RM08 – InddieBeasterLust Mania

It was that time of year for which bikers were eagerly waiting to ride, butts were itching and the bikes were ready to burn the rubber on the road and this time the destination was Hyderabad.


Thumper List: 58

Roadshakers list: 35


Day 0:

A night before the ride day my bike was at the mech shop for painting, I had not got it as of yet and was in office worried that the bike would not be ready until next day. But thanx to Piyush and raju bhai, who had my bike worked upon so quickly. I saw Trailblazer reincarnated and was all the more excited to ride it to Rider Mania. Now the mud slinger Trailblazer could not carry any luggage and so as planned the cramster was packed and mounted on Hawkeye (Piyush’s Bike). We all were getting the final touch ups on respective bikes there.(Sandy+Piyush+jijo+Me)

In the afternoon I get a call from rajan the Iron Butt beaster that he was in ahmedabad and would reach Bombay in some time, he wanted help from the thumpers to guide him from Thande godbandar to Panvel from where he wanted to ride to Panvel. Here is the catch!! Mr Iron Butt rode all the way from Gurgaon to Pune in just fuckin 23.4 Hours. (About 1750Kms in less then a day). I suggested him to wait for few hours as it was getting late and then leave with the Thumpers in the morning. But Mr Iron Butt had some chillies in his ass to reach Pune( maybe to set his record). Bilal, Satya and Sharon are there to receive him and then we meet at vashi to head him off, but Mr Iron Butt is off way fast towards pune.I head back to Kaka’s place to rest for the night and gear up for the morning, amit too had joined us for the night. The plan was to reach panvel data vadapav center by 6.30am

Day 1:  Bombay to Sholapur—The Iternal bonding day

We reach panvel and I had never seen what I saw there. 58 Inddiethumper bikes were lined up on the highway for the big fat ride. Chai and nashta as usual and as usual the crowd freaked out and so did the hotel guy. Kaka and I, we take a quick attendance to make sure all were there and then we started to make batches and asked the boys to leave in batches. The plan was to reach devu road and meet the Roadshakers. Roadshakers were supposed to guide us to hadapsar where we were supposed to have lunch at baljeet’s dhaba.

We start in batches and everything go so very well planned, it was a usual route for me coz we have traveled millions of time from Bombay to pune. The first breakdown was at talasari for Monish bansal, his bike would not start as he had some locha in his wireing, luckily we had bruce around who got it fixed and we were ready to rumble. Reached Devu road and again had our usual chai and nashta. Now is the time we wait for the roadshakers to appear and finally AASTAAD appears in a freakin ULSAR. He then guides us through the city traffic to reach hadapsar. Oh maan!! What a crazy traffic!! I have always complained about the pune roads and the pune traffic, but thanx to the roadshakers we made it to Baljeet’s dhaba. It’s about 11.30AM and the heat was killing all the Thumpers.
We all chill pill and meet the roadshakers the thumper way. Now was the time to see the bikes parked outside the dhaba. Almost the whole path on the left was blocked by the bikes parked. And remember there were not just 58 Thumpers there were roadshaker bikes too. So just imagine a sea of royal enfields parked on the path beside the highway. It was just getting better and better. Baljeet the host knew the wild thumpers and the wild eating habits. And trust me folks managing food for so many people in a short period of time is not easy, but Baljeet had it managed. Also I take a small nap as I had not got my sleep due to the IRON BUTT factor.Now that the lunch was ready I wake up and meet the pot boi from Pune Mr sachin Chavan, who then introduces me to Ayesha and abbas from NDTV delhi. The food is eaten and all were getting ready to leave for the fat ride ahead. The plan was to reach solapur and camp for the night.

Solapur was about 240Kms away from pune. Before we head out from the dhaba, we see off the roadshakers who for some reasons cannot make it to RM and we get these crazy little lockets which are made of bike parts as a token of biker friendship and safe journey. And trust me guys It felt really nice to see the roadshakers blending so well with the thumpers. It looked like 2 huge families having a grand party at a place. It was an amazing sight to see the black and red teez all around from Thumpers and Roadshakers respectively.

Now starts the fun, off we go and the big fat ride has begun, we could see that the roadshakers rode their traditional way and the thumpers rode their traditional way. It’s been observed that the roadshakers are comparatively faster and swifter on the road then the thumpers. Just for the fact that we had more new beez on the ride and it was our duty to make sure none are left behind or lost or some other problem. The ride was smooth and easy. I could feel the fresh air and off we go towards patas. The road was a single lane road but with amazing view on our way.

