. We reach patas and join the NH-9 and now the roads look much better. We ride faster to cover more distance. The roads were wet but not very wet this made it much easier for us to rip. We reach pune city through the pathetic roads in the city. now we take our nicotine break at devu road. The plan was to ride non stop to Bombay as it was evening time and we wanted to avoid night riding.


The Bombay pune highway is the best and smoothest. We roared on the road and finally we started getting dry, that’s the time u start feeling chilling. Its not when u are wet but its when you tend to dry up. And bilal complained that the wet undies were itching and he wanted to change. So we again halt at tony da dhaba before kamshet. Now we head back towards lonavala and the rains and the nightfall drives us crazy. Metalhead was on direct connection and the headlight was not working. We slowly ride avoiding the traffic and the highway being broad enough helped us. The scary part was we were joining the express way at lonavla. But we slowly and steadily cover the entire route and get off the expressway. Its dark now and I cant see anything with my small eyes. It was only metalhead roaring hard in the dark with my headlights on. One thing is for sure we coordinated well to ride through the dark roads and avoid the traffic. That is something that can workout with some one from close frequency. Hahaha



Finally reaching panvel made us feel much better. Bilal was informed that the next day we are going to have a petrol pumps strike in Bombay. And every one was rushing to the pumps. Metal head was thirsty for fuel too. It took 30 minutes for billu to refuel. We both finally adieu good bye to each other inddiethumper ishtyle.


Lesson learnt: if you are together you can solve any problem. Together we can solve things much better way.




Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!

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