A Race To Remember

How did it all Start

A BAJAJ Pulsar group from Pune, did not have a very good impression
about the Legendary BULLET(rather they dint know the power of the
Bullet). They were putting all sorts of bad remarks about the Bullet,
that it doesn’t have a good BHP, the pickup is bad and many such
things in their group site. Saying things like, its a bike from the
stone age, and even comparing it to the Ambassador. We, The
Inddiethumpers came to know about this, and naturally were very
agitated. The Pune guys boasted of Pulsar having a better pickup, top
speed of around 120 kmph. high Bhp (relatively). We started writing
back to them. Heated discussions and long arguments, that which Bike
is faster and stronger, we came to a conclusion that lets test the
power of both the Bikes in a DRAG RACE.

The Challenge

It was decided that the race be held in a neutral spot. A place which
is between Pune and Bombay. Lonavala was the natural choice. But
Lonavala not having a long and smooth stretch, we convinced them to
have a race on the PALM BEACH ROAD in Navi Mumbai.

March 16, 2003, was decided as the Dooms Day.

The Race will be between Pulsar 180cc, Bullet A-350 and Bullet 500cc.
The Race would have two check points, one at the 500 mtrs and the
second at 1000 mtrs.

Dooms Day : March 16th 2003

The Pune guys came down till Lonavala and, we were supposed to meet
them at Hotel Ramakrishna at 0930 hrs in the morning. Daman, Shweta
and Malik went up to Lonanvala to pick them up and come back to Palm
Beach Road.
The Inddiethumpers left at 0845 hrs from Navi Mumbai, and reached
Lonavala by 1030 hrs. (reached late coz of some Bike problem). The
Pune group was on time and were waiting at Ramakrishna from 0930 hrs.
Everybody reached Navi Mumbai by 1230 hrs and were on the Palm Beach
Road by 1300 hrs.

The Participants

Vistasp – PULSAR 180cc
Anthony – BULLET A-350
Daman – BULLET 500cc

The Race
Race I : Daman riding his Bullet 500cc in the first lane, Vistasp on
his Pulsar 180cc in the second lane and Anthony with his Bullet A-350
in the third. The race begins with Daman getting an early lead,
Vistasp and Anthony going neck and neck, but Anthony gets the lead
before the 500 mark. Reaching the 1000 mtrs mark first was Daman,
Anthony second and Vistasp third. As Vistasp did not get a proper
start coz his front wheel came off the ground while starting, it was
decided to go for a second Race.
Race II : The lineup remains the same. Again Daman gets the initial
lead, but this time Anthony struggles to get a good start, but
nevertheless even being third Anthony races past Vistasp who was in
the second position, just near the 500mtrs mark. At the 1000 mtrs
mark Daman and Anthony were both looking at Vistasp in the rear view
mirror, who was a good 20-25ft behind.

The Result
First : Daman (Bullet 500cc)
Second : Anthony (Bullet A-350)
Third : Vistasp (Pulsar 180cc)

The Celebrations
After the race everybody went for some chilled beer and lunch, with
the Pulsar guys who were now convinced of the power of the LEGENDARY
BULLET, and a strong decision to buy a Bullet.

The Lesson
Don’t underestimate the power of the LEGENDERY BULLET.

Nikhil Khanna (Bike name – MadCat)
A Bulletier from Heart

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