Amit Deshmukh

Passion is in the genes and not something that is developed, same did happen to me with bikes. Bikes and bike rides go a long way, it all started with a craving while I was 5 yrs Old a craving to explore where the roads lead to. Then it was bicycle which used to take me to city outer limits but then I had the urge to explore more and for more you need to have a bike. The first bike ride was on M80 while I was in 3rd Standard, the desperation to get 18 Yrs. Old was so much so to get a driving license and to ride. Thanks to mom, dad and government India that I got a bike and license while I was 16Yrs. Old. The journey started then, from a hero Honda CD 100 to a Royal Enfield Campus. Remember the time while I got the appointment letter for the first job, the next thing was to go to a Royal Enfield showroom to explore how I could buy a bike on EMI. It worked well for me and I was a proud owner of Campus in 2001. I still remember the day when I did ride my Campus for the first time it was a life changing moment, sheer bliss, the thump was like music on a highway. Started riding solo for year or so explored the roads and got connected with my bike. On a wet monsoon day while I was on my way back from Pune I was stopped by some guys on at Lonavala RK restaurant where I saw a big number of bullets. Inddiethumpers were doing their first ride to Rajmachi. That’s when I was introduced to the club, the clan, the fraternity, the meaning of biking and most importantly brotherhood.  The journey has just started and trust me it is going to be amazing journey…………

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