Chintan Anil Gada (Chintu)

CLASSIC 350cc : 2010 MAKE – BULLTA – MH 10 AU 2286

INDDIETHUMPER – Since Day 1 of 2010 & forever.
What a feeling it was, the first look of the Club was full on the Pi Pi PiPiPi entry tune flying from down the valley & the Kumbharli Ghats to the Hotel where we were waiting to entire gang riding from Bombay.
Purely a amateur rider for such roads & for such a machine, but seeing 30-35 crazy experienced bunch of like-minded people on my 1st ride, it had boosted me to take my teenage passion to a never ride in life.
2010 was just a trailer of this amazing journey that had kick-off. I am very much active from 2013, exploring beautiful destinations in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh. This doesn’t stop here, there is so much to tour along with our brothers be it the THUMPERLAND Parties, the CLUB RIDES, the MONSOON OFF-ROADS, the CITY- RIDES & so on so forth.
It took 1 ride to make this connection with this amazingly crazy club Inddie Thumpers Bombay & it has become the integral part of my life.
I always believe in my Destiny & truly a Destiny Kid, being associated with the Club is one such thing which was written for me. Nothing has ever come easily to me & so did the acceptance of being an Inddie-Thumper. It took me 4 long years to be there, earn that & Trust me it’s totally worth to ride miles to achieve it.
My TRIP LOG with club has given me loads of confidence, taught me to be fearless & urged me to– DREAM-  EXPLORE- DISCOVER the BIG WORLD out there.


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