Kunal Borkar

I was introduced to the club by Sandy

Motorcycles: Standard 500 UCE (Vajra) and Himalayan

The feeling when you ride is no other feeling. You feel free from the world, you feel unstoppable. For me it’s the way of life. Rode many bikes but my heart skips a beat for Bullet..dugdug :)

My first ride with the club was Kumbharli in 2014. I thoroughly believe in “Ride kar aur Baat kar”. Have attended most of the club rides. Even after nightshifts at work, the passion for riding with my brothers would charge me up. My partner was awarded the pillion of the year in 2016 was the very proud moment for me.

Have attended RM Chandigarh, RM Nagpur and RM Kundapur. Rode places within Maharashtra, Himachal and South. More on the list to be explored.

Riding Partner cum Partner-in-crime cum Soul Partner for 20 years and many more to come : Nandini

Most memorable ride with Sandy, Tarun, Karna, Amey, Dobbie, Joshil, Ashwini, Sunita, Nandini & Anu and Katar from Wanderlust (Jamdhara gang) : Spiti in 2015

Once a Thumper Always A Thumper

Ride Safe

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