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Still remember the time of moving on from my Pulsar to a 1984 Standard 350 and the world of breakdowns..First ride to Slopes of Hell with few fellow Thumpers to celebrate the New Years..Bike seized in Lonavla and all it managed was to take me to the foothills of the Kamshet refusing to climb any further..Eventually my Mechanic couldn’t fix it prior to RMX and that led me riding to RMX on my Mechanic’s bike..But lucky to be at the RMX as it was the event where I got to know and connect with most of the InddieThumpers and also to know how wonderfully the Riding community is built up..It was then that I realized I need to get a reliable machine in case I have to do some serious riding, so sold off my pulsar and 350 and bought Electra 350 UCE..Did my first official ride with Thumpers to Mahabaleshwar in 2010 and then did most of the rides till work forced me to be out of riding scene for a while, I was accepted as a Inddiethumper Main on Dec 2013 Anniversary..A very proud moment for me..Although I never had a feeling that the InddieThumper patch would make a difference for the love of the club or the rides that I do, but getting one did make me more responsible towards the Club..Later on because of the increasing love for the bullets, increasing body weight and decreasing power of 350, bought the Standard 500 UCE in 2014, which is the perfect companion for now.
All in all..the Rides..the bakchodi..the friendship..the brotherhood is one that makes you fall more and more in love with the club..
There are many more miles to go and many more places to see.
Once a Thumper Always a Thumper !
Introduced to Club by – Karna
Motorcycles – Electra 350 UCE, Standard 500 UCE
Most Memorable Ride – Spiti Valley 2015
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