Bilal Khan

It started when i saw my girlfriends brothers bike he called her combustion . i saw her and thats it i fell in love all over again but this time it was with the bullet. i remember how i used 2 stop and relish the roar of every bull that went by.after some time i cudnt take it anymore i had 2 get myself a bull . so test rode a 500 and a 535. 350 was never an option cause i knew i needed a lot of power under my butt. really fell for the 500 and decided to book 1. went 2 premji’s ,where rahim told me he wanted to sell his bike. The thought of a bike that was ready 2 rip and no lafda of running in tempted me to the core.

Plus we had a mahableshwar trip coming up and i did not wanna ride at 50kmph for 350 kms . so consulted my dear friend rasik who came with me 2 pick the bike . on our way back , i fell at a u turn and was cursing myself . day2 flat tyre. day3(mahab trip) engine siezed. i was thinking what had i got myself into . it was then that daman and rasik paayii explained 2 me that it will take some time b4 i get used 2 the bike and she gets used 2 me . 6 MONTHS LATER ! u know wot ! they were right. today i think i understand my baby better than the mech i mean he know my bike on a technical note but i now share an emotional bond with her . i call her metalhead. and she calls me dugdugdugddugdug. i probably would have given up on her a month after i got her but had it not been for our very own daman and rasik , i would have neva had the special friend i have FOUND in METALHEAD. i dont wanna talk about my other bikes coz they are not worth talking so much about . hey JAPS ! no hard feelings!

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