Joshil Kewalramani aka Josh

My ride brings life to my smile…

I first saw Inddiethumpers when I was 14 years old. Still in my chaddi days. Riding my cycle on carter road and saw some 10 odd crazy looking bikers with their beautiful looking bullets. Since then it was a dream to ride a bullet and explore the world. But doing it thumper style is way different than anything else.

I started riding with Inddiethumpers in 2011 with a ride to Lonar Crater, The Gadda Mania. Met this crazy bunch for the first time in my life and since then its been a memorable experience.

I started riding on an Electra 2009 5 speed and called her ‘Jak’. Now I ride a Classic 500 ‘Sterk’.

Memorable Rides – ROF, RM 14, Sea Food Ride, Tapola, Mahab, Dang… And Many More to Come!!!

Once a thumper always a thumper!!!

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