Ride to Harnai – The Jhinga Run – 17-18th March ’18

The Beach Beckons :

Harnai! Is rated as one of the top beaches in Maharashtra.

Its a fishing beach that gives one a great inside view into the life of a fishing village.

This also means that fresh prawns, crabs and fish are available on the beach itself.. to be BBQ’d, Fried or curried..! 🤪

Lets ride up on the 17th-18th of March to Harnai…
Below are details:
Location: New cottage resort
Dates: 17th and 18th March 2018
Starting point: Datta VadaPav, Panvel

Time: Meet at 6:00 and ride out at 6:30 AM

Cost: Rs.1500 per head including lunch, evening snacks, dinner and breakfast (BYOB).
Stay at the Beach in a Tent or inside the Venue.

Do not ride under any intoxication.
Make sure your bike is properly serviced.
*New riders please note, you need to carry along following list of spares:

1) Valid Driving License
2) Tool Kit
3) Bungee Cords
4) Electrician Tape
5) Clutch/Accelerator Cable
6) Spare Tyre tube
7) Spark Plug(s)
8) Rectifier
9) Head/Tail Light bulb
10) Chain Lock
11) Engine Oil
12) Puncture kit
13) Duplicate Bike Keys (Keep Separately)
14) Bike Papers (Registration, PUC Insurance) [Xerox + Original – Keep Separately]

** Make sure you purchase the spares as per your bike’s specifications.
****Goes without saying, RE ONLY Ride.
Please contact the below for any further details :

Chintan Gala – +91 99209 53060
Osmond – +91 76780 21465

Thump Away, Thumper Way…

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