Punit Tripathi A.K.A PT2

Motorcycles – “Starship” – Thunderbird 500.

I have always been biased towards road travel. My favorite mode of transport. My father is responsible to instill the road travel bug in me. We have done quite a few road trips (in a car though) which includes a trip to beautiful Nepal.

The urge to travel on the open road and explore at will prompted me to buy my first set of two wheels in 2003 – USS enterprise, 180 cc pulsar which I still have. The enterprise took me all around Maharashtra, Gujrat and Goa.

However affordability and work commitments kept me wanting to buy the desirable RE but was not able to make it a reality.

Cut to 2013 Geetika (my wife) knew how much I wanted to experience riding my own Royal Enfield.
She ended up gifting me “Starship”, RE Thunderbird 500.
Luckily around the time Sandeep Mohan aka Sandy introduced me to Inddiethumpers. Thus began my journey with the legendary riders of Inddiethumpers.

My first ride with them was to Shrivardhan in April 2014. Now 2 years and countless rides later I cannot even imagine my life without my brothers at Inddiethumpers. It was while riding with them I learnt to channel my energy towards riding rather than towards the “glamor” that surrounds it. Each and every Thumper is responsible to enpower me with the knowledge and the will to ride, be it riding with the Thumpers or pick up the bag and ride solo kind of rides.

I have always loved Riding, exploring – by Road.
I love my brothers at Inddiethumpers.

With the Inddiethumpers……
I believe STARSHIP and I “are Home”.

Once a Thumper always a Thumper, Godspeed.

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