What is it that binds a biker with his bike? The hunger to ride!! No wonder we all were hungry for the same. This time it was again to daund. I was especially more excited coz we were going to meet paady after almost 7 months now. I informed all the first timers to be prepared for a nice off road trip and a grip up with their sleeping bags. All were set and then we hit off to the road towards daund.

Thumper list:

  1. Bilal—Metal Head
  2. SP—Minotaur
  3. Rohit—Beaster Boi
  4. Shyamal
  5. Aseem–Lucifer
  6. Abbas
  7. Gavin
  8. Deepak
  9. Satya—Wing man


All I can say about it is that it was one ride which had lots of sweet and sour memories within. We start of with a bad one, bilal and the gang was supposed to meet us at vashi at 5.30AM sharp but as usual we are on IST. Rohit, Deepak and me are waiting for them at Mcdonalds kalamboli and they reach and we have a problem. Bilal is struck with a severe chest pain. We were already late for the ride and now were even later. Luckily we get ENO from a near by shop which solves him problem for a while. The ride starts off with a thumping call sign. We take the bypass and ride on. The day was hot and it was getting hotter. We start of with a problem when SPs bike overheats and seizes. OH NO!! Everyone had a sad face already. I was the only guy laughing and laughing to glory. This was about to happen as I was all set for an adventure ride. We start off calculating what needs to be done. And I smell some thing weird from the engine of Minotaur. It was not a complete seize but a partial one. How ever we let the engine cool down for 15 mins and then at once Minotaur was backup to kick some real time ass on the road. SP was riding slowly to avoid any more problems. Now more fun was on its way. As we were heading up towards lonavla ghat rohit’s bike get over heated and seizes. Woah!! I was about to explode laughing once again but considered ourselves lucky coz only if this would have happened  on the expressway which was hardly any distance away then it would have been more pain in the ass. That’s coz you cannot stop on the EXPRESSWAY. We wait for the engine to cool down and start it fine back up. We reach RK lonavla and have our royal breakfast. The adventure continued when we got a call from aseem who was about 18Kms away from us at KHOPOLI. He rode late to the venue to miss us, however we were suppose to meet him at RK. Bilal’s pain again grew and all the fart heads could suggest him to do is shit and that’s the time Rohit is ready to take him to a close by doc!! The fun part is both head to the clinic and later realize that it was a child specialist clinic. Hahaha I could imagine Bilal taking a polio drop in that clinic. They then go to another doc where he takes a pain killer and feels better for the ride. In the meanwhile aseem was with us at RK. We all hit the road back to burn some more rubber.


The day was hot but we kept a point that we don’t let the engine over heat and ride at a substantial speed also keep the thumper head cool. That’s coz at times when the heat builds up it hits ur head and u tend to get really mind fucked. So I was purposely being in a good mood to have fun and entertain others just in order to avoid the THUMPER KOPDEEZ heating up. Haha .we reach Devu road and take the much deserved halt to drink some nice chilled neera. the heat was killing the machines and the human heads too. I could see the TAN on the guys who were wearing half sleeves. On the way we see a strange looking pink colored AP registered bullet. We thought that a GORI with pink bikini would look really hot on this bike but for our surprise we had couple of MADRASI BLACK guys riding it. We laughed the topic out. We ride through the bypass and then through PUNE city to catch the SOLAPUR highway. The traffic was as usually horrible in pune. We hit the solapur highway toward hadapsar. Now it was much cooler then the city and also we could feel the freshness in air.


In hadapsar we pass by a TARBOOZ waala (Watermelon Shop) on the highway. As everyone was thirsty and hungry at the same time I thought this is the correct thing to pick. We buy a watermelon and ride again. Bilal and the boys were ahead us and they halt for quick snack at a place. Everyone was hungry and was about to order the lunch there but when they saw the melon all went crazy and believe me it finished in no time. It was quickly ripped apart by bilal and we all hogged the Water melon like wild animals. The whole place was a mess when the waiter came to take the order the guys just ordered some cold drinks and water. The waiter might have expected a huge order but I guess I flicked his tip. Back on the dusty and hot road we ride and could not ride for long as it became more and more difficult to ride in summers. Even if you want you cannot do non stop riding or may be avoid taking breaks. But in hot weather one tends to get tired very fast and no wonder the breaks were increasing, also to we had 2 overheated bikes. So stops were obvious. We now take a final break for lunch. Bilal spots a dhaba with some cozy cots. We greedily park the bikes In shades and sit for lunch, i was sure that the watermelon would not have helped the thumpers filling up their stomach to full. Coz we all eat and EAT GOOD ENOUGH. BIKERS AFTER ALL!!


