Rajesh Kushte

It all started when I was in 6th Std way back in 1979, very sincere, studious n “Mumma’s Boy”.  I saw her first time in front of my school, standing in her own mood, ignoring each passerby exposing her natural beauty. My little heart started biting faster n faster with an uncontrollable desire to touch her sexy body. I impatiently rushed towards her, put my hand around her and hugged her passionately and rode on her sexy back. The very moment I felt almost unconscious….. Till the time I could realize what had happened to me, my eyes were flooded with tears. I could just feel pain under my ear. He pushed me away from my first Love….


I cannot forget those sleepless nights and all those dreams which became part of my life. Every day n night I used to think about her, cry for her. Slowly I started regaining my senses and started concentrating on studies. After schooling and college when got my first job I started gaining some waves inside me, a kind of etching with an unknown desire to have her in my life. However, being from a middle class family I was not allowed even to dream about her.


In 1991 I compromised with my urge and bought Yamaha RX-100. It was my first date n I fall in love with her immediately. I rode her for more than 11 years and explored many places within Maharashtra viz.  Shirdi, Nasik, Pune, Satara, Sangli, Ratnagiri, Karad, Chiplun, etc. I used to ride her a lot and was named as “Bhatkya” amongst friends. RX-100 was an awesome babe who never let me down in any condition.


Even though I was happy with my date, I could not forget my first love. Month after month I was trying my best to bring myself at such a position where my middle class label will not be tagged with my passion. In 2003 September, one of friend called me up and said, “Pacchis Hajjar mein mil rahi hai, Ek bhi paisa kam nahi. Chahiye toh bol, baat karta hu.” Without giving a 2nd thought I said Yes!!!


RED BULL Std 350 entered in my family. It was a crazy feeling to have her under me. Till then, I had never tasted her. Everything was new for me.  “ULTA DIMAG” wala technique was so amazing. Now I got a feel of being “On the Top of the World”.


In 2004 somewhere in June, one article in Salaam Mumbai magazine caught my attention which was about a group of bullet enthusiastic namely “Inddiethumpers”. There was a name and contact no of some Rasik Narula. I casually called up that guy and to my surprise he started talking to me as if he knew me since ages. He invited me for a “Ride” which was happening the same weekend at Gorai. That was my first ride with “Inddithumpers”. I never met any thumper before that ride. On the day of ride I was so excited… Myself along with my wife waited at W. E. Highway for more than two hour with Placard in hand saying “Inddiethumpers”. That time I came know real meaning of IST = Inddiethumpers Standard Time.


After Gorai ride there was no looking back. Riding with “Inddiethumpers” made me more responsible rider and I learn many riding techniques. During 2005 Rider Mania all Thumpers were at their best and I got an opportunity to lead a huge pack of riders with the Media Crew. My little daughter was so thrilled to watch me on TV. Days and months passed. I continued to be a “Bhatkya”, but now with a difference. The biggest achievement as a proud thumper was conquering Himalayas, the riders paradise “Ladhak” in 2005 Starting from Mumbai (4000+kms).  The longest ride after Ladakh was in January 2013 to Shillong RM13. During this ride I became an “International Rider” when we entered Bhutan.


I did numerous rides with club as well as SOLO across India. Every ride with Inddiethumpers was a memorable ride. Except for Chennai RM 2006, I have attended all Rider Mania. During Nagpur RM 2007, this world got an “AVTAR” of “Bada Bada Bada” ™ after a vigorous “Whistle War” amongst clubs. By grace of “Inddiethumpers” and love of all riders across the country “Bada Bada Bada” ™ is demanded and recited in every RM.


This Love and brotherhood is now integral part of my life and cannot live without it. I prey to the Almighty to shower his blessings on me and keep me “Thumping” always. Once a Thumper, Always a Thumper!!!

Love you Guys n Gals!!! Keep Thumping!!!


Rajesh and Red Bull…

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