Shweta Sidhu

It was a love triangle – Daman, Juggernaut and me.
My Bike – Triumph Rocket III and Machismo 350

Writing about myself is the most difficult task that has been assigned to me πŸ™‚ I am a BSc graduate in Microbiology. Did my MBA in systems from Bombay. I had been introduced to bullet very late only after I got introduced to Daman. He was very passionate about bikes and his passion rubbed onto me a little bit. I knew riding lots of two wheelers but had never tried a bike… forget bullet.

My first experience with the bullet was when Daman bought one. I begged and pleaded him to teach me to ride. He having mercy on the poor little me decided to teach me. So Juggernaut was the on whom my driving skills were tested. Initially when the group was formed I was not allowed in the meetings. Then when Inddiethumpers started going on rides I used to accompany as pillion. If Daman felt a little generous I used to get to ride for a short stretch of a kilometer or two. He couldnt trust me with any more ;-). Used to fight with him for more. I had fallen in love with Juggs. But he was also in love with Juggs. It was a love triangle.

When Daman left for Bangalore was the time when I finally got to lay my hands on Juggernaut. I went for a couple of rides alone. Couldnt imagine how I could ever live without riding a bull. I used to go alone on rides in the night so that I get hang of the bullet. Juggs could always be trusted. Never once troubled me. I am just crazy about her. When Daman bought the 500cc in Bangalore and gifted me the Juggs I was kindda relieved. Couldnt imagine riding pillion on trips. I knew we would invariably fight for chances. Thats that. Through Daman and Juggs I got to meet and be friends with some amazing people. Wouldn’t want to name them and tell them. But keep guessing and ride safe.


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