One could feel the real beauty of maharashtra here, which not just starts from the beautiful fields but to amazingly sweet sugar cane fields and many more amazed faces of the locals. It was simply amazing to be on the road and be with so many of us. As far as I know this is the first time that Roadshakers and Inddiethumpers had together ridden to rider mania. It was great to meet new faces from the RS guys and trust me they enjoyed meeting a weird chink too. Well all the proper batch riding and fear factors all evaporated once the ride started. Coz we all mixed in to complete red and black and now the distinct red and distinct black teez were not visible, but a mixture of red and black was visible on the road. It was single lane road and we saw a crazy accident right in front of us, it scared the shit outta me. Rode ahead and every one was riding as they wanted with the required nikoteen breaks.

The plan was to reach Indapur and take a break and camp for the night at Sholapur. U know all doesn’t go as planned at times. We saw some minor problems on the road and had to stop and then again continue. At one point of time I was riding alone and there was no one with me. I felt great and rode solo for at least 20 kms in a stretch. It was a wonder full ride. I stopped and took my required nikoteen break and again rode ahead. It was evening time and was about to be dark. I was atleast about 15 kms ahead of kaka who was tailing for the gang. I was worried as it was about to get dark. I see akhtar who had stopped for some water and then we ride ahead in the night. It was one of the craziest night riding I had done. It was not a new experience for me coz I had ridden with akhtar to Chennai and we did good amount of night riding together. It was just that sense of confidence that I had in me that allowed me to ride in the dark and trust me ride safe. The only issue being I had no fukin tail light. So I was worried that some one from the back would bang on me. So I had to be extra cautious. As a matter of fact I had deepak tailing me so atleast my ass was safe.

After another 10 kms we meet yash and Asif, who were unable to ride in the night completely and had decided to stay there for the night. The plan was to ride another 18 kms ahead and wait at the next reliance petrol pump. That’s where the whole gang was waiting for us. And guess what!! We then saw Kaka and the gang arriving right on time. We all then together ride towards the reliance petrol pump (A1 plaza) which was just at the outskirts of Sholapur. Reaching there was a breath of relief. I saw the entire gang there and lots of bikes being parked. I knew it was my gang. I entered the parking lot the wild Inddiethumper way and no wonder all my brothers knew it was the wild animal from Bombay who had arrived.Once parked the head count was taken and confirmed that none are left behind. Once done with that THE PARTY WAS ON!!!!! The potliz were out, the tent was out and so were the DRINKS!!

It was time to party and party the wild Inddiethumper way. All were tired but still were ready to party. I with the help of Harsh quickly roll our Jz and get high with the amazing starry sky above us. So before we got lazy and stoned it was my duty to have the tent pitched coz there was shortage of cots and things like that.Harsh and I, we greedily get the tents out, pitch it. And then goes the luggage inside. Once done we smoke and laugh till glory until all of us are super high and finally we all crash in our tent to again laugh the whole night (Its fun to get high and laugh at a cold night) (it scares the shit out of other people its too dark and silent and we are laughing like hooliganz. No wonder the mosquitoes also ran away)

DAY2: Sholapur to Hyderabad—lots of break down day!! 

 I wake with my fonny alarm singing a wacky farty tune. We greedily packup and also wrap the tent as quickly as we had assembled it. The breakfast was served at the A1 plaza itself. Once geared up, we all head out to the Sholapur bypass where the roadshakers were suppose to meet us.

 We gather up at the meeting point decided, and then see that ANTHONY has a leaking tank. Roadshakers had backup vans for them and also had a fukin spare tank!!! It was then mounted on Anthony’s bike and the fuel was replaced from the original tank to the spare tank. Once all set we head out on the road to Hyderabad.

We were just some 250 kms away and the meeting point was zahirabad.Now we reach the state limits of Maharashtra and were entering Karnataka. That’s when we saw a problem in a bike. We stopped and saw that the air filter was drenched with oil, we drained it and bruce and rajan beaster helped the bike and got it started. Now was the most reliving moment, you know why?? Coz I saw a board that said “kamats resort just 15mins away”. All of us were junglee wild and hungry. We speed our way to kamats and eat eat and eat the wildest way possible.Post Lunch the Road Shakers were ahead us and the thumpers were riding in their own way. I was riding with Piyush and was feeling sleepy after lunch. No wonder I had to take a nap. I again set my fonny alarm for 20 mins and sleep beside the road. So did piyush on his bike. After we wake up fresh and we ride ahead and see manan patel with a punctured tire. Once the puncture was taken care of we reach zahirabad and meet appu and the reliance petrol pump. Man it was such a relief to meet an old pal speaking our own language in a different part of the country. Riding through Karnataka was amazing. Nice forest roads and on the way we then enter Andhra Pradesh borders. Also we see an amazing fort by the road to enjoy the road all the more to its glory.

We had to wait for the thumpers and so suggested the roadshakers to move ahead as it was getting dark. They are off and then one of them (mustan—one of my sweetest friend) has a tyre puncture.

