Kamal Chandulal Shah

Thunderbird 350 Twin Spark

A motorcycle for me was always a mean of daily commute. Ever since my wife supported and convinced my family way back in 2000, I had been using the hero Honda passion and thereafter the Ambition for my daily commute during my earlier days.

Never ever in my wildest of dreams did I think that I could ever take the motorcycle out of the city. Then one day I decided to ride the bike to lonavala. Being an amateur at handling curves and ghats, i had a fall which broke the clutch lever. Somehow I managed to get my hands on a splendour clutch lever and rode my way back home. This by far was the farthest i ever took my bike.

A friend who owned a standard bullet was generous enough to let me ride his bike way back in 1994 which embedded a love bond for the mean machine thus nurturing the urge to own a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Eventually I bought my own thunderbird 350 twin spark in 2014 christened “Toruk”. By then the same friend was already a part of InddieThumpers and he introduced me too in the May of 2014 on BOBMC Day, the first ride with the club. Riding in a formation with the thunderous roars of other bullets sent chills down my spine and gave me my first experience of being a part of a biker clan.

There was no stopping thereafter with so much support and guidance from the mentors and moderators of the club to buy the correct riding gear and protective apparel. All my dreams of riding distances and places started coming alive with each club ride I attended. Made innumerable brothers and friends, received valuable riding lessons and everyone ensured my dream turned into a passion.

Then came along RM 2015 Chandigarh for which we decided to ride both ways to and from Chandigarh. One of my most memorable experiences with my closest childhood buddies. While on one of our unwinding beer nights, we decided to do a post RM ride to Nepal. With lots of Valuable suggestions on routes and places, we set out and accomplished our ambitious ride to Nepal after the RM-2016 Nagpur.

Well new ambitious rides and destinations shall keep adding in my bucket list.

Once a Thumper, Always a Thumper…InddieThumpers.
Ride safe, Godspeed !!!

Pi Pi… Pi Pi Pi

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