Bruce Soares

My friends here are like my family
My Bike – Machismo A500

I am an engineer by profession and bikes have always been a passion for me.I own various bikes, but nothing like riding Bullet. I have been passionate about a Thumper since it runs in my family.I bought my long awaited bullet in 96. I then built it up according to my liking as I found the bullet coming out from the factory was not upto the mark. Since then I have ridden extensively solo and later discovered the club as a better means of traveling.

I have traveled as far as Ladakh and Kargil down till Mangalore on my bullet. My bike has played a major role in my life. Few months after a bullet the need for speed saw me buying a RD 350 which satisfied my lust for adrenalin. The club has been an inspiration to me for rides and since then I’ve also discovered very valuable friends who are always there when help is needed. It is a whole big happy family now.

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