Mayank Shah

Mayank Shah
Live To Ride, Ride To Live…
My Bike – STD 350
Mayank Shah

I Move Where My Heart Takes Me, I’m Not Bond To Anything.

I Ride In Field On The Enfield , I Cross Over Mountain Tops

And I Want To Ride Through A Lot Of Great Places In this Immense Earth.

Live To Ride,Ride To Live…

I still remember that day when first time I rode a bullet is July 8th 1999. It’s been ten years to my riding passion. I was at the age of 12 that time, it was a cloudy fresh morning. I was having my school holidays and that day I was getting learned how to ride a two wheeler. One of our driver was teaching me driving on Bajaj Sunny (don’t laugh). After some time one of his friend came to meet him at my place and guess what he was riding a BULLET. Boss it was my love at first site. I was thinking that when I will be able to ride this bike n it was dream came true when my driver asked me that “Do you want a ride on this bike?” don’t know what happened to me that time and I told him “I don’t want to sit behind you. I want to ride this alone…” Everybody started to laugh on me, I got dammnnn angry on them and told him “Just kick n start this bike and I will show you that I can ride this.” Friends at that time I didn’t knew how to ride a bike. But just because of my confidence and anger I rode that bike in first shot. I wont forget that after that kidsish thing meri maa ne Jamkar meri dhulai kee thi. But that Dhulai was worth…

After that I waited years to get my own Bullet. As I am a very fast rider my parents were not ready to give me such a HUGE machine. I used to fight with my dad every year on my birth day to get a bike. Akhir Sabra ka fal mil hi gaya. On December 24th 2006 one of our staff member came n told me that, near his house there is a fellow who want to sell his Bullet. I spoke to my dad about bike and he gave me permission to get it. Without wasting a single second I told him to go their and get it at any price. He came back after 2 hours with that bike tied by rope on a rickshaw. Guess what It was the same bike that I rode first time in my life god I was very very very happy. It was 80% damaged. In simple words it was BHANGAR. It took three months to complete restoration. And after that me and my love we are riding together till the day.

To list few of my Rides :

  • First ride : After Reconstructing I rode to Ganpatipule. In march 15th on my Birthday.
  • Second ride : 24th July to 8th august 2007 Delhi – Laddak – Delhi.
  • Third ride : 23rd to 25th November Ride to Hampi.
  • Fourth ride: First ride with Inddiethumpers to Tadkarli on 1st to 5th may 2008
    – Became a Part of Inddiethumpers
  • Fifth ride: 2nd to 4th August Ride Goa.
    – I got my Name on this ride i.e. : RAPTOR
  • Sixth ride : 7th & 8th November Ride to Kumbharli Ghat.
  • Seventh ride: Inddiethumpers Anni Ride to Mahabaleshwar.

And many many more to come…

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