Puneet Pal aka PP2

Name: Puneet Pal aka PP2
Machine: Classic 350 & now TB 500 – named Draco
Club: Inddiethumpers
Born: Chandigarh
Bred n Toasted: Mumbai
Zodiac: Leo

Amongst a few other things the one thing synonymous to Punjabis is a shiny crome machine fondly know as the Bult (Bullet). A small jog down memory lane brings fond memories of my cousins flaunting their bikes and taking me for rides – thus me owning one was just a matter of time. So here I am, a proud thumper with a few thousand kms done but with determination of riding to a whole lot of places – kinda my bucket list.

What keeps me going? Well, the thump, smell of burnt oil and open roads – with the led’s of my thumper brothers in a formation – yeah that’s the view in your rear view which is most fascinating.

You can say I am really enthusiastic about the riding community and the way things are shaping up, the clubs coming up and the rides being planned, safety gear being given great importance. However, what I would like to appeal is that we are not in a competitive sporting arena so to challenge your machine and your body to achieve kilometer based tasks is putting a lot of things on line. So even if you have to do it, be in tune with what your body says – believe me that there is nothing more glorious than being able to ride and ride more – stop where you feel you can’t take no more. I am sure our brothers will be there to welcome you back, have a few drinks and laugh it out. There is always a next time, if you there in time!

To my mind, the Mecca of all BOBMC affiliated riders is the Rider Mania and yeah the adrenaline sets the tone right from the time when you saddle up till you get back home – the ride, the endless fun meeting the brethren and the best is being amongst your clan is what you look forward to year after year.

I hope to meet as many of you, irrespective of the venue or the event – so whenever you see the thumpers, do stop by and get bear hugs for free. We will then take it from there…

Once a thumper, always a thumper. Non stop till next stop but backchodi non stop ?

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