Rajmachi !!

We left in 2 batches-Morning & Evening as some unfortunate souls happen to work on sat including me ;-). We had all decided to meet up at Akbarally’s (Chembur) as I was coming from Mulund and the rest were riding from western suburbs.

We had decided to meet at 6.00 P.M and proceed but as usual the start was delayed courtesy my bike’s broken clutch cable which I had to get repaired. One batch had already left in the morning comprising Vijay, Bruce, Sachin(zikko) & Rhea, Abhishek, Dipesh, Kumar, Dilip, Sachin Sood, Suchit Bhatia & Pawan. The evening batch comprised Rasik & Gautam, Shweta, Saurab, Prem Leela, Varun, Joy & Shelly , Spike, John, and myself. It was healthy turnout as is evident from the number of names, if I missed anyone please forgive me. I had received ample warnings about the road to Rajmachi but nothing prepared me for what was in store.

From Vashi we took the Palm Beach Road where we ripped to our hearts content with everyone touching 90-100 kmph, the 500’s ofcourse with more Bhp were leading the pack and it was thrilling to watch everyone zoom like we owned the road. The pedestrians and motorists were treated to the sight of so many bulls burning the tar, and they looked on wide eyed probably trying to comprehend the mayhem. on the way shweta,prem, john,spike, varun and i had some amazing egg-bhurji.

From thereon it was a smooth ride to Lonavla where we all stopped over at Ramakrishna (RK) for the customary drinks and food. Soon Zikko and Vijay joined us and sounded the Warning Bell on the conditition of the road (there was no road but plenty of stones of varying sizes and cuts !!!).They told us that On the way up Bruce had had a mishap though nothing serious, a wayward rock found itself in bruce’s path and bruce had to take evasive action.

We soon wound up from RK and started towards our destination with zikko and vijay guiding us to the top. In the meantime my accelerator cable decided to test my nerves and reflexes by getting stuck at the critical moments and this test continued throughout our climb to the top, zikko who was riding behind me cud see me suddenly accelerating as if I was  on palm beach road due to the cable hitch !!!! my bull was behaving like a Spanish Bull throwing me about like a hapless rodeo, maybe coz I m still wet behind my ears as far as riding is concerned. But this trip brought out the team spirit in the group as all the experienced riders were ever willing help out the newer chaps, special thanks on this note to zikko and vijay who lent his thigh power when my bike refused to start on a certain stretch. Even Prem’s bike was heating up on the way. Finally we all made it to the top and we were accorded a vociferous welcome by those who had already reached there.

Hugs, taalis and gaalis were exchanged and we settled down on a nearby patch of grass. Soon the bottles appeared and booze started flowing down everyone’s throat, jokes were told, tech funda’s discussed all under a wunderful starry sky. Varun asked some intriguing questions to which he was searching answers , he can repeat if he wishes 😉 I m sure there will be a lot of thumpers who can help him in his quest. Rasik was in his elements teasing, getting drunk ;-))) in fact spike and gautam were engaged in deep thought provoking conv. And we kept interruting them !!! lots of snaps were taken courtesy saurab. Then the next thing I remember is john kicking me to wake me in the morning, don’t know when I blanked out and where !!! one of my most blissful sleep in the recent past. It was very breezy in the morning, we took a measure of the day’s agenda. Chekked our bikes for parts which might have fallen off !!! the owner of the place where we stayed provided us delicious kanda poha and hot tea. We lazed around for a while chatting up on the night’s events. Then at 11 a.m. we started bike, the fort atop the hill providing a magnificient view. The descent proved to be more tricky with dilip uncle breaking his 15 yr old record by falling 3 times !!! Sachin (sood) escorted him the rest of the way. luckily all were minor spills. The scenery was worth the effort to reach there. we saw the “Bruce Point” where Bruce had met the rock. He was really lucky to escape with minor injuries. Then we all regrouped at RK again to start our journey back. We decided to head for a dhaba and we did in quick time doing 80-90 kmph constantly with a few breaks in between. We stopped over at a dhaba before panvel and the guys hogged on butter chicken and fish to their hearts content. Then we called gautam da and decided to meet at panvel.

Again an exchange of hugs, taalis and gaalis, some heated discussion on RM meet ’04 and we were on our  way after bidding adieu to G’Da. Soon we were at palm beach and again we raced, my heart was in my mouth when I saw the speedo indicating 105 km/hr. after reaching chembur I bid goodbye and the rest proceeded to carter’s for another round of hugs, taalis and gaalis !!!

Guys this was my second trip with the thumpers and it keeps getting better, thanks to all for making this a thumping success !!!!



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