Nishant Nair

I have always had a fascination for something that is strong, heavy something that keeps rest of those off the bay. Similar moment arrived in my life when I never rode any bike in my lifetime and yet had a bullet waiting at showroom to be picked up. I was so damn excited but didn’t have license nor had any experience of ride. I had one if my friend ride it till my home. For 4 days the bull stood in the parking and I kept ogling at it..also wondering what do I do now. And then that day came when I said to myself jo hoga woh dekha jyega. With the theoretical knowledge and some experience of chetak….I managed to get going….and since then..the wheels n my passion has never stopped.

I am Nishant Nair….an IT professional…been with Inddiethumpers since 2005. Al Wahid is my first wife….I did few rides with the brothers…to Saputara…Daund…Kumbharli...Shrivardhan..Rajmachi…etc...
Also did NERM 2010 to Arunachal which was an amazing experience of my life.
I have also done solo rides…to Nagpur…south circuit (mum-hyd-blore-kerala-goa-mum), kerala…blore….

Riding solo has its own charm but riding with brothers is even more exciting….Those riding patterns…breakdowns…sutta breaks…make life look so full.
They see me as Easy…or Couch rider..
Over these years…it has been a pleasure to meet and know new people..learnt new aspects of brotherhood…I would continue to look ahead for more n more rides and explore new life along with biker brotherhood.

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