Rohan Salian

The bullet bug bit me at quiet an early age. Staying on the ground floor and my bed next to the window, I would start my day with a sight of the bullet parked right outside my window. The uncle who owned it use to take us kids for a ride on his bike.

During college, on my visit to Mangalore my uncle introduced me to his priceless possession. A 1968 Royal Enfield and told me how the bike was passed on to him by his dad . The first time he handed me the keys of the bike, he had full faith that I won’t be able to start it ( sad but true). I was soaked in sweat but the bike didn’t budge.

I Purchased my first bike when I was in Bangalore the A350 in 1999 and we had some memorable rides. I loved everything about her and spent hours cleaning, polishing and riding to the outskirts of bangalore . I toured most places in south before shifting to Mumbai.

Back to Bombay: Mumbai had changed for me, all my friends had settled abroad or busy with work. So it was time I got my old friend back, laid my hands on a second hand A350 and this was the start of a new journey. Through internet I came to know about Inddiethumpers. Joining a club was not what I was looking for. I was more interested to know what places I could ride too. On my first ride with the club I felt welcome and made my first set of friends in Mumbai. Then the club became an addiction and the members, family. Every thumper is a unique character, with a common passion and that’s what binds us. That’s the reason we say once a Thumper always a Thumper. I have done a fare share of solo rides but never knew what I have been missing until I became a thumper. Riding in a group, laughing on stupid jokes, enjoying each others company,fighting over food and standing by each other whether it’s a fall or break down is what thumper all about.

Rides done:
Maharastra,Rajasthan, Karnataka, M.P,Uttarakhand,Kashmir,H.P….arrg actually it feels stupid to talk about it. The more you ride, the more you wanna ride. For me roads are good, ghats is what I prefer and off-roading is what I live for.

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