Anniversary Ride

It was a bloody Friday just a day before the INDDIETHUMPERS 7th
anniversary club ride…As usual I was traveling in the local train
heading towards my college…I was not at all in a good mood because
I wanted to ride but didn’t have enough money and how can I forget
about the fact that I didn’t have anything to ride…I know
INDDIETHUMPERS since last 3 years. While traveling in the train I was
constantly pondering about the ride…It had been such a long time now
since I left everything away and I just hit the road …I knew that
the ride was not possible…I reached my college, by now I was super
pissed…it was just like “if u mess with me, I’ll rape you”…I just
didn’t feel like attending the darn lectures…So I went outside and I
smoked a cigarette…Oh now that was refreshing…I just felt like the
road was calling me. Not giving a second thought I rushed towards the
church gate station n I returned home…Satya had gone out somewhere…I
wanted to ask him about the ride and the expenses…As per my
experience I know that if u have everything ready before any ride you
are in a very happy mood…But if your case is similar to mine, I’m
sure you know how it feels like…It feels like SHIT…Suddenly I heard
an engine rumbling, I poped my head out side the window, it was Satya…
He was all set for the ride, but still he had a list of things
pending to be done…He wanted to buy some spare parts so we both
headed towards the nearest spare parts dealer, apparently the dealer
was just behind imran’s(PERFECT SEATs) shop. Satya bought the
required parts and we met Bawa there.

These guys were talking about the ride…they had some serious plans if
you know what I mean. After all this I just lost it I told Satya I am
coming for the ride…I had saved up my salary so I decided to use it…
I spoke to Abbas as well, Abbas had two bikes (AVL 350 and a STD350)…
He was giving me his STD350 for the ride…I had to meet him at 4
O’clock in the morning outside his house…Talking about a goodnight
sleep I couldn’t get one…I just took two hours of rest …n left my
house at 3 o’clock.
I met Abbas…now after all bullshit I was
feeling happy…We went in his parking lot…I saw JUGNI (STD 350) filled
with dust…I kind of liked it…she was looking mean and dirty…We
started our bikes n we were ready to roll. We actually had to rush
because we had to catch up with other guys who were waiting for us.
Suddenly abbas’s carburetor started throwing out petrol…I remembered
once Satya also had the same problem…Back then he used to hit carb n
used to rev at high rpm…I told Abbas about it…but it didn’t solve the
problem…Abbas called up Anthon…luckily he was nearby, he turned up n
solved the problem…We hit the road again…we met number of members on
the road who also joined in…Anthon was leading the pack…It just felt
like members are coming from all corners of the Bombay city with one
and only one destination…Finally we reached Vashi and I met all my
folks there…From there the actual ride started, Satya and Amit
Deshmukh were leading the pack…there were at least 40 bikes we still
had to catch up with more members waiting for up at panvel and Uncles
kitchen(Khopoli). We rode in two lane formation and we were doing a
decent speed of around 65-70.The climate was superb…the riding season
was on btw. I just felt like I was leaving the illusionary world
behind…”Racing with the winds” that’s exactly what we were doing. We
reached panvel, around 50 riders were waiting for us…asual we were
fashionably late…that’s IST for you…Inddiethumpers Standard Time. We
didn’t wait there for long cause again we had to reach Khopoli…Now
the strength of the pack was increasing…It was a little difficult to
ride together without breaking the formation…While riding in a big
pack one small mistake can lead to a major accident…so u always need
to be vigilant. As I was riding suddenly I saw a basket in middle of
the road, there was also some cloth coming out of that darn basket…
The guys riding in front of me dodged the basket and made me aware
about it. However one the bike hit the basket…now the basket was in
motion and the clothes inside it were lying on the road, I also
dodged the basket but somehow a saree (cloth) got stuck in my chain
sprocket …now my speed was reducing and somehow the rear wheel jammed…
luckily I managed to stop my bike without falling off…I tried to pull
out the saree, it did cum out but still sum of it was stuck…I
realized that if I set my bike in motion it will automatically come
out, and the problem was sorted.

