Karna Vijay Fulzele

Karna Vijay Fulzele

Machismo 350 : Bindoo : MH-4-DP-3

Thunderbird 500 : T’zeentch : MH-4-GG-303

“It’s the ultimate wisdom of the mountains that a man is never more a man than when he is starving for what is beyond his grasp”

The quote means a lot more to me than any “gyan” anyone could give.

As a kid, I was a total machine head. Tripped on my Bicycle whenever I could. As time passed the bicycle couldn’t do justice to my hunger of exploring places as the distances were constantly increasing. Then my uncle bought a Royal Enfield and I just loved the look of it from day 1. There it was, I knew what I wanted to buy.

First thing i bought with my 1st salary was a Royal Enfield Machismo 350 (which I names as Bindoo), and never knew what was in store for me. Started riding with InddieThumpers from the time my Bindoo was 8 months old. My first ride was kumbharli. I was the usual 6o kmph guy and I figured my love for riding on the ghats. As time passed, I became more comfortable with the speed I rode with and got a hang of doing the glens as per my will.

April 2010, in 20 days flat my Ladakh trip was planned and i was off for the ride. Ladakh did change me as a person and as a rider. I believe one can only do Ladakh if there is a calling from the Mountain Gods.

Now i knew that my riding time shall take a backseat as other priorities shall take over. Two years were passed and i was wondering about my Ladakh trip. It was October 2012. I was watching “One Crazy Ride” and the idea of doing a solo trip hits me. So to think about it, a solo ride can be a daylong affair or can be month long trip. Wanted to do the 15 days trip but leaves were normally the issue. Mountain Gods were kind to me and in span of a week got my leaves planned and the destination was decided. The place was Bhutan and the ride was Voyage de Bhutan. A full power 15 days ride starting from Bengal to Sikkim to Bhutan to Assam was accomplished in October 2012. This trip made me more humble as a person and more aggressive as a. Riding solo is a Trip in itself. Teaches you lot more than any other thing you can learn on any rides.

So in a span of 6 years from 2008 to 2014 i explored places in Maharashtra, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Jammu, Sikkim, Bengal, Assam, Ladakh and Bhutan. And I am sure loads to add to the list in coming years as a rider, as an InddieThumper.

Ride for Self. Not for the world.

Once a Thumper. Always a Thumper.

Godspeed !!!



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