Hi readers and riders. I don’t exactly know since when i started loving the bullet. But I always use to envy people with bullet. Its more than just a machine. I think very few bikes got this feeling of oneness with rider and bullet is one of them. When I saw Classic 350 ad campaign with WWII looks, I decided to get it on July 2011. Since then I have been traveling and roaming around places and knowing my bullet more and more. Royal Enfield is more than a bike, its freedom, respect, confidence. While traveling alone I use to be very naive, but later when I joined Inddiethumpers it was all different.

Rahul Arekar aka “Centaur” introduced me with the Inddiethumpers group some 10 months back and since then I have been riding with some crazy people I have ever meet.
I have seen all those geared people with their beauties riding everywhere on TV’s and videos. But its great to be a part of this madness. I experienced all on my first ride to Shivardhan which is some 180 km’s ride from Mumbai. around 20-25 people with their different kinds of bullets. Some modified some shining like just came from shop. People dressed with heavy jackets, helmets, waist pouch. It seems that they belong to some clan. “Rahul” was a lead rider and before the ride he explained the signs and style of riding to be adopted. Out of which i like the sign of danger or animal on road, it’s like making a V from your index and middle finger and sticking it to your forehead.
Since then I have been riding with this amazing set of people. It was during ROF (Ride Of Faith), a 3 day ride to ASHTAVINAYAK around Mumbai and Pune; I came to know the feeling of brotherhood and your role and responsibility as a rider. I think it was Nikhil’s bullet which broke down on highway and there were 6 bikers with him, though all were late for next destination, all stood there till it got fixed and then moved. Things like this give you a feeling of brotherhood.
It was crazy to follow Rahul in Bhor ghats at your top speed and still unable to catch him, teaching you that the path of learning is long. Enjoyed the ghosts stories at mid night, catching up wind, bathing under water-fall and curving on ghats. It was all fun with lot of leaning experience.
Awaiting for more rides and fun.
Till then Ride Hard & Ride Safe…..
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