I started riding again. I met Bawa on the road…While riding I told
him about the incident…The sun was rising and thing were heating up…
We reached Khopoli…I was quite surprised to see so many bikes over
there…All of them rolled into Khopoli…Now there were 100+ bikes…All
of us hungry…I mean real hungry and ready to eat anything …we had
breakfast there, Annish and gang performed their signature dance…now
seeing Kaka and Annish doing that dance was not a good sight…it was
very funny…specially the penguin dance. Never mind, we had a good
time there. There were some journalists who were following us they
wanted to take interviews of few senior members. Some members stayed
behind, rest of the pack started rolling…Now the ride was getting a
little stressful because the level of heat and road traffic was
increasing a little bit…but the `thump’ kept me going. Every one was
riding in a perfect two lane formation, nobody dared to mess with us…
even those Volvo drivers thought twice before overtaking us…We just
kept on going, I just didn’t feel like taking another halt. But we
had wait for people who were way behind. So we took a halt at a local
road side restaurant. I took off my helmet, I noticed that I was
feeling a little sleepy because I did sleep the previous night dam…I
sipped some tea and I smoked few cigarette just to feel good and that
was quite refreshing. We all were waiting for the guys who were
behind, but none of them was seen…So Satya and Bawa decided to make
two packs, one of the pack stayed behind and another pack which Bawa
was leading went ahead…I was in the second pack with Bawa. We
maintained a constant speed of 60-65, which was quite decent speed.
The ghats were about to start…I was a little worried about it,
because few months back I went through a breakdown on the same bike
at Tiger ghats. So this time I knew that my engine is gonna heat up
as I hit the ghats…As ghats approached we started riding in single
lane formation so I slowed down a little bit. I tried to avoid over
revving and I went easy on the throttle…And I managed to climb the
ghats smoothly. Man I felt so good…I saw other guys waiting for me up
ahead, I pulled over. The sight from up there was amazing, after
looking at the ghats from up there I was quite proud of myself. I
kept on saying `I did it’ in my mind…he he he.

I tried to start my bike and guess what my kick lever fell off…I
fixed it my self…As started my bike again I heard a strange noise
coming from the engine, I checked the oil…the oil level was too low…
GOD DAMIT. I got engine oil from the gas station…And that was close,
luckily I heard the noise otherwise I would have been in big trouble.
As me and Bawa took a halt at the petrol pump the pack went ahead. So
now we had to cover up with them. We rode together and yes indeed we
cover good distance. Finally we reached Suroor. We saw all bikes
parked outside a restaurant, we rolled in too. I lighted a cigarette…
We had no clue where the first pack was… infact the guys who were
waiting at Khopoli reached Suroor few minutes after we did… Now that
was strange. We heard about few break downs and engine seizure. We
took rest for about one hour…finally Satya calls up…they were on
their way. So we decided to make a move. This was the last stretch of
the ride. The road was really very narrow, so we had to take it take
it easy. Though this was the last stretch nobody was aware where
place actually was (Tree top house). So again we had to stop. After
some huffs and puffs we figured out the location, and we rolled
inside in a much synchronized manner…the place was amazing…One by one
we parked our bikes. Oh boy…finally we reached…we were still waiting
for the first pack…I took off my jacket and I washed my face…Even
after such a stressful ride I still had some energy which I kept
reserve for the big night…if u know what I mean, and every rider did
the same. And alas the first pack rolled in…We just felt like we are
meeting these guys after a long time…hehehe. We had some food, I mean
loads of it. The place was lighting up…if u know what I mean hehehe.
Now the thing is such that, what ever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…
You got to be a member to witness Thumper parties. And frankly I
really don’t remember what happened that night…
I woke up the morning, I realized that my voice
was completely fucked up, my eyes were swollen red and I had a bad
hangover, too many things to have at once. We had to ride back again.
Now guys were leaving I small packs…We all had to meet up at Suroor.
The ride back home is always strange. It is just like coming back to
While coming back we were riding in two lane
formation…Me and Satya were leading the pack. We had no hurries so we
were taking it easy. As I was riding I felt like something moving
rapidly in my rear view mirror. As I took a look behind I saw a guy
riding plastic messing around with other bikes. We had two lane
formations and the plastic was exactly between two bullets. The guy
was not aware that he was in a death trap, he had no possible way to
escape. However he jammed his throttle and escaped by passing through
the gap between me and Satya. The guy riding plastic was shit scared
and he accelerated ahead. But he couldn’t control his bike, in the
next second he rams into a SUV…Both rider and pillion were not
wearing a helmet…The guy fell nose down…his face was completely
smashed…the women (pillion) almost twisted her spine…Don’t know
whether they are still alive…From this incident we come to a
We didn’t wait over there because we didn’t want
anymore problems. After this entire issue the ride went pretty
smooth. We rolled into a restaurant to have food…the hotel was really
nice…they had various animals and birds, so it was fun to terrorize
these animals…hehehe…Never mind after some time we started riding
again. Darkness was spreading all over. We had to start our
headlights; Satya had some problem with his head light so Bawa gave
him some piece of his Xenon. Over all we had a great ride back from
there. We reached Bombay at around 8 O’clock. Everybody was pondering
about “Getting back to their same old Goddamn life, wife, work,
college”. But still I smile whenever I ponder about my first official

Vishu A.k.a WAYFARER

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