I help him with the puncture while the thumpers were waiting for the rest to come. Once taken care of we head towards Hyderabad city. It was dark and the worst time to enter the city. The full beam lights were killing my sight and the single lane road was making it all the more worse. And to add to it was the city traffic.

I hate traffic!! infact any rider hates to ride behind a truck and hates traffic, may be coz it’s like ur freedom is bonded and so is ur visibility. We coordinate on phones and finally meet the gang who had gone ahead us. The city traffic and people went bonkers seeing almost 100 bikes parked at a place. We all had parked outside a bar. Now that’s when the cops came in and were thinking there might be some problem. We clarified that we were waiting for our riders who were behind us and for those who had started a day later. The cops understood and suggested us to move out of that place and park some where else just in order to avoid problems with the drunks coming out for the bar for our safety. We head out few kms ahead and then again park. It was a crazy day with lots of break down and lots of unseen accidents, we all were dead meat and shit tired, but at the end of the day we all were still together, and still laughing and enjoying our own way. Be it on the middle of the road, or may be any shaddy petrol pump or on the highway.

We all were determined that we all have come together and will reach together safe and sound. So no matter how much ever late it gets, we will wait for our entire wild gang to come and then reach the destination. Always remember “journey is the destination and path follows its imagination.” This is what our club anthem says and its embedded in my heart. So destination is not all that important as much as the journey is, and to me of course my club is my family. So it was almost 11PM at night and finally the last patch of thumpers arrive and the whole place became as loud as we are in Bombay.

All thanks to appu and the guys who were still with us to guide us to ramoji film city, which was on the other end of the city. It was almost 2AM in the night. Infact it was good for us coz there was no traffic. Just imagine 58 bikes with shit load of traffic. It would have been worse. So waiting for the thumpers was a blessing in disguise. Once we reach at the gates of ramoji, we meet our own favorite and baddest, maddest, wildest biker DJ BLACK JACK!! He then guides us to the venue.

Entering the venue:

Entering the venue was my favorite part of the event. From faaaaaaaaaaaaaar away in the cold and silent night one could hear some thing coming. It looked like a train, but how could a train possibly be inside ramoji? People knew some club is arriving, but didn’t know who the wild animals were. As we came close to the venue (about 1 km) almost the entire building was awake by the sound. It was 3am. Once we see the building!! The bikes and the

bikers got all the more loud and mad!! We enter in the wildest and the loudest possible way. And boy!! What a feel it was to be there. The parking lot was almost full but yes there were more to come. All the thumpers were greeted by the wanderers and we finally have reached RIDER MANIA!!!!

Once unpacked the wild thumpers run towards the food counter and eat the wildest possible way. Nothing new about it, I being the greediest of all of them quickly roll my joint and then meet all the friends from wanderers and madbulls. Wow what a feel it is to meet old friends. We then head towards our dormitories and crash on the cozy beds which again included lots of joints and jokes and loads of laughter.

DAY 3: Rider Mania Begins

After a nice sleep we lazy bones wake up late as usual and head down for breakfast. And no wonder the breakfast time was over. So we all get on the bikes for our break fast outside. Also we got in touch with Wanderlust and the Beasters who were supposed to arrive any moment. So we head outside and eat at the local dhabba.

Once done we were just waiting for the beasters and the wanderlust to come, that’s for a simple reason that both these clubs have been very close and dear to us, not now but since our and their existence. It’s a brother hood that has been followed since many rider manias. We finally decide that few will wait and the rest will head back to the venue, as it was making no point all of us waiting for more then 2 hours. Just in order to be at rider mania. We head back to the venue, and then starts the fun the real way. I had my beer with me and all I needed was MUZIK!!  Who else could we count on other then Mr BLACK JACK!! Who was giving all the bikers the muzik they needed. Its fun to get high on muzik rather then booze u know. I felt muzik flowing through me and was getting higher and higher, all coz of the black jack. Thanx a million tons to the fat boi!! He played almost every song we requested and then came the craziest moment!! Wanderlust and the Beasters had arrived!!!

I ran towards the bikes and the bois had not even ungeared, but I had to greet them first. It was the most exciting moment to see and meet the wild brothers. The meeting session went for almost 30 minutes where all the thumpers met the Beasters and the Wanderlust bois. We then eat and eat the wildest way possible.

Once done now was the Bike assembly war, which called for lots of cheering and we were the loudest but then the prize was won by the Beasters and the Wanderlust together. So much fun we had. Now came the crazy 8. Lots of participation from Roadshakers, some of the craziest moves by the RED boiz, no wonder they won it.

Once all was done for the night, there was a rock session waiting for the metal heads. We all head towards the location, but hey guess what!! No bikes allowed!! Now that’s something not possible, how can u say no bikes to a biker?? The wild animalz are then taken care by Black Jack and we all are in the CRAZY BUS!!