Post lunch we steadily ride to PATAS and then take a left turn towards Daund. Now started the off roading and all I was worried about was poor satya who was carrying 20Kgs of KUTTE KA KHAANA (hey BTW its kutte ka khana and not dog food). Even before the ride started Satya was so attached with the bag that he could not get down or get on the bike without it. That’s not because of his love for paady or the bag but because of the weight of the bag. So every time he stopped he used to call us and say “hey guys somebody please help me uninstall this from my back”. Woah !! That was funny. He is sweet guy though. After some really good patches on our beloved ass we reach daund to meet alijaan (care taker of the farmhouse). We pick our fuel (BOOZE) from daund and then ride towards the farm house. On the way what do we see?? We see a local Wrestling competition (kushtee competition). all the local villagers had gathered to see it and as we passed by we became the center of attraction. We stopped and all the villagers treated us like chief guests of the show. I simply like and love the hospitality of the Indian villages and the innocence in their nature. These are few of the reasons why one should get of the city life and see the village life. It’s simply amazing how they live, no wonder they are poor but they are VERY VERY rich by heart. We enjoy their hospitality and also the competition. We could see wrestlers of all ages and all set to impress the crowd.


After that we head towards the farm house right on time to meet my best pal paady. Paady is the Rottweiler on the farmhouse. Everyone is dead tired and thirsty at the same time.  I being the greediest of them all pull my sleeping bag and spread it over outside and enjoy the sunset with a nice sip on the beer. Everyone joined me later with their sleeping bags. Alijaan was preparing food and Bilal went hunting to get some wild thing to eat. In the meanwhile the drinks were out and now started star gazing. Oh maan!! It was one amazing experience and to add to it we could see a train passing by on the horizon. The view of the train at night was amazing. Looked like a toy train with lights passing by. The view was one psychedelic view. I cannot express it in words one has to see it to enjoy it. Everyone was happy high!! How could we Inddiethumpers live without a BONFIRE.


The bon fire was lit in no time and Bilal had some marinated chicken and they were stuffed in 3 coconuts. These 3 coconuts were then put in the bonfire to be cooked. It took its own sweet time for the chicken to be cocked. Also alijaan was cooking rice for us in the kitchen. After the bonfire went out all the wild thumpers were just waiting for the coconut to cool down. Once it cooled down we finished the first one in no time as it was very tasty. We then had it properly with the dinner. Once the dinner finished all got cozy in their sleeping bags and snored to glory in the starry night.


Next day we wake up with some birds chirping and Rohit with a cam. As soon as I woke up rohit was with his cam to click my ugly looking disgusted morning face. How ever I could not smile but I gave him an ugly grin. After all how good can you look when you wake up in the morning and especially me with long hair?


Early morning calls for a smoke and a nice shit. Rohit being the one who loves to shit in open was resuming his ladakh memories. But we had abbas who was feeling odd to shit in the open field.


Rohit and I gave him nice adventurous and ladakh experiences and that’s what made him feel much better. Also the pressure in him was building and he could not resist it and believe me this pressure is the most powerful one and am sure no one could resist it. After all this we head to the nearby well where some photography is done and I share some great time with Paady playing. When we come back all I can see is Bilal busy teasing WILD SHEEP (Jaan Leva) and trust me folks that animal is seriously wild. The farm is for breeding the goats and the rest of the cattle. I have no clue what was in Billu’s mind but now he was trying to have Jaan-leva mate with another goat. Oh maan!! What not crazy acts can a human do to have his own animals mate!! Enjoying all this was SP who was really excited to see the BAKRI KAMASUTRA!! We all ended up laughing at this incident. Finally we adieu good bye to alijaan and head out to the highway towards Bombay.


We cross the railway tracks and head towards PATAS. The heat was killing us and with some stops we plan to take our lunch either at PUNE or at TONY DA DHABA. How ever at times things don’t work out as planned and that’s exactly what happened. Rohit’s bike again over heated and stopped, I messaged Bilal about it and asked them to meet us at DEVU road. They were ahead us and coordinated with them to meet them at tony da dhaba at kamshet. It was evening time and the heat had reduced a lot, but still rohit was riding at a slow pace to avoid any serious problems in the bike. We reach Kamshet and eat DUCK meat at TONY DA DHABA. The plan was to get off the ghats before sunset. now starts the problem. The duck meat that we ordered was half cooked and the waiter took it back to recook it. But by the time he came back we were in a hurry to go back home. That’s when started the argument between the thumpers and the authorities. Once this was settled I sat behind Satya until we crossed the ghats. And rohit was riding slowly behind us. Luckily we cross the ghats before the sunset and adieu good bye to each other. Rohit was riding very slowly and it seems as if the rest of the boys were in a hurry to get back to KHARDUSHAND land. But we later again meet at Panvel for a chai. I was surprised to see the gang having chai and vada pav. We again meet and after the chai we all adieu good bye to each other the typical INDDIETHUMPER ISHTYLE!!


Thanx to all the brothers who turned up on the ride. It was one amazing and adventurous ride and no wonder we are inddiethumpers.




Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!

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