Oooooooo yes!! Now the center of attraction was non other the our own desi HELEN “JITU” who can do the best nagin dance one can imagine.

Now was the time when Appu introduced me to the Armaan from Highway Nawabs, crazy mad club and am sure there are many more rides coming their way.We had a super blast at the rock session which followed by a DJ session and then the desi HYD ishtyle dhol session. Oh maan!! We had some super fun!! Now all are tired and all crashed to sleep at the lodging place (Sahara)

DAY 4: Rider Mania

Today the plan was to do the Ramoji ride and then to the dirt track and then arm wrestling finals and the DJ session for the night. The Ramoji Ride turned out to be one of the craziest one, which saw all the Beasters and Thumpers and Wanderlust and Roadshakers together on the road. It was one mesmerizing view. Now all the riders head towards the dirt track and after the whole session was completed we had Inder from Wanderlust who actually won the race on a std 500(Blitzkrieg) which at one point belonged to non other then DAMAN who started Inddiethumpers for us. Blitzkrieg kicked the living daylights out of the rest and still won. It was one amazing view.

We now head to the other venue where the food and the DJ session were to be held. Also the prize distributing session came out very nice, where the best Mod bike was won by anthony from Inddiethumpers, and the rest of the events were also organized pretty well. One crazy night and one sad night!! We all knew that we all had to depart tomorrow;

we (thumpers+beasters+wanderlust) spent almost the whole night singing and chit chatting as we usually do. It was so much fun.

DAY 5: Hyderabad to Sholapur—Thanks to Highway Nawabs

I wake up with a cold breeze of air through my chest and gear up fast to head out of the city. This was simply coz we had seen how busy the city gets with the traffic and we didn’t want to be the traffic and also be in the traffic. So no wonder we were ozzing off to get off the place. Now the Highway Nawabs escort us to the outskirts of the city which I felt was the best thing any club could do to spread the brotherhood. We adieu good bye in typical Thumper ishtyle and head towards Sholapur. The plan was to ride till Sholapur and halt at the same place we did last time. The ride was smooth and full of ups and downs. We took the same route and ate at the same kamats hotel. Once we crossed our way to Maharashtra I started to call home and started to coordinate with the rest of the gang. We were all together and on the way we saw some crazy accidents and that again made us more and more cautious about the notorious highway.

Bypassing Sholapur was fun, I was waiting at the right turn of the bypass to make sure none enter the city and all go to the same route we came back. It was 8pm and it was getting dark, we had now reached A1 plaza. Guri and me we coordinate with the rest and ask them to halt at the same place.

Also on our way we saw Gauri (Roadshaker) who was riding alone in the dark and no wonder we didn’t allow her to go ahead alone. She too stopped for the night with us at A1 plaza. Now there was a slight problem, there was a party happening in the lobby and we had just the dorm with us to spend a night. We were told that once the party gets over we could then sleep in the lobby too. Until then we were just resting and waiting for the food to come. Akshay Dere thought he could help the cook and so he jumped in the kitchen to cook food for the thumpers, once the bachelor party was over we then partied till the wee hours of the night. It was amazing proof of which was uploaded on youtube later.

DAY 6: Sholapur to Bombay —Meet the Eastern Bulls

Day 6 was a day to complete the ride with ishtyle. The plan was to ride smooth and easy and reach pune which was about 250 kms away, the day was bright and no wonder we all head out of the bed cool and easy. We start off with a kick spring being replaced on Bava’s bike by Anup. The night was so damn cold that we all geared up and slept with our helmets on in the lobby. After the breakfast and the chai, we all head out for the end of our journey towards pune. We knew that it was about to end but yes it’s sad but true, Rider Mania does it every time to me, at the end of the ride I always feel absurd and upset that its over, but also I make myself smile that its just a matter of 365 days more and I will meet my friends again on the next RM. That’s how special Rider mania is to all of us. With this feel in heart we head towards pune and ride and ride and ride, until we reach Loni, we take a quick halt to meet SP, who for some reason was unable to ride to HYD with us. He was glad to see us and then came Piyush whose bike was limping badly. We asked him to ride slowly and pass by pune city. But the bike gave up after some time. I was waiting for Piyush at devu road and after some I see the eastern bulls with Pongsong and Anup, Arijit and some more Eastern Bulls were on the way towards Bombay. It was great to see them and ride with them. We halt at our favorite stop RK for some crazy dahi vadaz as usual and the EB boiz get the crazy feel of the thumpers. We have a lot of fun and then head towards panvel, which was just a hop away. Reaching panvel made me feel the completion of the whole ride. We stop one final time until we all disperse for the night. Sutta and gale milo time and we all head back home with a hope that all are safe and back home with the happy and heavy heart of togetherness.


Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!

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